Jamaica Look to go Pro

By Daniel Andruczyk

With the Atlantic Cup almost a week behind us now its given me time to sit back relax and think about what I had just witnessed and ponder some of the more interesting news that came out of the tournament. This news wasn’t announced in any pomp and ceremony but on the side in just regular discussions over beers and food late late in the night while I was working. The first hint of this came when we dropped off one of the crucial members of this team off at the airport.

The blogs I wrote during the Atlantic Cup you would have seen me mention Dane Campbell’s name on several occasions. Dane is a truly remarkable person. Steve Mascord and I gave Dane a lift to the airport and during the trip he was good enough to give us some of his story. So Dane played in the NRL for the New Castle Knight where injuries saw him make the decision to move back home to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland with his young family (Dane is only 28) He had several more seasons in the QLD Cup playing for Easts and Redcliffe. Dane is a passionate International Rugby League man, a very, very rare breed in Australia let alone in the NRL. He is still one of the few players that feel representing you country is the highest honour one can have.


Dane Campbell (centre) and some of the Jamaican Staff analysing that nights game (it was 2 am when this photo was taken)

So during his time in the QLD Cup Dane through some contacts decided that The West Indies was a great place to go in and set up Rugby League. So the West Indian Rugby League Association was set up. But this was a strategic move to identify a country that would be wanting to play the sport. Jamaica turned out to be that country. But nothing can be done without anyone that is willing to work on the ground directly. Dane was lucky that he found Romeo Monteith and Roy Calvert to be two such people. With them they have taken Jamaican Rugby League to where it is.

Jamaica now not only boasts a national competition of 7 teams and has been successfully running for 5 years now, but it has a University competition, a national 9s competition and now is being playing in schools as part of the curriculum. Romeo and Roy have been instrumental in this and it has been a great recognition of their work that they have an official development officer position from the European Federation where Romeo is paid to help develop the sport in Jamaica.


So what is the next step for the Jamaicans? As I mentioned there is now a University competition and the sport has started to be played in high schools. And this is where the hearts and monds will be won by the sport. Talking with Roy Calvert, who not only works in spreading the sport but is a player for the national team as well. The strategy that Roy and Dane will be taking into the schools is one that is familiar to Rugby league over its 115 year history. That is in helping the community and to pay players to play the game.


Roy Calvert receiving his Jamaican Jersey from Jamaican legend Des Drummond

The plan is to identify the top 10 best players from the high school program and to train them each week, twice a week in a camp over the Jamaican Rugby league season. What the players will get out of this is a scholarship that will help them and their parents in paying school fees and equipment. Now you may think this sounds like an expensive venture, but with the per capita GDP roughly US$8500, which is about US$23 a day, but a large section of people earning as low as US$1 a day in wages and school fees around US$100 a year its not that an expensive venture to be able to find some willing sponsors to help make this a reality. When I asked Roy what the first steps to this happening are “We already have identified students and in a couple weeks will start the training” he goes on to say that “My first step is to set up a separate bank account and then look for sponsors to make this a reality”. This should be no problem I feel since Roy is a Banker himself.

The Kingston Hurricanes?

So, with the University Championships and High Schools what is the point of all this development. Again going back to discussions with Dane and Roy “Essentially within 5 years we want to have a semi-professional team playing out of Jamaica in the AMNRL” said Roy. This of course will also all come down to David Niu and the AMNRL whether they will allow such a team. When David was asked his answer was short and succinct “Yes, definitely!” They would be like the Warriors in the NRL or Catalans the ESL and would provide teams and fans something unique in the AMNRL season to travel to the Caribbean.


Dane Campbell looks over the team as they warm up before the Canada game

The team would be based out of Kingston, which is, as we like to say in the language of Rugby League the “heartland” of the sport in Jamaica. The team would seek to use the players that come through the high school scholarship system, and thus already have experience to make up the team. The Hurricanes team would seek to be at least semi-professional where players get some money and the club covers their travel costs, similar to what the Jacksonville Axemen do. When on the road the Jax players have all their costs covered.

Jamaican Championships and National Team

So how would the Kingston Hurricanes affect the local Jamaican Championships? Hopefully a positive one. The idea is that players come through the Hurricanes and the school and University system will play in the Hurricanes over a couple years and then go through to the domestic teams, leaving room for new players to come through. Of course these players are still in the prime of their playing careers and so the local domestic competition will still be of high quality. It certainly wont be  a retirement home as such, the local competition will be of high quality and provide a profile for businesses to promote themselves in.


Romeo Monteith (front, manager), Dane Campbell (center, trainer) and Mark Smith (Back, physio and trainer) overseeing training

One other great possibility is that there could be an annual challenge in that the Domestic Champions can pit themselves against the Hurricanes. Certainly it’s clear there is much scope for what can be achieved by the Jamaican Rugby League domestically and internationally. Of course the National team should profit from this as well. Not only will the JRL have professional players from overseas to call upon but also local professional domestic players to call upon.

Can you help?

Sure! Once Roy has the bank and legalities sorted out, if you want to provide sponsorship or help out the Jamaican Rugby League you will be able to contact him or the JRL about how you can sponsor the players. Once details are available, Rugby League International Scores will have them on the website.

Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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62 Responses to “Jamaica Look to go Pro”

  1. Cheyne Maher says:

    Thats awesome for JRL and indeed international RL!! We have seen what having the Warriors in the NRL has done for NZRL. The Kiwis hadn’t won a major tournament which involved three or more teams prior to 1995, but in the last five years they have now won three tournaments which involved the best countries in the world. There is no doubt that by having a much easier pathway to a professional level has assisted them greatly and i feel would do likewise for the Jamaicans. I agree that it could only have a positive effect on the domestic competition in Jamaica – it gives players in that competition something to aspire to and as you said many of the pro players would come back to the domestic competition eventually and pass on their knowledge and experience of playing in a higher level of competition that requires more professional training and coaching. Of course some will be snapped up by other AMNRL clubs (same as many young Kiwis who debut with the Warriors end up playing with other NRL teams), but again this will only increase the number of Jamaican players playing at a (semi) pro level, which will in turn help their national team. Who knows, if the AMNRL proves successful it may even capture the interest of NRL and ESL talent scouts which would then provide a realistic pathway to the two best RL competitions in the world for budding players all over North America. Great stuff!!

    • druzik says:

      It is good news, but these ventures can be a double edged sword.

      How much of an impact have the Warriors had really? Considering that there are a tone of Kiwis in other teams as well, and the Warriors have Aussie players as well one can argue that they have not done all that much to help. Its the fact that now up to 40% of NRL is Kiwis or Polynesian that is allowing the Kiwis to be so competitive. If you look at the local domestic comp… and I am sure Chris would agree with this… there has been very little progress of the sport there. In fact one can say the sport is going backwards there.

      Its why I am against the PNG NRL bid, because all I see there is parallels with the Warriors and it will only take out of the comp rather than put into it. The money would be better spent.

      The difference with the JRL idea is that the Hurricanes are a stepping stone into the Jamaican Championships, so rather than the Hurricanes taking out of the Jamaican championships, they first develop the players and then put them back in. A small but crucial difference.

  2. Cheyne Maher says:

    I can see you’re point mate, but i tend to disagree that Warriors have had little impact on the NRL.

    It is hypothetical i know, but had they not come into the competition in 1995 i don’t know that RL would be stronger domestically in NZ. In fact i would tend to think that the interest in RL in NZ would be even less. The depth available to the Kiwis would also be affected.

    The main benefit of having the Warriors in the NRL though is it gives young NZ kids someone to follow on the big stage and a realistic pathway to play Rugby League professionally. This provides an incentive for some of the better up and coming players to play RL instead of Union. Sure the club does have many Aussies playing for them, but the pathway is still there and often the Warriors are just a stepping stone for these kids. For eg. Nigel Vagana carved out a magnificent career and is better known for what he acheived while at other clubs. However it was with the Warriors that he got his first chance.

    Personally it is for this same reason that i think a PNG BASED side in the NRL would be of massive benefit too (sorry Dan, just my personal opinion).

    Also if the top 25-30 players that live on the island were involved in a fully professional environment, as opposed to being plucked from the Bee Mobile Cup), they would have been far better prepared for the recent 4 nations tournament than they were (fitness, skills and tactics wise).

    So i know you will probably disagree, but my personal opinion is that a PNG franchise in the NRL would in fact improve the Kumuls chances of competing against the big three.

    NZ won the tri nations 11 seasons after the Warriors entered the comp, but given the national interest in RL in PNG i reckon they could even do something similar in even less time. Imagine if the best 15-20 year old RL players in PNG were all thrown straight into a professional set up (via a Toyota Cup side then NRL side)! When these same players are say 23-28 years old they could be a genuine threat of winning a WC, especially with a few ex-pats thrown in.

    I know this means the Be Mobile Cup would essentially become a feeder competition, but personally i think that it would still be ok. Look at the Qld Cup, which essentially feeds clubs such as Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cowboys, Canberra, Manly and in the past Melbourne too – yet many argue that it is the best “second tier” competition in the world. This would not be the case say if the Broncos (and now Cowboys and Titans) had never come into the NRL. If that was the case most of the best Qld players would have ended up leaving to play in the NSWRL competition as they did in the early 80’s, such as Meninga, Vautin etc before the Broncos come into it. Sure the crowds are perhaps not what they were pre-1988, but it is still a very strong competition. And given the tribalism associated with RL in PNG, they may still attract similar crowds any way??

    So i know this might be at odds with some of your ideas but i think RL would be better off having say 3-5 regional professional competitions (such as super 15 rugby) with supporting “feeder” domestic competitions, rather than trying to establish really strong domestic competitions in every country (such as European Soccer). Long term you could have the ESL, NRL, AMNRL and perhaps a professional comp based in Japan (for Asia) and an African comp based around South Africa. Pipe dream….maybe??

    It is a good point that you mention though that the Hurricanes side will feed back into the Jamaican domestic competition – is this because the AMNRL competition is shorter than the NRL or do you mean when they retire? The later is something that the Warriors (and in fact all NRL clubs) should definetely be looking at doing any way- giving back to the grass roots level.

    I would love to see incentives in place where the NRL may subsidise recently retired players to play in regional areas as captain-coaches for a year or two. The Warriors especially should look at such a scheme themselves, even if they had to fund it (i know this is off on a tangent but if they bring in better salary cap incentives for clubs to develop and keep their own players, a club like the Warriors would probably be more likely to do so).

    Any way mate, these are just my thoughts on the subject. Another great post

    PS It is great to see blokes like Dane Campbell doing what they are – they really deserve a lot of credit and recognition.

    • dragons4eva says:

      Also with the Warriors point is that i think it’s just common to see NZ teams in the major Australian leagues. I think RL started this trend as now a days Union, Basketball, Netball, A League etc all have a NZ based team. I think Australians have come to include (naturally) teams from New Zealand playing against local Australian Clubs.
      What you gotta remember is that NZ is a lot smaller than Australia and the main reason NZ teams enter Australian competitions is that there’s a bigger market over in Australia.
      I know it’s debatable whether the Warriors have really helped the game domestically but at the end of the day i think it’s just an Australian/NZ sporting cultural thing to have a team from NZ.

      • druzik says:

        I think the Warriors … actually the NZRL … need to do more to see the benefits of the Warriors and NRL flow into the local domestic comp… at least at the provincial level.

    • druzik says:

      Well I didn’t say thet The Warriors didn’t have an impact. What you say is true in that they have given people a team to follow.

      But this has not translated into the local domestic scene… in fact it probably has gone backwards if you talk to most people there. Chris certainly has hinted at this on here, and he probably is correct. Why hasn’t it translated further… I think outside of the Warriors money has not come down and the players that don’t make the cut have no other way of earning a crust.

      The PNG model as far as I understand will be the same as the Warriors, this mean that the PNG team will not have PNG players, it will be stacked with Aussies. It most probably wont be based out of PNG despite its name, I wouldn’t be surprised if its Darwin based. The money to come into the club will be from outside and not necessarily withing. The main drivers behind the bid have been outside Australian sources than the PNGRFL itself.

      It costs $18 million to run an unsuccessful NRL club, the best clubs run well into the mid $20 million. Now That money in PNG would be better spent bringing an already strong semi pro competition up to a more professional level. Use it to upgrade say 3-4 strategic grounds and community centers. Increase the pay of the players. Give those players and clubs more of an incentive by having the top clubs from the Championships play some of the NRL or lower grade clubs… even the NZ clubs.

      Also remember that the ARL/NRL will probably have first pick of the players in a PNG team for their SoO and Kangaroos, after all they are the ones that are ones investing that team.

      • dragons4eva says:

        Yes that’s true i can understand where you’re coming from with the PNG bid.

        I agree PNG should try and help boost the standard of their domestic competition. If they do get a club in the NRL what’s stopping their players playing SOO? I just hope that the Independent Commission will help sort out the problems that the current ARL, NSW, QRL etc have done with the international game.

      • druzik says:

        The biggest issue will be that not many of their players will get a run in that team… mark my words. The only way a team like that will survive is to win games. To win games they need the best players, and the best players will be the Aussies and Kiwis and not the PNGn’s. They will not have a team that is only full of PNGn’s. Just like the Warriors is not full of Kiwis.

        Can you see Neville Costigan or Paul Aiton moving to Port Moresby permanently to play for a NRL team? Or even Adrian Lam to coach them moving there?

  3. C.T.SANDERS says:

    The warriors are a joke and if they followed the brisbane model at the beginning and had the right people at the helm all there for the right reasons it should of been a cash cow for the game at the grass roots.No idea.But jamacia going pro is good because i have more faith in the officials there than what i got here.

  4. dragons4eva says:

    Wow very interesting news Druzik.

    Seems it’d be a first if this Jamaican team gets up off the ground. I’m glad that the JRL won’t be forgetting the other clubs and rotate the players thus strengthening the local competition. Be interesting to see when it takes off.

    • druzik says:

      Well as I said the idea is to have the Hurricanes as a stepping stone into the JRL Championships… if not work in Parallel, the JRL and AMNRL season don’t overlap too much actually so there is scope for the players to be able to play in both competitions.

  5. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Sooner they wind up the warriors the better and it makes no money for the game which filters back down to the grassroots.What have they won?It’s a waste of time and only a plaything for the 2 owners of the joint.It doen’t represent nzrl or even the auckland rigby league.Send the warriors to port moresby,out of sight and out of mind.When i become boss of auckland rugby league,i will cut all ties with the club and start demanding transfer fees on the players.Instead i will have 6 Auckland rep sides touring various parts of the world every year at different times importing the brand name of auckland rugby league
    Finally jamacia will make it in rugby league because they’re there for the right reasons and that’s for the love of the game which is infectious to say the least.Here in nz people are only in the game for the dollar.Different mentality and culture.

    • druzik says:

      I certainly agree that like SoO the Warriors in their current format need to go and have a different system.

      Jamaica, there is no money there, so it can only be there for the love. If an opportunity for students can be there to be rewarded then it can only be a good thing.

  6. Dane Campbell says:

    Hi all,

    Firstly let me start by thanking Dan for his time and commitment to the international game and also for providing our story to the greater general public. I must also thank Dan’s offsider in Jacksonville last week Steve Mascord, both guys did a wonderful job in providing up-to-date information about what was happening throughout the Atlantic Cup.

    Onto the Hurricanes venture and as Dan rightly stated, we are in the process of finalising things to see the establishment of the Hurricanes Rugby League to be based out of Kingston, Jamaica. This is a venture I have thought long and hard about and is one that I where I see a great deal of opportunity to assist in expanding the rugby league presence and quality in Jamaica.

    I will start from the beginning so everyone is aware of what is happening:

    As I have been involved with the Jamaica Rugby League Association (JRLA) from inception in 2004, I believe I have an intimate knowledge of the game there and also the aims and objectives of the JRLA moving forward. This places me in a good position to work in tandem with the JRLA to provide opportunities for players and coaching staff that are in line with the goals of the JRLA. When assessing the current landscape of the game in Jamaica, it is fair to say that the elite performing players in the domestic comp need to have further opportunities to advance their skills and knowledge of the game (remembering a lot of these guys have only played RL for 3-5 years max). The idea of the Hurricanes RL is to provide those opportunities through competing in the AMNRL or Pro League in the USA.

    I am not naive enough to think this will be a easy task, which is why I have had long discussions with people such as Romeo Monteith and Roy Calvert in Jamaica and also Spinner Howland in Jacksonville. After countless hours assessing the various options that we can take with this venture, we decided that it would be to act responsibly and set ourselves a time frame of 3 years to achieve the goal of playing the US competition. The time frame allows the organisation to start from the bottom and build our business structure before the pressures of competing in the USA. It also allows us to build long term relationships with sponsors, partners and supporters and develop legitimate pathways for player development.

    Which leads into the first initiative that will be driven by the Hurricanes RL, which is the establishment of the Hurricanes RL Academy, which will set about providing financial assistance and specialized training programs for elite performing high school players currently competing in the JRLA Schools competitions. 10 players have been identified to date and these players will begin their training as a squad in early December, 2010. Each player will be issued with personal physical and skill training logs and they will also come together for group training twice a week where they will undergo advanced skill and conditioning programs. These sessions will be equivalent to that of sessions that are provided for Australian players at the same age level, as to condition the Jamaican players on the level they are required to strive for to compete internationally. There will be a press release about this squad and the players selected over the coming weeks. Additionally, scouting for players for next years squad has also begun with the hope that we will see a further 10-15 players offered similar assistance next year.

    Back to the business model of the Hurricanes RL and in simple terms it will be an independent franchise model with myself as owner and Roy Calvert acting as General Manager. As we develop the business entity further staff will be employed to look after specific issues such as finance, marketing, media, football operations etc. We will run parallel with the JRLA in the attempts to further the sport throughout Jamaica at all levels and it is hoped that through positioning the Hurricanes as the pinnacle team domestically that participation numbers for community clubs will grow as players see a legitimate pathway from schoolboy player to community star, to Hurricanes representation and then further into national team duties.One thing that I must stress to all supporters is that this franchise will be run as a legitimate business as I aim to create a professionalism within the organisation that is worthy of developing world class players and officials and an organisation that sponsors and supporters will be proud to be aligned with.

    You will also notice the that the name will be Hurricanes Rugby League and not have a definitive city attached to the name. This is similar to the NZ Warriors in that we will represent Jamaica as a nation and not just one city. We will be based out of Kingston (the capital), but will work hard to seek supporters and develop the game in other cities such as Spanish Town, Portmore, May Pen, Mandeville and Monetgo Bay. We want this franchise to be a true representation of the best players within Jamaica and hence this will be reflected in our eventual logo.

    My personal vision in 3-5 years time is to see a player who has competed for his school through the JRLA progam, identified and provided the appropriate education and resources to progress their careers in rugby league throughout the Hurricanes Academy program whilst continuing to play for their senior community club in the JRLA, then have the opportunity to play in the AMNRL through the Hurricanes and then having performed to a standard of excellence be selected to represent Jamaica on the international stage. This will be the ultimate reward to see local based players achieving the dream to represent their nation through the pathways in which we have provided.

    I like most of international rugby league supporters/advocates would love to think that we could see the best players from developing nations playing in the NRL or Super League, but the stark reality is that these professional clubs have an abundance of talent at their disposal and the issues such as language, culture, finance, skill level etc. all play a role in why this will not happen in the foreseeable future. So what we are trying to promote is that if the programs can be introduced into Jamaica, we could see players not having to leave Jamaica to be fulltime rugby league players. Again, my vision would be in 5-10 years to see some of our senior squad contracted as fulltime rugby league players. This will only be achieved through considerable investment and support however and if we can set the foundations over the course of the next 3 years in the lead-up to entering into the AMNRL then I think we will be in a position to see this eventuate.

    So where to from here?

    The Hurricanes RL will officially be launched in January 2011. Obviously plans are well advanced, but things such as bank accounts, headquarters, website, email accounts etc. are still in the final stages of creation.

    The first few things that will be released officially will be a big feature on the Academy players and then we will lead into things such as membership drives, sponsorship opportunities, merchandise etc. We will have various options for people to contribute their support and financial support will start from as low as US$50.

    Should people wish to register their interest in the Hurricanes Rugby League they can do so by contacting a intermediate email hurricanesrugbyleague@gmail.com

    All in all I see this a time of great promise for the game in Jamaica and it is through the hard work of the JRLA to expand the game into schools, universities and communities that opportunities for further progression like the Hurricanes RL is possible. I would like to publicly thank the JRLA and in particular Romeo Monteith for their support and blessing on this project and I look forward to sharing some wonderful times ahead for the game in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean with you all.


    Dane Campbell
    Hurricanes Rugby League

  7. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Cheyne what you say is not a pipedream at all because it will happen take it from me and it’s good to see a person on this site use their real name instead of hiding under a nome de plume unlike other wank rl sites where they all write under none de plumes slandering all and sundry and the amount of carbage that they threw out at egueny kelabanov in russia was out of order without knowing the full facts.Aren’t they all big and brave people.At least you think big cheyne unlike all the owner operators that run our game and for the umpteenth time,time to clean them all out for the good of the game.

  8. Gan Eden says:

    Just a shame the article waffles on for several paragraphs giving glory to Dane Campbell! Yes Its great what he’s doing but this is an article about the GAME in Jamaica not an individual ffs!

    • druzik says:

      Well Dane has had a massive impact on the game there. Over time there will be much more info on the game that will come out. Remember the Hurricanes initiative is something being driven by Dane, so he is as much part of that. I have to talk about him to talk about the game in this article.

    • Greg Sherwood says:

      Great article and super effort Dane.It`s a shame the Rugby League culture to knock the tall poppy syndrome exists on this site!!You have my support…cheers

      • druzik says:

        Where does it exist on here?? I have only been supportive, and I think everyone here has been excited and supportive of the Jamaican idea.

  9. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Good articles dane and clan and it’s a pleasure to read stories from people who are prepared to put their names to them unlike others who always hide under nome de plumes especially on those pommie rl sites where they always talk about the plight of their clubs.Who’s getting a stadium before the other to meet the sl criteria,my club better the your club mentality,why my club been hard done by,who has won more trophies and talk about crap.The poms have won fa.No wonder the poms are playing dog tucker because their fans don’t cared about the international game.And the poms want to tour down under in october and november 2012.They can stick it up their arse.And by the way daniel,my mother reckons that people don’t want me on these internet rl sites at all.I go on these sites to tell the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.I make no apologies.However,when i make a mistake i will admit it.I said that warrington came from 16th position to win the championship in the 1973/74 season was wrong.They came from 5th postion on the table to win the cup from st helens in the final at station rd swinton and the student world cup in kazan in 2001 which drew huge crowds wasn’t a world cup as such but the europa cup.
    Finally daniel,i am sending an e-mail to you today with my photos and you can put it on my logo if you want because i don’t know how to go about it.

    • druzik says:

      Chris, please stay on topic… you come out with some of the most random stuff sometimes.

      I don’t have a facility for putting up photos… and I don’t think that is a good idea anyway, not for a site such as this. So no point emailing it to me.

  10. C.T.SANDERS says:

    It’s a shame that we didn’t have people like dane,spinner,roy and yourself daniel going into russia between 2001 to 2005 dealing with kamaldinov when he was in control of russia rl.The game would of gone in a different direction because the mugs from nz didn’t have a glue and some of them were part of the original warriors that went broke.Say no more.Everywhere they went and touch turned to shit.

    • druzik says:

      Dane was playing NRL, Spinner was also playing, Roy well I am not sure and I was in my second year of my Phd and just starting to see what the world had in stall for me.

      At that point I was a massive NRL and Sharkies man and only so hadnt even come close to understanding ro realising what I do now. But 2000 was the first time I saw Lebanon and The USA play internationals… well warm up games for the world cup… and so knew there was more out there than just what was in Aus and England.

  11. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well you said that you wanted to see my photo on a blogg last week, and i can’t help it i only got an iq of 6 and i fell on my head when i was a baby, otherwise i would of been a physician daniel.

  12. Ashley says:

    Exciting to hear the full plans from Dane. Best of luck and I look forward to seeing how it all turns out.

  13. C.T.SANDERS says:

    We know what you look like daniel but i notice that on other rl forum sites people use photos that are not theirs.

    • druzik says:

      Well I have been round long enough and met most people that they they know me. Avatars don’t bother me, people can use what they want. Its what they say that shows their colours.

      I have been on forums and use avatars and the like and my nickname… so what, does not mean I have anything to hide. It just makes life easier as most have problems saying my name. A nickname or user name makes life easier for many.

  14. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well it was a tragedy that you people weren’t around in russia in 2004 because all the wrong people went in there at the wrong time and a big opportunity was lost but rrl will bounce back.The rrl site looks promising and what has happened to your mate runing the ruusian army rl daniel?

    • druzik says:

      What mate?

      You seem to think I have have mates in every corner of the rugby league world? I have people that I contact and speak to from all sides. I don’t take any one side of any arguments… be a bit of a pointless venture. I am here just to let the world know whats going on and give my points of view.

  15. Steve Davy says:

    I attended a Newcastle Knights training session in around 2005. My motivation was to help promote Oxford Cavaliers, a Rugby League Conference side in England, by getting a story in the local press by linking us with the Knights.

    When I was introduced, Dane spoke up. Even then, his interest in the expansion of the game was such that he had heard of our very minor amateur team in the South of England. It was a pleasure to meet him.

    All the best to him.

  16. wain says:

    druzik and dane,
    I applaud your passion for International RL. thank you!!!

    You obviously both have the desire and ability to do what you do right now and I want you to know that as a follower of International RL I wish you guys all the success.

    Druzik, was looking for a contact for David Niu but cant find one…do you know why they are thinking of calling the WAMNRL that and not AMNRL-Western division/conference? I just dont get why they would change the name y’know? You dont go to different websites for NFL/NBA conferences, 1 centralised comp I just think is way less confusing… imagine someone going to AMNRL site and not understanding/knowing that there was a Western division…just a wierd query for you – not sure if you have an answer. Pretty small in the grand scheme obviously-they are doing a sweet job in USA with the RL.

    Dane, different kind of suggestion. With the sponsorship ideas – have you thought of the idea of an individual sponsorship? I look at the success of things like world vision sponsor-a-child or the TEAR catalogues where rather than asking for random donations they allow people to choose what their donations go towards…in our current world, I reckon a lot more people would be willing to support the cause if they know where the money is going. Whether it be for a set of jerseys/balls/radio advertising through to sponsoring an academy player…I know Id be online after every game checking out how my ‘player’ performed in his last game 🙂

    anyway, random thoughts from someone who wants to see you succeed.


    • druzik says:

      There is no contact on the AMNRL site for David ro someone in the organisation?

      So the WAMNRL is just a name for now to signify that there are teams being built up in the west. I dont think its anything official and the couple guys I have spoken to in Seattle and LA actually will be under the AMNRL. They are working with Niu closely on this. So I wouldn’t worry about anything like a split. It most probably will be a conference arrangement one day when there are enough teams.

  17. Cheyne Maher says:

    Some good ideas there Wain. I agree people would be more inclined to sponsor or partly sponsor individuals. It works at bush footy clubs in nsw and with the increasing number of people who are passionate about the international game it could definetely work for the hurricanes.

    Dane by the sounds of your post there has been a tremendous amount of thought put into it. Well done and all the best with the new venture.

  18. Dane Campbell says:

    Thanks to all the people who have responded and can see the true value in this concept.

    Wain, I can agree that people would like to see where there money is going, so when we formalise all packages this will definately be on the agenda. The way I see it working is that we have a fund specifically for the Academy section, which will cater for things such as scholarship fees, equipment, resources, apparel, transport money (buss fees for the kids to get to training venues) etc. This way people know that by assisting in this particular fund that there money will be utilised for a specific cause.

    Again, thank you to all that have made positive comments and I look forward to keeping you all updated as to how things are progressing.


    Dane Campbell

  19. C.T.SANDERS says:

    You are a champion dane and we all love ya

  20. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Here in auckland rugby league is a mates game.

  21. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Australia do their fair share and a lot of the people like the australian police,nsw academy[under 16’s],the australian combined services and the australian universities pay their own way spreading the gospel of league around the globe.
    Nz does f/a.Tell me where they go daniel?And if they do a rare tour who pays for it all because it ain’t them.
    Some australians are prepared to put their hands in their pockets for the good of the game.That means they are prepared to pay their own way unlike the officials and some of their hanger on mates here in nz.Pigs with their noses in the trough.

    • druzik says:

      The Australian sides only travel to France and England. Out side of they they do absolutely no “spreading of the gospel” Chris. Only the AAS team travels to new Rugby league horizons to spread the game.

      In Europe you have the Brits and fFrench continually playing games against all nations,. They have several levels of national teams to be able to give at least meaningful levels to play against.

      Agree with you that NZ is very poor at promotion. Their residents team should at least have been involved in a tournament somewhere. Even against the Bati or Cookies, this would have given the Fijians and Cook Islanders a better and more meaningful game than a NSW country and third string Newcastle team.

      This is why NZ in my ranking always gets voted so low, they do absolutely zero promotion.

  22. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well australian sides have been to argentina,south africa,png,the islands and russia to name a few.Have nz sides ever gone there daniel and i mean resident sides?

  23. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Of course in reguards to the brits it’s barla which has become the flagship of our game and here in nz our flagship side are the warriors according to auckland rl boss cameron mcgregor.
    Do the warriors help spread the gospel of league into new horizos daniel and yet crowe gets nailed to the cross if he dares take south sydney to america.If i was crowe i would walk away from the game because rl folk are never,ever satisfied unless they are given a fair slice of the cake.

    • druzik says:

      BARLA, yes do travel a lot, so do the Great Britain Pioneers, who do the most travel. they are set up purely for spreading the game. GB community Lions also play alot through the year and of course the is the Amateur 4 Nations between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

  24. C.T.SANDERS says:

    You go on and on and on about tours not spreading the game.You are right to a degree.So basing the game around sydney is what expansion is all about?Because that’s what the nsw cup is all about.A complete waste of time as well as resources.

    • druzik says:

      No, now you’re trying to mince words.

      I am not saying anything about basing the game anywhere. The tournaments need to be spread across the world, with nations fighting out for host rights and all teams getting the opportunity to compete.

      A tour like the ashes tour does nothing but concentrate the power in a few nations and so all players aim to play only for those nations rather than any of their own.

  25. C.T.SANDERS says:

    Well the poms are only playing dog tucker and they want to tour down under in october/november 2012 when the people in sydney are rugby leagued out.
    The poms can go and jump in the lake.

  26. C.T.SANDERS says:

    The poms don’t want tours anymore because sl reigns supreme and it will only be a holiday for them in png and australasia in 2012,an end of season jamboree.The poms only do things half-pied,they are always looking for the easy way out and it doesn’t wash with me anymore and didn’t you say tours were a thing of the past.Maybe you’re right.Now i can see through them and i finally got the point and the poms have nothing to offer.Either they shape up or ship out.They are taking the piss and i for one have had a gutsful of there antics.Time to concentrate on new horizons and to hell with the poms.They are only playing dog tucker.Bring on alex murphy to sort out the rot there.

  27. C.T.SANDERS says:

    If the poms come out in october/november 2012 when everyone in brisbane, sydney and parramatta are rugby leagued out the tour will be a financial disaster.
    In 1996 the poms came out to nz and prior to the third test half the players were sent back home by their manager phil lowe because the poms had run out of money and the nzrl had no money to chip in and we were again the laughing stock.
    A circus run by clowns and the union crowd were again laughing their tits off.
    And go and ask tas about when and where 3 australian rl sides went in regards to russia?It may surprise you daniel because if there was any sort of follow up the sky could of been the limit.
    Again a lost opportunity but hey isn’t that just typical of a sport as stupid as rugby league with the wankers runing our game especially here in auckland
    At least the aussies try and spread the game far and wide unlike here in new zealand where the game is all about self-interest.

  28. Roger Brumby says:

    I played for Mandeville rugby club, the union kind, in the 1970s and am trying to find out what happened to the game since then. The game was quite strong in the country at the time but appears to have disappeared. Do you know anything of this or know of anyone who can provide any info.


    Roger Brumby

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