Rugby League International Scores

RUGBY LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL SCORES aims to make international and domestic Rugby League results accessible in the one spot, as well as to promote Rugby League internationally give assistance and consultancy where possible.

There is a very negative and false perception that the great game of Rugby League is a limited sport internationally, that only the east coast of Australia, Northern England, New Zealand and Southern France play the game. But this is in fact False! There are over 40 countries that play this magnificent sport and every four years culminates in the penultimate Rugby League competition the RUGBY LEAGUE WORLD CUP.

Talking with many people in social media, it became painfully obvious that there was no website that has all the rugby league results in the one spot. So I have taken it as a sort of mission to do just that! I will try and keep up to date all the domestic and international results from around the world, as well as news and provide products and services.

I have accumulated results for domestic competitions from Australia, New Zealand, England, France, USA, Russia, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Lebanon, Serbia, Papua New Guinea, Jamaica, South Africa, Fiji, Tongan, Holland, Argentinean, Greek and Malta. Internationally, I have results of the main teams, A teams, B teams, amateur and touring  teams of all countries going back to 2005 till the present. Included in this are one off games and test matches as well as tournaments and I have the points standings for these as well. I put up scheduled games as they come up. So people can use the site to plan trips to games and tournaments. So I hope that you will enjoy this site and see that Rugby League IS a global sport and is truly as the saying goes “THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL”.

Dr. Daniel Andruczyk

I was born and grew up in Sydney, Australia, till the age of fifteen and then moved to Brisbane. In 1996 I started an undergraduate degree in science at the University of Queensland and decided to pursue a career in physics. During my undergraduate degree I developed an interest and passion in plasma and fusion physics which led me in 2000 to the University of Sydney to do a PhD plasma diagnostic, specifically a helium diagnostic beam for plasma temperature, density and E- fields for the H-1NF Heliac. Also, on the side, due to my sporting background in tennis, I have did some work on the physics of tennis. After I finished my PhD I worked on developing diagnostics and doing basic plasma research on the PCA machine Sydney University. In September 2006 I started work at the Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics on the VINETA device but then switched over to the WEGA stellarator where I was developing a 28 GHz ECRH heating system and various fusion diagnostics.

Outside of physics I play a range of sports the most notable being tennis, where I have played state and national tournaments, and have coached tennis as well. This has led to my interest in the physics of tennis and my involvement in that area of research. I also play Ultimate Frisbee, which is a cross between touch football and netball but with a frisbee disk. I have played many tournaments including the national titles. I follow the sport of rugby league with a passion. This allowed me to get involved with European rugby league in helping to promote the sport and meet some great people. I also have written a number of articles for Rugby league publications. My work in Rugby League has led me to establish a small business, Rugby League International Scores, where aside from keeping track of all the worlds results in the one spot I plan to do web advertising, promoting and consultancy for rugby league. If you have an interest in any of this please contact me.

Other interests are strongly influenced by my Polish heritage. I am fluent in Polish and have previously been involved in the Polish community in Brisbane, where I worked with the Polish club and the folkloric dance group (Obertas), and also in Sydney where I have been a member of the scouts and the Polish folkloric dance group (Syrenka). My other interests include politics and history.

Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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