FIRFL President David Massitti “For us it has been a splendid 2013”

From Joel Morgan, FIRFL media

Federleague, the President David Massitti: “For us it has been a splendid 2013”. We have run out of 2013, a very important year for the Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (FIRFL).

To confirm it is the chief director of the FIRFL David Massitti which, like always at the end of the year, tracks the balance of what the previous 365 days represented for the Federleague.

david massitti firfl president

“Our movement is constanly growing: you can tell by the number of teams and athletes who are involved it us decisive increase, but most of all I’ve seen it in the following of fans and simply the curious that has characterized our discipline and our competitions. Among the most important events of the year for closing, of course, there was the Final Four championship (finals) played all’Acquacetosa of Rome where there was a large audience and where we have seen a great rugby a 13 technical depth.”

But the official competitions are certainly not been the only tangible sign left by Federleague in 2013.

“It was the year of the buildups, at Civitavecchia and Avezzano, the newly National Under 17’s –  Massitti proudly said -. A ultimate testament to the growth of our movement.”

But the pride of the Italian Rugby Football League, beyond the sporting events, remains the strong social characterization.

“Suffice it to say that in our championship the Bisonti had played, namely the team of prison inmates in Frosinone – recounted Massitti – an experiment of great social significance that has filled us with pride.”

And in recent weeks the Federleague has worked hard on the project “Kenya Charity Camp Firfl “, an idea that is intended to teach and instill the values ​​of rugby league to the underprivileged children from orphanages in Watamu and Malindi, namely two of the most important cities of the African nation. “Some of our technicians have been in Africa for a month in November, but the intention is to repeat the experience again in the new year,” concluded Massitti.


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