USA selects pioneering home grown hero for ambassador role

From USA Tomahawks

THE USA Tomahawks are proud to announce the most capped player in their history, home grown rugby league pioneer Curtis Cunz, as their team ambassador.

Tomahawks’ team manager Steven Johnson said Cunz was one of the faces of the game in America and richly deserved his appointment after initially missing the tour as a played due to a bicep injury. Cunz will be the public face of the Tomahawks during the tour, attending all official functions.

Cunz, a Connecticut Wildcats star, made his international rugby league debut for the USA in Widnes in 2007 when the Tomahawks faced off against Samoa in the final round of qualifying for the 2008 Rugby League World Cup. Six years later he will be a key influence on the team in their inaugural World Cup appearance.

“The submission for Curtis to the RLWC reveals just how important he is to the Tomahawks,” Johnson said.

“He is one of the two best known home grown American players and has featured heavily in USA league stories over the past few years as the face of American rugby league.

“He cruelly suffered a bad bicep injury at the last minute and the coaches, as much as they wanted to, couldn’t consider him for selection.

“As soon as we became aware of that we worked on developing this role as it simply wouldn’t have been the same RLWC with Curtis being on tour.”

Cunz has also been nominated to the RLWC judiciary panel. Cunz said he would use the experience to further develop the 13-man code once he returned to America.


Curtis Cunz making a powerful run against the canadians. Photo: Colin Watson

“I would like to thank the coaching staff who selected me and gave me this rare opportunity to serve as ambassador for the United States,” Cunz said.

“I know I’m not only representing the World Cup team but especially my brothers in arms who fought and sacrificed almost everything they had just to get to this point.

“I plan to use this experience to gain the most knowledge I can as I look to improve the game in all facets in America’s domestic competition.

“In doing this I will hopefully open up some more doors and avenues in life for the younger generation of athlete while putting the greatest game of all on a pedestal.

“Since we started playing the game we have dreamed about getting to this level and now it is here, it is time to relish it.

“Whether you are in the team or not, it is time to cheer for the red white and blue.”


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3 Responses to “USA selects pioneering home grown hero for ambassador role”

  1. Reason says:

    I doubt the validity of this Article. Curtis was cleared to play by doctors in September. He dressed for USA v Can game 4. At the end of the day its a Bicep injury. People play with torn shoulders and knees. This is a puff piece trying to save face and its garbage.

  2. Interested Observer says:

    Reason, you are spot on. Curtis was overlooked for selection when he should not have been. This is a blatent, 11th hour attempt by the AMNRL and team selectors to make good with those of us involved with the game in the US and the fans. Well it won’t work. It is great that Curtis has been given this role but it is a role that should have been given to him and announced weeks ago, not today. We all know that it has only come about because of Spinner voicing his opinions and the rest of us getting behind him. This has caused problems for Steve Johnson, David Niu and their cohorts and low and behold all of a sudden there is have a home grown, domestic player being appointed as an ‘Ambassador’. Very convenient. This is a clear case of the AMNRL trying to put a spin on a bad situation and we see right through it, it is a belated token gesture at best. I hope Curtis enjoys the experience, he deserves it but I also hope that he maintains some contempt for those running the US team.

  3. Joel says:

    We, The N Y Raiders, an American Rugby League Club,
    officially announce on this Wednesday, January 9, 2014 our neutrality
    from any and all elected, unelected, self appointed governing boards,
    bodies, organizations, officers, officials, negotiators, agents or
    governors and their affiliates. Neutrality aside, we reserve our right
    to play and compete in the 2014 Rugby League season. Inter league
    we determined, may be detrimental to our sport and team, lead to this
    decision. We remain committed to forming a forward thinking,
    transparent, elected
    governing body that allows every club to have a voice and vote in the
    governing process. This we believe will produce a viable business model structured
    to grow and promote our sport.

    Carl Mariuz President
    Joel Venables
    Matt Reilly
    N Y Raider Officers

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