USA Hit Back with Big Win over Wolverines

By Daniel Andruczyk

Unites States of America Tomahawks 44 (22) –16 (06) Canada Wolverines

The Unites States Tomahawks have levelled the the Colonial Cup Series 1-1 with an emphatic win over the Canadian Wolverines in Conshohocken on the 24th August. Both teams had fairly strong squads and the Tomahawks are starting to build for their World Cup Campaign in October and November. The match was played after the USARL Grand Final and a good vocal crowd stayed on to watch the International. After the National Anthems the clearly patriotic American crowd was getting right behind their team.


The Canadians started off very nervous, from the kick off the Canadians were caught off-side and this gave the Americans great field advantage and they were not hesitant to use it. It took only 2 minutes for the Americans to get over the line with Val Notoa and the conversion done by Craig Priestly. However the Canadians were not to be outdone and in the 10th minute they were over themselves to bring it back to 6-6 with Don MacKinlay.


The Tomahawks then really asserted their dominance on the match through powerful running and great gritty defence. For the purist Rugby league fan that likes the tough gritty games, this was it. It took a hard grind to get over the line, but the Tomahawks managed another three times in the first half through Mike Schachter in the 14th minute, then a darting run from Grand Final Man of Match Kristian Freed in the 26th minute. Only 5 minutes from half time Mark Offerdahl crossed over. The Tomahawks went into the break 22-6


Canada needed to score first after the break and this is what they did after 4 minutes through Graham Dobbs. At 22-10 it looked like maybe there would be a resurgence but the Tomahawks were quick to shut down any thought of a comeback. The US put another two tries on put the game in the bag through Luke Collins and Craig Priestly. A third try for Chris Diamond for the Canadians was too little too late and Matt Walsh and Gareth Gibbs then made sure the match was out of any Wolverine reach. The end result was a emphatic 44-16 win to the Tomahawks.


After the match Talking with Ben Kelly talked about the World Cup Preparations with this match.

“Its looking good, i feel its a step in the right direction. We needed to make changes from the first game and the boys definitely stepped up to the mark”

Eric Perez from Canadian Rugby League also commented on the game.

“Yeah a tough game, it’s always tough to travel in the US. Our guys didn’t show up today the way we know they can and they are going to have to put it together to take the last two games in Toronto.”

Team P W D L PF PA PD Pt
USA Tomahawks 2 1 0 1 64 52 12 2
Canada Wolverines 2 1 0 1 52 64 -12 2

Time Line

USA Tomahawks Canada Wolverines
V. Notoa 02’ T
C. Priestly 03’ C
T 10’ D. MacKinlay
C 11’ R. Legaut
M. Schachter 14’ T
C. Priestly 15’ C
K. Freed 26’ T
C. Priestly 28’ C
M. Offerdahl 33’ T
T 44’ G. Dobbs
L. Collins 48’ T
C. Priestly 49’ C
C. Priestly 53’ T
C. Priestly 54’ C
T 58’
C 59’
M. Walsh 73’ T
C. Priestly 74’ C
G. Gibbs 78’ T

Team Lists

USA Tomahawks
1. Kristian Freed, 2. Louis Tulio, 3. Val Notoa, 4. Loto Tagaloa 5, Gareth Gibbs, 6. Luke Collins, 7. Damien O’Malveney, 8. Mike Schachter, 9. Craig Priestly, 10. Salesi Tongamoa, 11. Siose Mullima, 12. Mark Offerdahl, 14. Matt Walsh, 15. Les Solia, 16. Shane Begin, 17. Curtis Cunz, 18. Wes Haughton, Coach: Ben Kelly

Canada Wolverines
1. Jose Perez Bangay, 2. Geoff Bylund, 3. Chris Diamond, 4. Graham Dobbs, 5. Cory Huybregts, 6. Brett King, 7. Robin Legaut, 8. Don MacKinlay, 9. Ruairi McGoff, 10. Henry Miers 11. Christian Miller, 12. Eric Moyer, 13. Steve Platek, 14. Matt Rafaelic, 15. Louis Robinson, 16. Enoch Wamalwa, 17. Kenn Waring, 18. Matt Wyles, Coach: Jamie Lester

Main: Robin Peers, Sideline: Bill Weeks, Lawrence Almagano


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