From Tiziano Franchini, F.I.R.L.

On Saturday, July 20, 2013, in Piacenza the Italian State of Origin between the Longobardi and Leoni Veneti was played.

The Leoni came through in a well contested and intense match 30 to 40.

The two selections, played an open and tough game full of hard tackles, the match was not just for the pride of each zone but an opportunity for the players to push for their places in the National side to play Germany.

I Leoni Veneti started strongly and scored after 4 minutes with a try by Cerza, which he converted, (6 to 0 for Leoni Veneti). The reaction from the Longobardio was swift with captain Franchi scoring with the conversion by peens.

The game continued with no holds barred, but the Leoni continued to dominate and they ended the first half with 2 tries to Verardi and Ciaurro, both converted by wing Cerza. The first half ended with a score of 18 to 6 for the Leoni Veneti.

At the start of the second half there was only one team on the field, the Longobardi, who were hurt but not tamed, within 12 minutes of play they had taken the lead with the tries to Ilinca, Ceretti and Celerino, all transformed by the consistent boot of Peens (24 to 18 for the Longobardi).

After this show of pride by the Longobardi, the Leoni woke up and came back to dominate the match on the 18th minute of the second half they equaled the scores with a try to Zorzada and the excellent conversion from Cerza. (24 even).

The Leoni continued to dominate and score tries through D’Elia after 27 minutes, Boscolo, and 31 ° with Genesini, Cerza missing only one conversion.

At the end of the game a Barani try, shortened the distance. Thanks to the conversion from Robuschi, the score ended with a 40 to 30 win for the Lions Venetians.

After the 54-0 drubbing last year, the Leoni took the win and take a 2 to 1 lead in victories in the State of Origin.


The coach of the Leoni Veneti, Tiziano Franchini, was extremely satisfied with the performance of his players, and said: “I saw my players with a lot of determination and desire to contest every ball, I think this approach was the key to victory, I congratulate all 40 players on the field, as they have shown that the Italian rugby league is growing and that the work we are doing is paying off. “

Longobardi coach Kelly Rolleston, congratulated the Leoni side for their win, it was a big turn around from last years State of Origin, today we made to many errors and didn’t have the right attitude, the Leoni side were hungrier than we were. It was a great game, tough and fast. Its great for Italian Rugby league to see that the North East and Central division’s are becoming more competitive. As coach of the Italian side I am extremely happy to see new faces pushing hard for inclusion in the next European Shield match.

The national coach Paul Broadbent, said he saw an even match, I saw many new faces who wanted to stand out and shine at international level. “In this game we expected to confirm the team we want to take for the upcoming match, it hasn’t been that way, this is great for the movement but its makes selecting the side more of a headache, it wont be easy to make the choices on who will be selected.

LONGOBARDI: Monaco, Alfonsi, Halls, Barani, Ilinca, Ceretti, Muyodi, De Meyer, Saracco, Alberts, Franks, Celerino; Robuschi, Romagnoli, Baruffi, Increase, Ameglio, Co.

LEONI VENETO: Ciaurro, Brogiato, Mehdi, Zorzada, Cerza, Genesini, Bilello, Mannucci, Boscolo, Berzieri, Sola, Barzan, Verardi; Laudicina, Dodi, D’amico, Cattellani Borsetto, D’Elia, Battini.

Scorers: pt: 3 ‘m Cerza tr Cerza (lions), 12’ m Franks tr Peens (Longobardi), m Verardi tr Cerza (lions), m Ciaurro tr Cerza (lions). St: 2 ‘m Ilinka tr Peens (Longobardi), 7’ m Ceretti tr Peens (Longobardi), 12 ‘m Celerino tr Peens (Longobardi), 18’ m Zorzada tr Cerza (lions), 23 ‘m D’Elia (lions ), 27 ‘m Boscolo tr Cerza (lions), 31’ m Genesini tr Cerza (lions), 39 ‘m tr Robuschi Barani (Longobardi)


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