Sharks make a Run for the Finals

By Daniel Andruczyk

Saturday saw the Northern Virginia Eagles travel away to the Shark Park in Levittown, Pennsylvania. This was actually the 2nd round match that was postponed due to NOVA having not enough players. This time, however, the Eagles were with a full compliment and looking to secure their position in the top 4. The sharks in second last spot with a big win could be on equal points with 4 other teams.

The day was hot with temperatures hitting about 38 C and humid. This was unseasonal hot weather and the water was out by the gallons. The Game was a tough brutal affair. Both the Sharks and Eagles were throwing everything they had at each other. The first blood was drawn by the Sharks running to a 12-0 lead, however the Eagles were able to hit back soon enough. At one point the Eagles got to within 6 points but in the end the Sharks were able to get the points, winning the match 50 – 38. This puts the sharks well within striking distance of the top 4 and securing a play off position.

Once again a friend of mine came to watch the match and was amazed by what the players put themselves through. Thanks to Felipe I have some great photos of the match to share.

Photos: Felipe Bedoya







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