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The FIRFL season is gearing up and there is lots of news from them.

FIRFL to Launch 2013 Rugby League Season in Rome


The FIRFL is now ready for the start of the new 2013 rugby league season with as official press conference scheduled on Saturday 26 in Rome. The Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League will make an official presentation of our national and international commitmentsof the gladiators of Rugby a Tredici. A new challenge presented, but also a moment to make an important budget for the accomplishments made so far and to outline the main goals yet to be achieved. The season launch will also present the new coaching staff. The press conference will take place on Saturday 26th, 11am at the Grand Hotel Gianicolo, Rome.

FIRFL 2013 Season: Growth, Expansion, & Internationals!


The Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (FIRFL) presented the 2013 Rugby League season competitions on Saturday 26 January.

On the occasion, FIRFL President David Massitti showed the exponential growth of our Rugby a Tredici in recent years. “Our Federation is walking on its own feet – says David Massitti – since November 2011 in fact we started the path to recognition by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee – government agency funding recognised Italian Sport bodies). Moreover, thanks to attention toward activity that we have organised throughout Italy we can find athletes to our first international commitments, which will allow us more often to increase our opportunity to represent Italy at the international level.”

Our numbers confirm the growth rise: “We will manage to increase to 50 clubs, including Rugby Reggio of the Super 10’s (top flight Rugby Union), which is one of the most titled. We have more than doubled the number of our members (players), suffice to say that at the end of 2012, there were 500 members, we are now at 1500,” declared a satisfied Massitti.

Pierluigi Gentile, secretary general of the FIRFL presented the technical staff, which this year will rely on the professionalism of Ty Sterry, responsible for the development of rugby with the Scottish Federation and has coached top flight Italian Rugby clubs plus coaching development through (RFL) Super League clubs, the collaboration of Luciano Gorla, the physical trainer of the national team and medical director Guido Porcellini who will track the National Team. Guido Porcellini says Gentile – will work with us behind the scenes, he is the most successful doctor in Italian sport. We will participate in the Italian Cup (Coppa Italia) with the finals to be held in Belpasso (Catania, Sicilia). Then in the period between May and July there will be the championship (r-Evolution League), which this year has been expanded to create three main groups: North, Centre and South. Among the Italian Cup and the championship activities there will be the Rugby League Internationals. “ Gentile continues: We are very keen to the draft integrated rugby, which will take place through State Professional Institute for Industry and Crafts with Antonio Magarotto from Rome ( for deaf children, which will be developed with a path of help and socialization defined through the game of rugby, sport open to all important both from the training point of view, that from an athletic view.”

The official partnership with our new technical sponsor for the 2013 season will be with Stash Sports Wear.

First Level Rugby League Coaching Course in Italy


The Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (FIRFL) is pleased to announce the establishment of a first level coaching course throughout its participating regions. Running the course will be this year’s recently appointed Italian national team coach Tyrone Sterry.

The process will cover the basic structures of attack and defense that are implemented at a high level of rugby league and that are replicated from rugby union. New training drills, defense and way to improve rugby league skills are major components of the courses and also players training or development sessions with the Tyrone Sterry.

The course will be divided into two sessions:

1. Theoretical and on a field with the coach and an local or regional based team of rugby league

2. Theoretical

The course will be held in mid-March and will have as its separate core headquarters based in Rome (Tuscany and Lazio regions), Catania (Sicilia region) and Reggio Emilia (Marche and Emilia Romagna regions).
For more information contact the following national committees:
Lazio Committee – Riccardo Marini 3337631500
Toscano Committee – Luigi Ferraro 3336163818
Marche Committee – Guido Porcellini 3391715013
Sicilia Committee – Agatino Magri’ 3497842442 – Massimo Nicotra 3356043801
Emilia Romagna Commitee – Marco Parrello 3349205550

Meanwhile, training sessions have already been scheduled throughout our regions notably first in Catania, Sicily and Rome, Lazio in anticipation for the Coppa Italia and r-Evolution league (Italian Rugby league Championship) and selections for the national team. The Catania based players begin their training and selection on February 7 at San Gregorio, while the rest of Sicily (Palermo, Ragusa, Siracusa and Floridia) will have a yet to be confirmed date in March for training and potential selection .The Romans began ate in January and have their second training date on February 11 at campo casal lumbroso.

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