News from Europe Part 2

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More news from Europe with the Ukrainians completing the RLEF technical strategy and the Germans and Warrington link starting to provide dividends for Rugby League Deutschland.


From Phil Caplan, RLEF

Ukraine became the latest country to complete its tutor training programme under the RLEF’s three-year Technical Strategy, which is designed to train and qualify coach and match official tutorslocally.

Phase 3 Coaching and Phase 2 Match Officiating were conducted concurrently in Kharkov, with four coach tutors and two match official tutors graduating as well as introducing five new coaches and nine new referees.

Danny McNeice oversaw the two-day match officials course, run by Ukrainian Federation of Rugby League tutors Alexandr Ivchenko and DenisChekniev.

“They have a very strong development structure in place and have identified some excellent tutors. I have no hesitation in saying that the future for refereeing in the Ukraine is bright,” said McNeice, who had no hesitation in endorsing the tutors’ first locally qualified batch of referees.

The four Ukrainians coach tutors were Igor Urkin (Krasnoarmeysk), Vladimir Mazepa (Donetsk) and Sergei Kravchenko and Artur Martyrosyan (Kharkov).

“These steps were very necessary for us right now – before the start of the new season and to increase the quality of the championship,” said the UFRL president, Artur Martyrosyan. “I think we conducted it on a high level and now we can look to the future of preparing new rugby league coaches and match official personnel in our country.”

RLEF Level 1 coaches: Egor Yaroshenko (Dnepropetrovsk), Velor Mesitskii (Simferopol), Vitalii Andriets (Lugansk), Svyatoslav Minenkov (Krivoy Rog) and Igor Shevtsov (Kharkov).

RLEF Level 1 match officials: Andrei Bashevskii (Kharkov), Igor Uraichik (Donetsk), Aleksandr Turnaev (Kharkov), Aleksei Shkol’nyi (Kharkov), Vladimir Loban’ (Kharkov), Viktor Ostapenko (Krivoy Rog), Vladimir Mashkin (Kharkov), Karina Obramyan (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) and Igor Urkin (Krasnoarmeysk).



From Phil Caplan, RLEF

Warrington Wolves performance department played host to Rugby League Deutschland Head Coach Dan Stocks and Head of Development Uwe Jansen, building upon the relationship started last year to support the progress of the sport in Germany.

The pair worked with the Wolves’ community staff in primary and high schools and saw Head of Junior Strength and Conditioning Gareth Whittaker putting the Warrington junior players through their paces in the gym.

Alongside Gary Chambers, Head Coach of the Warrington U19s, they spent an afternoon working on analysis, breaking down and understanding different aspects of attack and defence as well as improving individual skills and decision making. Following the game review the German staff observed Gary and his coaching team delivering it to his players.

Dan Stocks found the visit to be a great insight. “The two days that we have spent with the Warrington Wolves performance department has been hugely beneficial. Being able to look in detail at the many systems which the Wolves use in order to develop their youth players was a real eye opener and Rugby League Deutschland are looking forward to utilising some of these techniques within our organisation,” he said.

“The coaching staff have been truly great hosts. Spending time looking at strength and conditioning, skill development, nutrition, match analysis and community development has been a great learning experience and RLD would like to thank everyone at Warrington Wolves in particular John Bastian, Ben Lazenby and Gareth Whittaker for the time, effort and hospitality they have shown us.”

Warrington Wolves performance department are planning more link ups with their German partners that will see visits between camps both n Warrington and Germany.


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