It’s that Time of Year Again.

By Daniel Andruczyk

Its coming close to Christmas and this usually means that the Rugby League calendar reaches its point of least activity. Everyone, even the French Elite 1 is on a short holiday. But from new year we start to see things pick up again as teams start to prepare for the NRL and ESL seasons. There is a bit of news from the USA and also from Poland coming out. Plus I will be traveling to Australia for a well earned break next week.

Polish Rugby League

As it has been reported last month, the proposed Polish tour to Hungary did not eventuate from lack of funds. Though disappointing, there is a silver lining. It made many people aware that Rugby League is being played in other distant corners of the planet. A lot of interest has come in from players current and former about helping out. It will be exciting to see what 2013 has lined up for the Poles as they slowly grow to become a fully recognised sport.

All Quiet on the USA Front

There has been a bit of a worry in the AMNRL with their website having disappeared in the last few weeks. Their Facebook page and the We Are Rugby site has also gone down. But tracking David Niu’s twitter account, it seems that next year there is a new team entering the AMNRL in Southampton NY, which is based on Long Island.

The USARL website has also been very quiet, but news that the British Columbia team will be entering a team in the Philadelphia 9s next year has got many excited. In the new year we should start to see things picking up again

The Rugby League Varsity Match

8th March 2013
Honourable Artillery Company, London

The 34th Rugby League Varsity Match will take place on the afternoon of Friday 8th March 2013 at the Honourable Artillery Company in the heart of the City of London.

Matchday and hospitality tickets will be on sale very soon through a new website.

Oxford and Cambridge Rugby League Clubs are grateful to Pcubed, who are again headline sponsor for the match.

A small number of additional partnership and supplier packages are available.  Anyone interested in being involved should contact match organisers MR Sport via

Meet and Greet

I’ll be traveling to Australia over the Christmas New Year period. I have had many requests for a RLIS meet and greet for those in Brisbane and Sydney. So I will be doing this. I am not 100% on which days it will be yet, but I will do one in Brisbane, and when in Sydney I’ll do one there as well. I will have a some time in Canberra, am not sure if there is anyone there that will want me to do something?

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