Disasters and Rugby League

By Daniel Andruczyk

As all of you know, Tropical Storm Sandy hit the east coast if the United States last week. Many people have been effected by the storm predominantly along the shore line in New Jersey and Long Island New York. Fortunately myself, my house in Princeton was left with only cosmetic damage and I myself was in Rhode Island where the storm was not so ban and was able to ride it out. But there are thousands who are not so lucky and one of them is New York Knight player Fitzjames Adams and his community. The New York Knights and the Australian Bar will be hosting a fund raiser in Manhattan this Saturday to help them out. So if you are in Manhattan this weekend, make sure to make it out to the Australian Bar. Also the Remembrance Cup, in honour of the 9/11 bombing makes a return in las Vegas this weekend, hosted by the AMNRL teams from the west coast, British Columbia and Australia will be participating.

Rugby Stars to help Sandy Victims

Read Story Here.


Remembrance Cup

The Remembrance Cup was first played in 2004 to commemorate the fallen victims of the 9/11 attacks and Bali Bombings. The Coogee Dolphins were involved since they lost six of their players in the 2002 Bali bombings. It was the curtain raiser to the Liberty cup between the USA Tomahawks and Australian Kangaroos. The RC was played between the Dolphins and then Glenn Mills Bulls, who now are called the Pennsylvania Bulls. This new incarnation of the tournament will be played in Las Vegas and sees the Coogee Dolphins return to defend their title and come up against 4 other teams, California Condors, British Columbia Bulldogs, Utah Avalanche and Las Vegas Warriors.

As the AMNRL website states “The tournament isn’t only about marking the solemn occasion, however, it is also designed to help the AMNRL raise general awareness of Rugby League, create interest in it and help develop the game in the West”.

The format will feature 13 a side teams with 20 minute games, 10 minutes per half, unlimited interchanges throughout the matches. Penalty goals and conversions will be drop kicks. No extra time in pool games and for and against will determine the standings. The Remembrance Cup will be played at Charlie Frias Park on Saturday, November 10.

TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE (Commences 10:00am)

1) British Columbia Bulldogs vs California Condors
2) Coogee Dolphins vs Las Vegas Warriors
3) Utah Avalanche vs British Columbia Bulldogs
4) California Condors vs Coogee Dolphins
5) Las Vegas Warriors vs Utah Avalanche

Lunch/Sharp shooter goal kicker tournament

6) British Columbia Bulldogs vs Coogee Dolphins
7) California Condors vs Las Vegas Warriors
8) Utah Avalanche vs Coogee Dolphins
9) British Columbia Bulldogs vs Las Vegas Warriors
10) Utah Avalanche vs California Condors

Pre-Grand Final break/Fastest man in Sin City 100m sprint race

11) GRAND FINAL approx 3:00pm

USARL Board Meeting

This weekend also see the USARL hold their annual Board meeting. It will be interesting to see what the planned are for next year. I am hoping that we will have announced the schedule for 2013 and also any new initiatives by the ATRLA for youth development. It will also be interesting to see how any new expansion teams will fit into the 2013 plans and beyond as well what the USARL are planning on promoting the game further. After the meeting there is an opportunity to meet the members to the fans and general public, I will be down there to meet the members and get some insight into any decisions made.


Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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