Colonial Cup 2012 Teams Announced

By Daniel Andruczyk

The teams for this years annual Colonial Cup series between the USA Tomahawks and Canada Wolverines have been announced. Also I have come across some interesting articles, history wise once again, via our good friend Steve Mascord. He posted an article written by Lyle Beaton on the French Domestic competition back in the 1950’s. Also things have got to the point in  PNG where the government have stepped in to sort things out there and get the sport back to its number 1 spot.

Strong Teams announced

The 8th of September will see the Canadians take on the USA team at Lamport Stadium in Toronto. The Canadians have named a strong team with a good mix of East and West coast players. Canada has lots of momentum this year with two solid wins against the Jamaicans and also the Lebanese and are looking to get one back on the Americans. The Americans lead the over all head to head 11-2 but last year saw the Wolverines square the Colonial Cup 1-1 but lose over all on Aggregate.

Read article here.

The USA tomahawks have names an 18 man squad for Saturdays match. Its very much dominated by only three clubs, the top three in the competition: The New York Knights with 7 players, Connecticut Wildcats with 4 players and Philadelphia Bulls with 4 players. There are also two players from Hawaii. The most notable aspect of the team is the omission of three of the stalwarts of the team, Apple Pope Kenny Britt and Akarika Dawn.

Also, the Bucks County Sharks and Northern Raiders, who made the play offs this year, have no representatives on the squad, playing all season. Yet, Hawaii, which has not had any domestic competition this year, has two. This has raised some eyebrows in the community once more. Surely there are at least 1 player from each team that are good enough to make it?

Though no captain has been named for the Tomahawks, money would be on Curtis Cunz to get it.

Read article here.

Canada Wolverines Squad

Robin Legault
Tony Felix
Geoff Bylund
Christian Miller
Jared Curry
Matt Wyles
Jamie Lester (c)
Keegan Watcham-Roy
Graham Dobbs
Louis Robinson
Cam Grace
Henry Miers
Chris Chalmers
Matt Pettie
Enoch Wamalwa
Mike Thorne
John Felix

USA Tomahawks Squad

Fitzjames Adams
Gareth Baxendale
Luke Collins
Bryan Confer
Curtis Cunz
John Dykeman
Todd Fisher
Kelly McGill
Vai Notoa
Justin Ripley
Ben Sadgrove
Mike Schacter
Dennis Schmeiler
Sean Taylor
Louis Tulio
Dusten Umeda
Matt Walsh
Kevin Wiggins

Game 1 of the Colonial Cup 2012 kicks off at Lamport Stadium, Toronto, Canada, 7pm EST.

PNG Government Takes Over


Article Source, here.

THE O’Neill government has taken matters into its own hands to get rugby league back to where it should be, as the number one national sport. This sentiment was echoed by Public Enterprises Minister Ben Micah, Minister for Sports and Pacific Games Justin Tkatchenko and Sports Vice-Minister Labi Amaiu at yesterday’s presentation of Telikom’s K500,000 commitment to the Papua New Guinea Kumuls, reaffirming their naming rights of the team. The government will add another K500,000, making the total K1 million in funding for the Kumuls to prepare for the Prime Minister’s XIII match this month and the World Cup next year.  Telikom acting chief executive officer Charles Litau handed the cheque over to PNGRFL interim administrator Ivan Ravu.

“We are here for you, we don’t care what happens in court or in administration, we just want to ensure that our national team has the support to play at the next level, and today’s presentation confirms this,” Litau said. Micah was positive but firm in his appraisal on the game’s prospect. “The Kumuls and their loyal fans deserve better than the mess that has existed in rugby league this season,” Micah told a packed Telikom boardroom.

“This Government will put a stop to such nonsense.” “We will ensure that sporting administrations, many of which receive some form of government support, are no longer fighting it out in court. If we have internal issues, they will be required to settle them through compromise and mediation, the Melanesian way.” “Rugby League is a game for the people and we can’t allow individuals to spoil the game for the rest of the rugby league fraternity and the country,” Tkatchenko added.

“We’re going to sort this once and for all, and make sure the right thing is done.” Micah, present too on behalf of the PM as patron of the annual challenge, further pledged an additional K500,000 from the Government, which would be handed over by the Prime Minister at a later date.

The total of K1million has been earmarked especially for the Kumuls preparations for the upcoming Prime Minsters XIII match, now confirmed for September 23, and their lead up preparations for Rugby League World Cup 2013. Part of the money would also be used to bring Lloyd Robson Oval, the premier rugby league venue in the country, to a standard fit to host the national showcase, as well as get the games administration working again.

Ravu thanked Telikom for their ongoing support of the rugby league and committed on behalf of the office to work towards reinstating its standard and quality off and on the field.
Present at the conference were representatives from the National Gaming Control Board, Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited, and Telikom senior management and staff.

Referees and Players walking off in a match!

An interesting piece that Steve Mascord put up, one for the history books. Its definitely one to read and realise just how strong the French Rugby League actually was back in the 1950s!

Read article here.


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14 Responses to “Colonial Cup 2012 Teams Announced”

  1. David says:

    I think Canada might get the US in this one. Looking forward to seeing some footage hopefully. Dan, do you know if CRL/AMNRL are showing it?

  2. Interested Observer says:

    I said yesterday in a post that Pope, Dawn and Britt don’t like the AMNRL and I think the selection of players reflects that. You are spot on about Hawaii have 2 guys and BC having none. The Sharks have 3 or 4 players of national calibre so that is a joke to exclude them.

  3. deluded pom? says:

    If the Sharks’ players are continually to be ignored when the Tomahawks are selected they may as well join the USARL. At least then they’d know why they weren’t chosen.

    • druzik says:

      Can they afford to be in the USARL… that is the question. They possibly would end up a second division team… and well are they willing to do that, ubless they find the stadium and funds to travel to every game.

  4. Interested Observer says:

    Check to see how many games those 3 guys played this year Druzik and you’ll get the gist. Why would you drop Apple and you’ll note there’s been no talk of why he isn’t playing although any reason the AMNRL gave would be a spun version.

    To overlook guys like Ryan Sodano, Phil Shipos and Steve Thompson after a cracking season is very disappointing. Justin Zadnik also out played some of the selected USA forwards. Many of the Bucks guys are still good buddy’s with USARL players so a move is something that could be discussed.

  5. Interested Observer says:

    “but Apple is the Captain”…..not sure what that meant Dru. My point was why would you drop your long standing Captain who is allegedly pro AMNRL? Fishy hey?

    • druzik says:

      Well the comment is that he is the incumbent Capetian, despite what some have been saying he is not injured, and you don;t just go and drop your captain for any reason.

      I am not aware of him coming out and siding with the USARL or against the AMNRL so reasons for Apple being dropped are strange to say the least.

  6. Interested Observer says:

    You drop your captain after he hasn’t played the AMNRL games he was supposed to play. He may not have said anything publicly but he is not happy he missed a Championship win with the Axemen.

    • druzik says:

      Well he played one… Look I completely understand, if a team wants to have their player, week in and out to come up for matches, and they don’t help him out in some way then what should they expect from Apple or the others? But considering he made the effort for one game and he also made the effort for other internationals… its disappointing.

  7. Interested Observer says:

    Just to add…I’m not saying he should have been dropped necessarily only that that is why he’s been dropped.

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