Putting Your Money Where your Mouth is.

By Daniel Andruczyk

Often I read on various sources people complaining about this and that subject. In particular I pay most attention to the International Game, and how its image and exposure can be improved. Very often I have come across people that have great ideas, but seem not to take any initiative to try and get them off the ground. Sometimes if someone wants to support the international game or a nation its just a matter of literally putting your money where your mouth is. There are various membership packages out there that anyone can be involved with and help in a small way the development of the game internationally.

Also its the physical presence. I laugh sometimes when I read a person complaining about the state of the international game, or the crowd sizes of a game, yet when they have an opportunity to go and see the a game, they refuse to because its a small crowd or a poor team etc… It leads to a catch 22 situation then, a vicious feedback look that goes round, and round and round.

Anyway, I thought that for anyone who does want to help out the game in some small way, below are a few ways you can get involved in the international game from your lounge chair!

Rugby League European Federation Membership

The Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) has a great package when it comes to membership, yes you read that right, you can be a member of the RLEF and get a whole bunch of stuff and help support the game and have it grow in Europe. There are three levels of membership that you can buy; regular, … and corporate.

Fan Membership: €30.00 – ₤23.76 – USD$37.53 – AUD$ 36.43

  • Free RLEF beanie in year 1
  • Annual free draw for a replica shirt of their choice from Member nation

Club Membership: €60.00 – ₤47.55 – USD$75.07 – AUD$72.86

  • Above, plus;
  • Club logo/contact on RLEF Website
  • Access to potential players for your club
  • A signed shirt from the Member nation of choice for fund raising purposes

Corporate Membership: €120.00 ₤95.10 – USD$150.14 – AUD$145.72

  • As above plus;
  • Invitation to networking meeting in London, Paris, Edinburgh, Belgrade, Dublin, etc
  • Company link on Website
  • Permission to use RLEF logo as an official member
  • Free draw for title sponsorship of the RLEF European Bowl

Its easy to do; Go to the RLEF website, and then have a read of the membership packages. Select the one you want and using Pay Pal you can buy the package you want.

Rugby League Planet Development Fund

Another great and unique initiative is the Rugby League Planet Development Fund. This is run by the guys over at the Rugby League Planet website. It is a buy in that members have about AUD$10 a month that goes into a centralized fund. Towards the end of August or early September each year the members then decide on which country they feel has done the most to deserve the money that has been collected. Then the whole process starts again and money is collected for the next 12 months and the money awarded.

This is an initiative that has now been going for a couple of years. the 2011 recipients were the Jamaicans while this years recipients were announced just last week, the Canadian Rugby League won that. As I understand it it is not limited to one country, it can be multiple if the funds are sufficient and countries warrant it. But that will only happen if there are members willing to put in the money to the fund.

Its an easy enough process, to become a member of the fund and set it up. Just go to the website to register. Its another way that an individual can have a contribution to the development of Rugby League Internationally.

Individual Help

Of course, you can help individually. This is an initiative of the part of you, the rugby league fan. There are plenty of nations and teams that have great membership packages, that offer merchandise and tickets to games. Have a search around for various websites of teams and see what is on offer. Several of the US teams have them as well as the Jamaicans have their annual sponsorship deals that are offered. The money certainly goes a long way to helping the nations get off their feet and develop.

If you are ever traveling abroad , make sure that you see what the local Rugby League is like. See if there are any games that you can go to and support, contact them and offer to volunteer and help them. It is always appreciated by struggling nations when they have people helping them, even if its for a day during a tournament of game.

I remember in 2007 when I was watching the Czech v Germany game in Prague, we had got a whole Kontiki tour or 18 year olds from Sydney to come and watch the game. Having a loud boisterous crowd, that knew what was happening that sounded like there was a thousand there, really made a huge difference for the players, they absolutely loved it and knew it was all worth it what they were doing. Its something that simple that can help.

Go to Games!

Of course the best way to help the game grow internationally is to go out and actually watch the games. Pay the entry fee, buys the food and drinks, and show the RLIF and powers that be that International Rugby League is worth having and making competitive and not treat it like a second class citizen.

Make sure that you go to the World Cup, or a European Cup or  Pacific cup, make sure that the stadium is full, it not only boosts that tournaments, but the players and nations and most important the image of the sport, that its fans care. Other sports have their biggest crowds for internationals, yet we always struggle. Forget performance, its all about national pride and supporting the game you love, that’s what it should be about.

So there you are, a few ways to get in there and support the international game… even from the comfort of your lunge chair!


Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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14 Responses to “Putting Your Money Where your Mouth is.”

  1. deluded pom? says:

    Thanks for the mention of the RLDF dru. New members are always welcome.


  2. Kingsland7 says:

    Go the RLDF! Hopefully with more members we can raise $3,000 next round!

  3. dragons4eva says:

    When i read this Dru it kinda felt like a ‘wake up call’. Not criticizing it but i guess in a way its good you’ve brought this to our attention.

    Some people i suppose want to help spread the game however do not know exactly where to begin. Spreading the word about how they can help without leaving their own chair is a good way to start!

    • druzik says:

      Yeah, its not about criticizing, but making people aware.

      I know not everyone can get out and do stuff, but initiatives like the membership and the RLDF are easy ways you can still have an input and an impact on the international game.

  4. Greg Cross says:

    It’s a shame that no funds from the television deal seem to have been allocated to the International game.thanks for mentioning the european membership

    • druzik says:

      Well depends what you mean Greg.

      As far as I understand it, this is how the international funding works. Individual test matches like Australia v NZ the TV money is split between the nations, goes for any other nations.

      Tournaments like the 4 nations the money is between the nations taking part in that tournament.

      The European Cup, Shield and Bowl, and TV rights from that go directly to the RLEF since they are the ones that are organising the tournaments and hold the rights. Same for tournaments that will be organised by other regional federations, like say the RLAPF with any future Pacific cup.

      The World Cup and other say major international tournaments that are done by the RLIF and they hold the right, the money goes to the RLIF.

      Now have a think about this, I know that people are saying that the ARLC/NRL should give money to the international game, but its their money for the domestic comp, they really don’t have that onligation, if you start saying that then every nation that has a domestic comp should do that.
      Say Australia does give money, then they are in the driving seat to dictate where the money goes, if they get first pick of players etc… they will want to extract the best deal out of. Watch the eligibility rules go completely out the wondow then, and we would be in a worse sport than we are right now.

      Aus, NZ and UK already give a bit of money to the RLIF for the running of the international game, lets get the RLIF to fund itself and not be reliant on any one nation and be independent.

  5. Deal.with.it says:

    I think we should be a bit more realistic with the RLIF. Its aim, just like most other governing bodies isn’t to organise regular internationals for nations. Its simply to make sure these countries adhere to the laws. Internationals should be a byproduct of a domestic competition, and should thus be organised by the playing nations. With 10% I think out is of gate takings going to the RLIF. The RLIF also awards a governing body the right to organise the world cup, which they can employ a separate company to do so eg. Rwc nz, rlwc13.
    The RLIF of course takes a bigger stake from the world cup because it owns the rights.
    So we should be realistic with proposed matches between world cup cycles. There will of course be more pacific cup tournaments if the world cup makes more money. If not, tonga, cooks, vanuatu and samoa should get their domestic games up another level and then organise international games themselves. From the grants they receive from the rlif and government they should employ someone to organise events and source sponsorship.

    • druzik says:

      Good and fair points. I think that is essentially what I stated above too.

      Individual tests, like the ANZAC and end of year tests, are the property of the indiviual nations, just like the Malta v Denmark games, they get what ever money from that.

      Tournaments like the 4 nations which are run by those countries the money goes to them. If they want to give anything to the RLIF its up to them.

      The Regional tournamnts like Pacific Cup, Eurp Cup and shield etc… all go to the regional bodies who set all that up and have the rights to them.

      The world cup and any other games set up by the RLIF and they have the right belong to them.

      You are right that the situation with a governing body is to make sure that the rules are consistent and adhered to by everyone… unfortunately that is not what the RLIF are doing and its something that needs to change. It needs to become professional and independent and not run by any one country as it is now.

      I personally am not in favour of the ARL/NRL being forced to giving money to the RLIF for two reasons, unless they really want to of course never say no when someone wants to give you money:
      1. Its theior money, they have worked hard to get it and its not the RLIF that earned it. It actually should be a inspiration for other countries to try and get to that level.

      2. If they are forced to give money, they will demand to have a large stake in controlling where that money goes, more so than they do now. The RLIF will basically be another off-shoot of the ARL/NZRL and we will have an even worse situation that now.

  6. Deal.with.it says:

    Yep I agree. If australia gave a large sum to the rlif, they would have even more influence.
    Atm does the top tier countries get more voting power? Perhaps 2 votes?
    As for individual tests, I guys I’m trying to say that with tonga not playing any games this year, its their fault, they should have organised one, not waited for nz to invite them to play as a curtain raiser. Fiji and samoa played games this year, from memory. Using only domestic players. Tonga should have rewarded their domestic players too. This of course brings on a completely different matter – does anyone know the state of the game in tonga?

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