Pope: USARL Players Eligible for Tomahawks

From Rugby League World

So I finally managed to get on the interesting article where Apple Pope, the captain of the USA Rugby League team, the Tomahawks basically says that USARL players are eligible for the tomahawks. If you are looking for it, its the first page, third column, second paragraph.




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18 Responses to “Pope: USARL Players Eligible for Tomahawks”

  1. dragons4eva says:

    They only way i’ll believe that USARL players are elegible is when Niu himself comes out and says so!

  2. International Observer says:

    Apple does not play for Jax and ask any USARL player or club if the ban has been lifted. Another AMNRL spun article.

    • druzik says:

      Yes… I know… I put the article up because I heard about it and though it was important for others to see it. I think the reporter should have done more checking of facts… I am a bit surprised that Apple has come out and said those things himself and not corrected the facts though.

  3. Kingsland7 says:

    I completely got the impression from this article that Apple still plays in the USARL, is this true?

  4. International Observer says:

    No he plays for no one, although he is supposed to now be playing with the renamed PA Bulls. He hasn’t played a domestic game of RL since the split but has captained the USA side in every game since. Very odd.

  5. Patrick Kelly says:

    Players from the USARL have not been scouted for or invited to tryouts for the tomahawks since the split in the U.S. Apple and other players that play for the tomahawks had to leave the USARL to even be considered for selection.

  6. International Observer says:

    Spot on Pat, Apple knows that better than anyone so I dont know why he said USARL players are eligible, that is just is not correct.

    Anyone know if Kenny, Apple or Akarika have actually played in the Bulls side in the first 3 rounds.

  7. International Observer says:

    All of them? What a joke. The Bulls are the ‘Spin Doctors’ of the game.

  8. International Observer says:

    You’re right, 2 of the 3 big signings have played just one game and that was done purely to hush the nay sayers.

  9. International Observer says:

    I see the USA eligibility issue has rated some mentions again. Be interesting to see who is in the side for the next Tomahawks game. I see the Gympie Devils are calling Matt Peterson the USA Captain. Wonder what Apple will think of that. If the guys in the AMNRL don’t start to express their concerns they are all going to be railroaded and none will be on the WC squad.

  10. International Observer says:

    I just meant people talking about it on some of the forums.

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