Ohana Cup: Photos and Info

From AMNRL, Rugby Hawaii Union and Hawaii Youth Rugby SBRO

Here are the team lists and scorers as well as some photos provided by the AMNRL from the weekends Ohana Cup in Hawaii.

Team Lists

USA Tomahawks
Kenny Britt (Florida), Apple Pope (Florida), Keiki Misipeka (American Samoa), Henry Leatio’o (American Samoa), Curtis Cunz (Connecticut), Matt Walsh (Connecticut), Sean Taylor (New York), John Dykeman (New York), Justin Ripley (New York), Andrew Kneisly (Pennsylvania), Vai Notoa (Hawaii), Kelly McGill (Hawaii), Salesi Tongamoa (Georgia), Tala Esera (Hawaii), Dusten Umeda (Hawaii), Ian Elliott (New York), Leonard Peters (Hawaii), Lelauloto Tagaloa (Hawaii), Anthony Sunia (Hawaii),

Mate Ma’a Tonga

1. Foliaki Vaka’uta, 2. Siaosi ‘Iongi, 3. Manu Mapuhola Tu’ifua, 4. Petelo Tangilanu, 5. Tevita Tu’ipulotu, 6. Sione Napa’a, 7. Salesi Siuola Ma’ake, 8. Peteli Funaki (VC), 9. James Tutu’ila, 10. Sione Faka’osilea, 11. Sydney Havea (c), 12. Atunaisa Faka’osi, 13. Paula Maliepo, 14. ’Asaeli Vehekite, 15. Aisake Folaumoetui, 16. Pitikeni Fungavaka, 17. Saifau Talanoa, 18. Christopher Jr. Ta’ufo’ou, 19. Charles Tonga


USATry: Andrew Kneisly; Kenny Britt; Vai NatoaConv.: Matthew Walsh (3)Goal: Matthew Walsh (1)
TongaTry: James Tutu’ila; Siafau Talanoa (2); Petelo Tangilanu; Sione Faka’osileaConv.: James Tutu’ila (1 ); Pitikeni Fungavaka (3)


Photos Courtesy of Mulian Nuipali
USAvTon03 USAvTon04
USAvTon05 USAvTon06

Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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21 Responses to “Ohana Cup: Photos and Info”

  1. dragons4eva says:

    I know players were unavailable for the match as they are not professionals…but making a RL team with former NFL and RU 7’s/15’s players isn’t the way to go!

    I can remember once Niu a few months ago announced the Ireland game or something and Todd Clever the USA Eagles captain said like “Go Eagles” and Niu replied by saying “Thanks Todd…maybe one day soon we might see the USA Eagles captain possibly in a Tomahawks jersey?”.

    Now i dunno about you…but that is not only insulting to the guys in the AMNRL or USARL but to the American RU as well! Todd had just represented his home country in a WC 3 months earlier and is being fast tracked into a sport he’s never played before?

    Well done Tonga for winning the match…however USA in my opinion were very under strength!

    • dragons4eva says:

      Todd Clever the USA Eagles captain said like “Go Tomahawks”*

    • USARUGGER says:

      But what is even worse is that the USARL players aren’t selected for the Tomahawks. This is why Niu selects ex- NFL and Union 7’s players. Maybe is they selected from the USARL they may not have suffered from the losses that yhey have had

      • druzik says:

        According to an article with apple pope in Rugby League World, USARL players are taken into consideration.

    • druzik says:

      Well, I suppose there is the whole bucks county sharks team, who came third last year, that are getting completely overlooked for some reason!

      Also there is a whole three teams in the Midwest who, even though having only played friendlies, have been totally overlooked as well. 4 teams right there that you can select players.

      Also all these other western developmental teams that apparently had friendly games and so have league players, why aren;t we seeing them? I assume that the reason they stayed with the AMNRL was that they had the opportunity to have players on the Tomahawks… not have wring-ins.

  2. International Observer says:

    Dragon you are spot on. People are asking a lot of questions about team selection and I know there are rumblings amongst AMNRL players. I also note 2 players listed as (Florida). That is just plain wrong and a con. What team in Florida do they play for? The national captain has no team. That’s a farce in any sport.

  3. International Observer says:

    Forgot to add there’s also 2 listed as American Samoa and one from Georgia. Remind again what domestic rugby league team they play for?

  4. International Observer says:

    Apple is not right, if he even said that. USARL players are not considered eligible for the Tomahawks. Players need to sever ties with their USARL club as Apple and others did if they want a USA jersey. Texas? What RL team plays in Texas? The answer is none.

  5. International Observer says:

    Dru you are right about the Sharks as an example. Guys like Ryan Sodano, Phil Shippos and Justin Zadnik should be playing in the USA side, not USAR ring-ins and other supposed ‘free agent’ players who actually don’t play for any domestic rugby league club at all. The big wigs at the RLIF need to get their heads out of the sand or at least remove Niuy’s lips from their you know what and realise what is happening in the States. This is hurting a lot of very talented American league players.

    • druzik says:

      There are a lot of players in the US that are frustrated, that is for sure.

      I think in a year or two it could be a moot point though.

      • Jake says:

        Could you explain in what way it could be a moot point?

      • druzik says:

        Just that I think within the next couple years there will be one comp. Weather its a remerger or a one just wins out or what ever.

        Its going to be resolved… one way or another I suppose.

  6. International Observer says:

    Given Jack Breen has been the main man behind developing RL in Hawaii, it’s poor form he was left out of this match as far as being involved in some way. He and Niuy have had a falling out and Jack has now walked away from RL altogether. I know other forums are now talking about it so I thought I’d mention it here. Seems Dave has burnt another bridge.

  7. International Observer says:

    Dan there are no links to an article it’s talk amongst those involved with RL in the USA. Jack was left out in the cold with the recent Tonga match which has upset a lot of people given his commitment to developing RL over the past few yrs. A synic may suggest it would appear that once again, money and fame have come before friendship.

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