Youth Training School Program Goes Outside!!!

By Lawrence Almagno

Yesterday Marked the first day we were able to take the kids outside. Working with about 25 Kids (some kids have been released or have other obligations during our  program).

The day started out as usual with  a game of touch. We played for about 20 minutes and reminded the kids of the switch plays that we had used in the previous weeks.

Halfway through the game of touch, we froze everyone in position and asked them questions regarding their alignments and the advantages and disadvantages of them. From that point players started taking the ball at the gain line with speed and things improved greatly.

We broke  up to work on dummy switch and pass plays. We ran 4 or 5 variations of these plays. We then gathered everyone around and spoke about the concepts of the game and asked participants questions regarding them.

We than got back together for a game of touch. There are a few players who will be 19yrs old when they are out and you bet you will see them dressing up in Purple. They have great instinctive poaching skills on defense some players being former point guards playing basketball, and other players being former outside linebackers in football have amazing ball awareness defensive skills.

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