Tomahawks Win Back the Donnybrook Cup

By Daniel Andruczyk

March 17th, St. Patricks Day in Chester PA saw the next instalment of the Donnybrook Cup played out between the USA and Ireland. On and unseasonably hot day for march on the east coast, where temperatures got close to 20 degrees a great crowd of over 2000 turned out at Widener Universities Quick Stadium to see a full days play of Rugby League and Union. It was entertainment galore with the Warrior Watch present, Irish dancing and after the game the Blackthorns at the local casino. A hard brutal game ensued which saw both teams have to deal with physicality and heat.

Hard Fought Victory

From the kick off it was clear that that the first games for both nations and many of their players we were going to see a game with many mistakes. Ireland received the ball and almost straight away made a mistake by dropping the ball. It was clear that the Human cannon ball, Akarika Dawn, was going to be using his large size and momentum to ram his way through the Irish defence and offence. Some initial big hit-ups and hits from him signalled his intention. However after only 6 minutes the USA suffered a massive blow. Their halfback, Damien O’Malveney, was taken off field with what was initially suspected as a concussion but later found out was a dislocated shoulder and taken to hospital.


The Irish managed to get some great momentum in the first 20 minutes of the match, they pressed the US line and with some smart kicks and inexperience in the USA back line showing were able to get a line drop out. The USA through a smart short kick were able to recover it but soon after dropped the ball. some terrible defence saw the Irish break through and open the scoring in the 13th minute through Sean Carmody to go up 6-0. Soon after it was a reverse of the table as some poor Irish defence saw the USA also break through easily and get their first points through Luke Hume and square it up 6-6.


Luke Hume started to show his class at this point. Any time he got the ball he looked absolutely dangerous and it started to force the Irish to concentrate to contain him. Off-side penalties started to hurt the Irish as they were coming out of the blocks early to try and contain Hume and the backline. Hume’s speed and agility proved too much once again and 32 minutes in he went over again to bag his second try and take the USA to a 12-6 lead after Matt Walsh converted.


Ireland did have a lot of ball possession, actually had most of the field position, in the first half but any time they were within about 10 meters of the try line a mistake would come about, the inexperience of the Irish showing through their lack of patience, pushing the ball too much in that last bit to either knock-on or turn it over. But their persistence payed off in the 37th minute with Adam Hughes going over in the corner. It was a close call as the corner post was taken out but referee Rob Irwin in consultation with his touchline judged gave them the points. A missed conversion and it was looking like a close game going into half time as 12-10. This was not to be the case, as right on the half time hooter Ben Kelly also went over out wide to give the USA a better buffer at half time with the score being 16-10


After the break it seemed that the USA were back to their ways in the first half with dropped balls and it took only 5 minutes for Joe Smith to go over for the Irish and it looked like the Irish may be on the way back, 16-14. This seemed to spur the Tomahawks back into shape and clean up their game up. Luke Hume started to terrorise the Irish line once again and was able to break through the Irish lines to score his hat-trick of tries. With Walsh’s conversion the tomahawks went to a 22-14.


Hume was involved a few minutes later again. He seemed to he a get out of gaol card in many situation. The Irish winger Hughes, from a spilled ball played some other football, soccer in fact, with the ball kicking it up the field. It seemed a sure things, the USA defence was lagging behind, and out of no where the supercharge speed of Hume he came out of nowhere to pass everyone, get the ball and then bring it back 30 meters to diffuse the situation. On the back of the ensuing plays the USA through Walsh were in over again though he was not able to convert his own try, 26-14.


The final 20 minutes saw the USA start to run away with the match. The heat was starting to get to the Irish who probably have not had to deal with this kind of weather in March. Though the Irish scored again on 60 minutes through Andy Brace to get to 20 points the Americans larger front pack started to dominate. Akarika Dawn using his size was able to go over twice in the corner in the space of four minutes. However his first try had some controversy about it as it may have come from an off side play when Sean Taylor got possession, but none of the refs picked it up and it was play on.

Soon after there was some good old biff coming into the game, when on the 75th minute a scuffle ensued from a scrum. Started by the USA’s Kelly McGill, he ended up being sent off for 10 minutes, so the USA were down one man for the remaining 5 minutes. The Irish were pressing hard from the penalty but another costly mistake saw the USA pounce and go full field and have Louis Tulio score on the 78th minute. The conversion sealed it for the Tomahawks at 38-20 and they retain the Donnybrook Cup and take their head-to-head to 5 – 3 in their favour.


Post match the entertainment went to Harrah’s Casino in Chester and seemed that most of the crowd from the game turned up to meet the players and officials of both teams. A fantastic day, with great weather and entertainments and Rugby League over all.

Man of the Match: USA Luke Hume Ireland Tom Rataihi

Previous games

Two warm up games were played before the donnybrook Cup. Both were Rugby Union and showed off local Union clubs and high schools. In the first match Hibernians RUFC defeated Nth East Irish RUFC 35-5 while in the second game two high schools played with Monsignor Bonner High School defeating St. Augustine Prep High School 27-20. When I asked AMNRL CEO David Niu the reasons for having the Union games he said that the idea is to expose as many people to Rugby League. The friends and family of these teams will see what Rugby League is all about and the teams on display today have expressed an interest in switching to league.

It could be a win for all.

Team Lists

United States Tomahawks: 1. Kenny Britt 2. Louis Tulio 3. Keiki Misipeka 4. Akarika Dawn 5. Ian Elliott 6. Luke Hume 7. Damien O’Malveney 8. Justin Ripley 9. Apple Pope (Capt) 10. Andrew Kniesly 11. Salesia Tongamoa 12. Ben Kelly 13. Matt Walsh Interchange: 14. Sean Taylor 15. Vai Notoa 16. Kelly McGill 17. John Dykeman
Tries: Hume (3), Dawn (2), Kelly (1), Walsh (1), Tulio (1) Conversions: Walsh (3)

Ireland Wolfhounds: 1. Ashley Huck 2. Adam Hughes 3. Andy Mc’Grory 4. Joe Muchern 5. Paddy James 6. Sean Carmody 7. Paddy Barcoe 8. Benny Guilfoyle 9. Joe Smith 10. Mark O’Neill 11. Alan Trenier 12. Graham Taylor 13. Tommy Ratahi Interchange: 14. Paddy Boyle 15. Matty Haddon 16. Andy Brace 17. Larry Pontyn 18. Cathal O’Reilly
Tries: Hughes (1), Brace (1), Smith (1), Carmody (1) Conversions: James (2)

Officials: Rob Irwin (R) Chris Doyle (T) John Blithe (T) Graham Desmond (O)

Crowd: Over 2000

Time Line

13 min: 00 – 04 Ireland Try – Sean Carmody

15 min: 00 – 06 Ireland Conversion – Paddy James

21 min: 04 – 06 USA Try – Luke Hume

22 min: 06 – 06 USA Conversion – Matt Walsh

32 min: 10 – 06 USA Try – Luke Hume

33 min: 12 – 06 USA Conversion – Matt Walsh

37 min: 12 – 10 Ireland Try – Adam Hughes

40 min: 16 – 10 USA Try – Ben Kelly

Half Time

45 min: 16 – 14 Ireland Try Joe Smith

49 min: 20 – 14 USA Try – Luke Hume

50 min: 22 – 14 USA Conversion – Matt Walsh

54 min: 26 – 14 USA Try – Matt Walsh

60 min: 26 – 18 Ireland Try – Andy Brace

61 min: 26 – 20 Ireland Conversion Paddy James

67 min: 30 – 20 USA Try Akarika Dawn

71 min: 34 – 20 USA Try Akarika Dawn

78 min: 38 – 20 Louis Tulio

Full Time


Penalties: USA 06 – 04 Ireland

Scrums Won: USA 11 – 14 Ireland

Errors: USA 6 – 10 Ireland


Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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44 Responses to “Tomahawks Win Back the Donnybrook Cup”

  1. RI Rebellion says:

    To Check the Status of the Future Tomahawks check out the Blog update

    New Youth Blog Update

  2. Rick Farr says:

    I think Nius strategy of marketing the AMNRL and Rugby League to US Rugby Union fans has some merit, but I would be very careful if I were him not to antagonize the USAR. Some of his methods are bordering on parasitic, such as his bait and switch tactics on his websites.

    He is creating the appearance of successful growth by convincing RU clubs to toy with the idea of establishing League teams. I think this is as much about appeasing his pay masters from Star Marketing as to the general public.

    Leveraging off RU in the US is going to be effective though, but it does need to be done the right way. This means working with them, not against them (and that goes both ways). Niu needs to be mindful that although both codes are relatively small sports in the US market, one code needs the other more.

    • druzik says:

      Well, that is a fair point.

      I am not sure about the bait and switch tactics. Remember that David did play Union in the USA as well so I would assume that he has links there and possibly is working with them.

      • Rick Farr says:

        Dru, the bait and switch tactic on wearerugby is quite blatant, (just look at the name), it is the sister site for the AMNRL and only uses copy and paste RU articles to attract US RU fans. But it is a Rugby League site.

        Check out this press release from Grand prix entertainment recently:

        Now have a look at the re-edited version Niu published on the AMNRL site and a similar version on wearerugby. Brian Lowe basically took the same article and entered the words Rugby League a few times:

        Now this story has no real relevance to Rugby League, not until Brian Lowe edited it. It’s a me too story, and I can reliably inform you the links were forwarded to Alan Rothenberg by a USAR official, and he was not terribly impressed.

        Also the scheduling of the two Rugby Union matches before the Tomahawks/Ireland match has drawn the ire of Nigel Melville.

        It’s the way Niu is going about things that is angering USAR officials, another case in point is the Las Vegas Rugby Academy supposedly forming a Las Vegas based AMNRL team under the Black Jacks brand.

        I am well aware of Nius association with USAR and the Eagles, I even have footage of him playing at the ’99 RWC. But I can tell you Dru that he is not thought highly of in US RU circles, particularly after he ‘accidently’ included RUs player numbers in his NRL-US pitch to NBC.

      • druzik says:

        Ahhh … now that I didn’t know. Very interesting.

      • druzik says:

        Rick, are you saying that the whole Las Vegas team is not actually happening?

        I had a look at the links and I see your points. In Scientific circles that would be bordering on what is considered plagiarism. They have referenced the original source but using wholesale parts of someone else’s work and then putting your name to it usually is a no-no.

        Maybe its different in journalistic circles! :s

      • Rodney McDonell says:

        Interesting stuff Rick. These revelations don’t really surprise me. I think a lot of what the AMNRL does has been under the spot light since its clubs tore themselves away from them last year.

      • druzik says:

        They are interesting revelations.

        Well if anything the split has caused a major refocusing and improvement in the AMNRL, at least at face value. This much has to be admitted. From Last years Donnybrook Cup to this years… its been a 200% improvement.

  3. dragons4eva says:

    Good win by the Tomahawks. Seems like the match, pre match and after match entertainment and most importantly the match itself went off with a bang!

    Well done to the Tomahawks and everyone involved!

    Also Daniel really good to hear from you again buddy! Thanks for the info on the match!

    • druzik says:

      Thanks… yes I have moved recently. I am now working and living at Princeton, New Jersey.

      Its taken me a bit of time to get everything set up at home and that… and unfortunately with the place I work many websites are blocked so I can;t exactly do any RL work from my Physics job now.

  4. dragons4eva says:

    Niu has been for years been trying to use other sports to further the AMNRL, Tomahawks and RL! He tries to fast track players into the national team and go for promotional strategies without spending time on the proper structures to give RL the proper structure it needs!

    Look by the sounds of it the Donnybrook cup and World Cup qualifiers were highly successful for the USA and RL…however it feels like a short term big bang strategy rather than long term stability for the AMNRL and RL structures as a whole!

    • druzik says:

      You may be right Dragons … investing in juniors and structures is critical, but may be an initial big bang strategy is needed

      There is no one way for to do anything. We have seen that in many countries different strategies do work and yield the same results eventually, more quickly than other.

      Canada in some sense took the big bang strategy and that has worked wonders, as it has for Norway. Their growth has been huge considering where they were only 3 years ago, Wazza did a bit of a shock and awe tactics there to get League on its legs but it worked and is now able to develop more the base.. Its what brought in the support and money for them to start to develop the underlying structures. The Czechs found that they need to build more from a solid base and up, as have the Lebanese and Serbians. Its taken a lot longer but its a strategy that worked.

      Other nations, I would say are a combination of these. I think each nation and competition needs to have their own strategy… but in the long run, if there are no true juniors then the comp will collapse, and I mean developing juniors from the get go, not having to rely solely on just Union converts. That has two very, very detrimental effects. 1. that you never truly have local players that grow up with the sport, but always have some of the union mentality in them, this will always creep into the game. 2. it pisses the Union guys right off that you keep “stealing” their players and they eventually retaliate.

      • dragons4eva says:

        Look i don’t mind if a club/organization or sport needs a big bang to get going! GWS made headlines in 2010 by signing Folau and it is very debatable to see if they will capture the minds and hearts of Western Sydney siders in 2012!

        But at least they have done things like nurturing juniors, going out into the public and encouraging kids to take up AFL! Niu in 15 years didn’t do what he has been doing until the USARL was formed! He seems to have taken a few things to heart (not as much as people would have hoped) and actually done some good things recently!

        When he has the AMNRL unified he would NEVER update the website, did close to bugger all about juniors and by the sounds of it wanted to force the clubs to come under the Star Group and We Are Rugby franchise and control who they were associated with!

        Canada, Norway and the Czechs are different as they needed it to get started but have not forgotten about vital things such as the kids and developing the game at home! Niu did not do this when he was in power!

      • druzik says:

        Well, lets hope that things are changing … but if Ricks comments are correct then it could be worrying.

        I am going to see if I can chat with some of the AMNRL development officers about what junior structures they are looking at this year.

  5. Kingsland7 says:

    Very Very Interesting article, and equally interesting comments from Rick Above.

    It seems as though that the day was a success, however, how are judging that there were 2000 people in attendence. In all photos I have seen it looks as though there are 10% of that figure.

    • druzik says:

      Its because I couldn’t fit everyone in my photos…. trust me it was easily 2000 people there, that I am positive about. I usually am critical of overestimates in crowds… but this time I am confident in that figure.

  6. Chris Sanders says:

    Why would we doubt your word Daniel?You tell the truth unlike the people on Rugby League Planet Forums that exaggerate about their own game,as most there never,ever venture outside the luxury of their keyboards of their own computers.Nevertheless,the first International Rugby League game for the 2012 season.It can only be good for the game in the whole and it proves that Niu’s methods are now working,without too much help from abroad.
    Like everywhere else,Rugby league in America are alone and can’t rely on anything substantial and they have to help themselves by going alone,as the RLIF,is only a piss up club for bludgers,using the game to suit themselves and time for independents.
    And when are the USARL going to form their own National Rugby League side too,as that crowd do a lot of bitching, lead by their own cheer leader Interested Observer.
    Time they delivered!

    • druzik says:

      That is a bot harsh about RLP. They do some good work over there. Many of their posters over there are the same here!

      The USARL will have a regional rep game in April in Rhode Island. As for a national side, you really have to ask them, they have not given me any indications about a national side, and quite frankly it could be a moot point since probably no nation would play them since they are not recognised by the RLEF or RLIF.

      You comments about their bitching is completely unjustified. The USARL as an organisation have not bitched or moaned about anything. they have been professional about their dealings in the media and public. What their fans and followers do is another story, its their right to voice their opinions, it does not mean that its any official stance from the USARL.

      The same goes for the AMNRL and their fans and followers.

  7. Chris Sanders says:

    So were you at the game Kingsland7,after all,you said that I was full of shit in reguards to John Slade??
    If Daniel said that there were 2000 people at the game,then there are 2000 people.End of story.
    And David Niu played for the American Eagles at the 1999 RWC and is a dual International for America in both codes.
    Not only a man of words,but also a man of action too.

    • druzik says:

      Not sure what the 99RWC comment has any relevance?

      Chris, Kingsland7 comment was OK, I responded. No need to get rude. Nothing was referenced to you, so I am not sure why you had to bring up the John Slade comment.

      Please watch what you say Chris… make it relevant to the post.

  8. Chris Sanders says:

    And another note Rick Farr,what’s does USAR mean?Rugby Union in America and time that you respected that there’s now a free gangway between both Rugby Union and Rugby League.
    In other words one sport can’t discriminate against the other and time you understood what it actually means!
    People are free to play both games anywhere in the World for that matter and stop being bloody biased!

    • druzik says:

      Yes USAR is USA Rugby.

      Chris in an ideal world there would be a “free gangway” between the codes as you say. We see this in Australia and England to a certain degree.

      Unfortunately in my experience, this is not the case in smaller nations where both codes, since they are small, see any poaching or defection of players as a big hit to their stocks and try to protect them in any way, weather they be nice or not so nice tactics.

      It is true that sports can’t discriminate, but they sure can make life difficult. Union, in this instance has an upper hand with more money and a strong unified international governing body to back it up.

  9. International Observer says:

    Some interesting comments.
    A good result by the T’Hawks and more good publicity for RL in the States. Rick, you are spot on, Niuy is upsetting a few people and I know a lot if folk in the USA wanted to see 1 or 2 RL curtain raiser games, not RU matches. I’m all for introducing the game of RL to new players and promoting an awareness of RL to rah rah guys but it’s a careful balance that’s needed.
    Chris, your comments aimed at me are again misguided and incorrect. I’m all about seeing the game develop in the USA and for players to have ample opportunities, either with the USARL or AMNRL. There are great people involved in both organisations so let me make it clear that I am not a voice for the USARL and I am not anti-AMNRL. I have links and associations to both groups and have views and opinions I express.
    Great to hear from you Rick with your thoughts and educated comments.

  10. Chris Sanders says:

    If I was running any Rugby League organisation anywhere in the World I would play the USARL irrespective of what the RLIF and RLEF think.
    I recognise both bodies in America and didn’t the NZ Police Fencibles play Jacksonville Axeman Reserve Grade side in Jacksonville last Year??
    Unlike the incompetent RLIF and RLEF,I don’t take sides either.
    And in reguards to RLP,tell me what those Internet Warriors ever do for the Game?At least you and your mates have travelled to see our Game develop in emerging horizons unlike them and how much money have they put into the growth and development of the game?
    Sixpence half-penny??

    • druzik says:

      Chris, seriously??!!

      OK, I fully understand where the USARL are coming from … but I also realize why the RLEF and RLIF can’t sanction them as long as they sanction AMNRL. You can;t recognize two governing bodies. Its like the UN saying “we recognize the government running the country but we also recognize that the opposition is also a government that runs the country”. You can;t have two governments running the country. Its why you have elections and an opposition. Right now the USARL is the opposition…. until they can show/prove they are better than the AMNRL and be recognized then nations won’t deal with them… and I think they know this. Hence why they don;t have a “National Squad”.

      What individual clubs and teams do in terms of playing with them is up to them but a national team will only deal with a sanctioned national team. Chris, The RLEF/RLIF have to take sides. Its just they need to make sure they have the right side to take.

      Well RLP have their annual grant, they collect money from their members and then the money is donated to nations that they choose needs it most for that year.

      Not everyone can travel Chris, I and you and others probably are in privileged positions where that is able to happen, you can’t go and put down people that dont have that ability. People do what they can from where ever they can.

  11. Chris Sanders says:

    Yes,but the people on RLP are always putting other people down all the time and when others give them the same medicine back,they can’t take it,go crying off to the moderator to become judge,jury and executioner,the prime example being, Jack Ripperly,especially when he posted stuff about South African Rugby League there on the forums recently,they(RLP) deleted the whole lot,stating that he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about(as if they lived there)despite the fact that he has invested well over a 6 figured sum in the gradual growth and development of the game in the Western Province since 1991.In other words,they know more about it than him and I thought that this was a little bit rich.
    On another note,David Niu Facebooked me yesterday(the only administrator who does)saying how happy he was in the way the things panned out 2 or 3 days ago in reguards to the Doonybrook Cup,which again was a huge success and it was a real eye opener that 2 games of Rugby Union were played prior to the International,which proves that the 2 codes can live side by side in complete harmony with one another,unlike other parts of the World,where this free gangway is not respected or has not been respected at all,which is not on and what are the RLIF and RLEF doing about it???Sweet FA!!!.
    Well done AMNRL and Irish Rugby League and USAR as this is what sport should be all about.
    Freedom of choice without any sort of prejudice and trying to help each other out.

    • druzik says:

      Chris… USAR did not sanction any of those Rugby Union games as far as I know.

      But its up to the clubs really to do what they want.

      It was a great success and day, but Chris you need to be open to all possibilities.

      Chris, as moderators on there, they have the right to run it as they see fit. If you were going on there posting abusing posts, they will be deleted, hell I have even done that on here with you … how does it make a difference?

      The gangway is not there in Union that is for sure.

  12. Tony Munro says:

    Chris – be honest. You are just bad-mouthing RLP because you have been banned permanently from posting on their forum.

  13. Chris Sanders says:

    I was never,ever abusive to anyone on that site at all,as it was the other way around and the moderators allowed people to get away with blue murder on RLP and I was always in the “sin bin”every time I went on there,sticking up for myself in the sniper’s alley if you like,despite the fact that the sin bin is suppose to be for 10 minutes??
    I am still on that site in reguards to twitter and Rugby League Planet Feature articles where you click on to read and then add a comment or two and so I still there irrespective what people may think and I don’t follow the herd either,like the rest of them do,with the exception of Herman,Polynesian Warriors,Wrightyo and ParraEelsNRL.At least that lot are a bit different than the rest and take those people out of the equation there,RLP Forums is a complete and utter waste of time and remember you people invited me on there and I didn’t highjack the site as many think I was trying to do.And besides,I have been fan of the week on 3 occassions on Everthing Rugby League FB as that crowd give people a fair go and don’t rubbish people for having a different opinion to the status quo,which is another way of suck arsing to the inept administration that runs the game at the moment.
    And in reguards to the AMNRL,it was pleasing to see both RU and RL working together,because in that part of the World,people still do not know the difference between both games.
    There’s a picture to every story and well done David Niu and his people in America for putting on a good show.

    • druzik says:

      CHris if you were hijacking and haveing shots at evceryone else, the way you usually do then are you surprised. I agree with sentiments of people on here, you are once again hijacking things. This is your one warning.

      If you stirr up a diamondback nest expect to get bit.

      Do you talk with the USARL people as well Chris?

  14. International Observer says:

    This was on the AMNRL FB page and worth a mention I thought. Not a bad take on things by Niuy.
    March 17th 2012 was the day the DonnyBrook Cup returned to the United States as the Tomahawks-America’s National Rugby League team defeated the Irish Wolfhounds in an entertaining match. As one of the most important dates on the USA’s Rugby League calendar, many were surprised to see the event included a number of Rugby Union matches earlier in the day.

    For those in attendance on that unseasonably warm St Patrick’s Day in Philadelphia, PA,  the day will not only be remembered for the 38-20 score line. It will also be remembered for the unique memories it created, for those who were able to open their mind to the opportunities that sport can provide…..some of which are highlighted below.

    Earlier in the day, the Northeast Irish Rugby Football Club created their own piece of history when they competed in their inaugural sanctioned match against the Hibernians. The young Rugby Club played in one of the curtain raisers and although they won the match, the overall winner was the entire Rugby community. For the Irish’s Mike McManus, the day will long be remembered for the try he scored – the first ever for the newly sanctioned club.

    The chance to participate at an event such as the DonnyBrook Cup, can often be the catalyst for a heightened performance.  The opportunity to play in front of a larger crowd, at a bigger stadium than usual, provides participants with an experience that some may never enjoy again in their playing careers. For the Northeast Irish team, participating in the day’s festivities, gave them the motivation they needed to perform at their best. As a result, the matchup was embraced by their club and they grabbed the occasion with both hands!

    As noted after the match by Northern Irish representative Joe Grohovsky “Withina few weeks’ time, NEI had transformed itself from a motley collection of amateur athletes into a close-knit group of ruggers, determined to compete with the best teams in Philadelphia.”

    In the second matchup of the day Monsignor Bonner High School took on St. Augustine Prep high school and once again the feedback from the players was positive. According to St Augustine’s coach Andy Lewis “The St Augustine prep kids loved the day of Rugby at Widener.”  Despite being down on the scoreboard 27-5 at halftime, the Hermits rallied in the second half to post two more tries. Ryan Halfpenny, Taylor Hurff, and Senior Jack Bromellwere the scorers, and although they fell short of victory it didn’t seemed to matter….it was that type of day!

    But that’s not all!  During the halftime of the main event, the kids were invited to take the field and participate in a skills and drills challenge. To see the youngsters running with a Rugby ball in hand was a breath of fresh air, and painted the perfect picture for which the many spectators, players, and volunteers who gave up their own personal time, and money to attend the match were delighted to see.

    As rigorous sports lovers  we often get caught up in the moment and forget the importance of educating our youth on the value of diversity, being willing to have an open mind,  while creating opportunities for inclusiveness, cultural understanding and participation. Sport – like people is not perfect either.  It is at times contaminated by individuals who put their own personal interests ahead of others, ahead of the sport itself. A dangerous mistake to make!

    In many countries around the world, Rugby League and Rugby Union aren’t mentioned in the same breath together, as the two entities compete usually for the same players, television ratings, and market share. In America however, that rivalry is not present – and nor should it be. Why? Because for the majority of the American sporting community -“Rugby is Rugby” – they don’t know the difference!  So rather than making a decision for them, it’s important they’re provided with options for which they can form their own opinion.  The DonnyBrook Cup did just that!

    As Justin Zadnik of the Hibernians noted after the match “We had a couple guys who never played or even saw any kind of rugby match before and they had a blast.”

    The DonnyBrook Cup demonstrated the power sport can have. Through its organization, the event was able to promote inclusiveness, fun, education, and tradition.  Not a bad foundation for any sporting program!

    It featured two Rugby Union games in the lead up to the Rugby League international match between USA and Ireland. That in itself is no mean feat! 

    The event was attended by men, women, families of all ages and cultural backgrounds. There were wheelchair Rugby players, Rugby fans, Rugby League fans, and fans that had no idea there was even a difference in the variations of Rugby on offer throughout the day. And for the players who competed in the curtain raisers, or for the children who took the field at halftime, they couldn’t have cared less either!

  15. deluded pom? says:

    dru, Sanders is AGAIN derailing discussions to vent his own personal ire about the way he was kicked out of the RLP forums for the very same thing he’s doing here. If it’s not the RLP it’s the RLIF. If it’s not the RLIF it’s the NZRL. He justs harps on and on bitching about the same things over and over. I personally won’t sit by and watch while he criticises the RLP who donate money to developing nations while Sanders tries to buy a seat on the Russian RL board. If he is allowed to carry on posting his BS here then I for one am out of here for good.

  16. Chris Sanders says:

    No I am not as I have a right to defend myself and unlike you I am in regular contact with David Niu as he Facebooks me a lot about happenings in reguards to AMNRL.
    How much do RLP donate to the Growth and Development of International Rugby League Deluded Pom?
    And when are some of these countries going to get their money from the RLIF??
    Talk about blood money as I am keeping them to account and show me where I complained about things when John Quayle,Dave Oxley and George Rainey were in charge of the game when it was booming 20 years ago??
    Change the administrators with genuine salt of the earth Rugby League people and then no need to moan and groan as they are at fault and not me and unlike you I don’t rubbish David Niu either,as I would like to see you have a go running the game in North America.
    It’s not Hull FC or HUll KR and unlike you I give David Niu plenty of moral support and he appreciates my imput and time you went on FB and gave him the same moral support too instead of concentrating on your own personal digs.
    And prove it that I tried to buy my way on RRL and tell me one sponsor that gives money away if there’s nothing in it for them?
    We saw what happened with the NZRU in reguards to Owen Glenn??

    • deluded pom? says:

      You posted on dru’s blog that you were going to give the RRL $10,000 NZD and that you were a board member. When dru contacted the RRL they confirmed that you weren’t a board member and that’s when your dummy was spat out and you withdrew your offer. By the way I don’t do social networking. It’s not for me. I don’t actually believe you are in contace with Niu. I believe you try to network with him but he probably ignores you as he does the majority of people who contact him if he doesn’t know who they are. This is my final say on the matter. Dru obviously isn’t going to bring you to heel so I’ll bid my farewell and leave the blog replies to you Mr Sanders. Au revoir.

      • druzik says:

        DP, I am busy with my job, it means that I am not sitting 24/7 on my website and I can’t catch everything straight away.

        I would hate to lose you DP. You contribute a lot on here.

    • druzik says:

      They usually donate a couple grand to nations.

      They do not try to use that money to try and leverage positions on boards.

      Chris over the last month your true nature has come out with your comments. Be aware of that. People see that you want to be on a Rugby league board.

  17. International Observer says:

    DP it would be a shame to lose a constructive contributor in lieu of a destructive one.

  18. druzik says:

    OK I am putting a line here….

    I do not want my website becoming a personal grudge matches and slinging match between people or against people.

    You can debate the process, but I will not allow people to starte making things all about only them and venting their own grudges against someone who wronged them in the past.

    That is not what this place is about.

    Chris I am not letting your 56th iteration of your email address through the filter, the things you have written do not offer anything… and don’t whinge about defending yourself, you were the first one to incite some of the posters, you brought it on yourself. I have siad time and time again, you want to vent this kind of Diatribe Chris, go set your own website up and do all you want, that is your right, not to come on here and hijack, incite and then play the poor man just to get your taste of attention you crave. Go set up your own website for all this hate!

    Its clear that a stop has to be put to all this now…. Its starting to really PISS ME OFF!!!! I don’t want to wake up every morning to have to monitor this crap for half the day, and that eats into my work productivity.

    I want to have this website and its comments democratic and fair, but that means everyone who come on here has to play by the rules and be fair. This means that:
    1. You stay on topic
    2. Respect the other posters on here.
    3. No personal attacks on others that post here
    4. No attacks or threats on people that aren’t on this forum to defend themselves.

    Attack the process, not the individual.

    I have stated these rules in the past and these should be common sense rules as well. I have not built up the reputation of this site over the years to have it all ruined by people and I don’t want to be dragged through the muck either getting into pointless debates. My time IS precious and there is little of it to waste on putting out fires everywhere.

    This is the way its going to be.

  19. Sharkies9 says:

    Thanks druzik! Well said!

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