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South African Rugby League has signalled a new era with the adoption of a new constitution and the unveiling of the new ‘National Board of SARL’. The historic meeting in Pretoria followed November’s AGM during which a series of amendments were agreed.

New president Kobus Botha was understandably positive with the outcome. “It has been a long task for rugby league in South Africa to achieve this important milestone. As a sporting body we realised that we had to make some sweeping changes to the old constitution to bring SARL in line with requirements and recommendations from both the RLIF and the Department of Sport and Recreation in South Africa.”

Steps have also been taken to assimilate the Western Cape Rugby League Association, which had been a disconnected entity under the former SARL board, and its chairman Peter McIvers sits on a seven-man board which is completed by vice-president Jan Prinsloo.

“The new constitution and structure gives birth to a new way of thinking,” continued Botha, “and also to a renewed hope for the sport in South Africa. We are thankful for the wonderful support from the RLIF, the RLEF and the clubs in achieving this landmark.”

Northern Bulls chair George Simitoupolos was made Chief Executive Officer of SARL (Pty) Ltd, the commercial arm of the sport, with four directors in charge of the specific portfolios namely coaching, student rugby league, development and competitions.

The new board for South African Rugby League is as follows:

President: Kobus Botha

Vice-President:  Jan Prinsloo

Board members: Peter McIvers (Western Cape), George Simitoupolos (Northern Bulls), Johan Labuschagne (Vaal Buffaloes), Nico Pretorius (Eastern Eagles), Tjaart van der Walt (Mphumalanga)

The following directors were appointed to SARL (Pty) Ltd:

Chief Executive Officer: George Simitoupolos, Director of Coaching: Fanie Bredenhann, Director of Students: Jeno Biljon, Director of Development:Andre Booyse, Director of Competitions: Gerry Gendall

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  1. International League says:

    Great one nation progresses with it’s board and democracy.
    Next USA and Italy? insert RLIF and RLEF here.

  2. Chris Sanders says:

    So where does Jack Ripperly fit in in reguards to South African Rugby League?

  3. RL player says:

    Jack Ripperly is not involved in Rugby League South Africa , this has been made clear to on numerous occasions !

    • Chris Sanders says:

      That’s because they don’t want him,as he rocks the boat a bit RL player and the Africkaners on the High Veldt,don’t know how to handle him as he knows too much for them and time you lot updated ya Facebook site too.
      It’s a bloody disgrace and it ain’t good enough.

  4. League 74 says:

    Unfortunately there are numerous people in South Africa that had to “fight” on their own due to issues with the previous administration. The new board has extended a hand to all parties and invited them to come on board, but to date some have responded and some have not.

  5. Matthew Brodsky says:

    Going forward i hope. As a former test player (1995/96) still observing from home here in Australia after all these years i would be pleasing that the future is bright for this great code to grow to its potential.

    Like to make contact with anyone regarding a possible gala dinner for past and present Rhino reps??

    Warm Regards
    Matt Brodsky

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