From Davide Bolzoni

It is now more than a week that Fabio Nannini, called “Nanno” and Matthew Sands, are in Sydney to improve their technical, athletic, and tacticical knowledge of the Rugby League.

Both Sands and Nannini are players from FIRL’s Italian Rugby League Championship, opponents on the field, but friends off it, they have represented their country together, and were members of the team that had a surprising and historic victory over wales on the of 6th October 2010.

FIRL, in collaboration with its Australian Committee, last year sent its members, a notice regarding the possibility of spending a year in Australia, in order to improve their rugby league skills and have a new life experience.

The two Italians are currently living near Liverpool (Australia), and have already started to train with the All Saints Liverpool team, which is part of the West Tigers district.
Both Nannini and Sands, would like to thank everyone who has made this experience possible, especially FIRL and the Australian FIRL Committee, for the possibility to grow as Rugby League players and people.

Both expect to spend this time in Australian in the best possible way, by improving their knowledge within the sport and growing as players / athletes, and in the end being able to transmit and make available the lessons learned in Australia, with their Italian National Rugby League and club-mates.

Anyone interested in pursuing a similar initiative please contact us at this e-mail address
In addition to Nannini and Sands, other Italian Rugby League players are learning the game abroad, XIII del Ducato (Piacenza) player Drake Muyodi, is currently playing with the French team of Bias.

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Also this week, Matt Parata has signed with Keighley Cougars and Rhys Lenarduzzi will join Christophe Calegari in playing for the rest of the championship in the colours of Lezignan(France).

Soon our site will have a section dedicated to Italians abroad and a blog dedicated to our players in Australia!


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