The Rugby League White Paper

By Daniel Andruczyk

Rugby League lacks a coherent structure around the world and this is what is holding it back as a legitimately recognised sport internationally. There are four areas that need to be addressed and in this White Paper they are looked at and coherent sensible solutions proposed that over time can be built upon. First the governing body, The Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) needs to be streamlined, professionalised and independent of national administrative leaders and needs to have regional governing bodies come into the fold where nations have a greater say. Second a uniform set of laws for the game need to be brought in, not have the three or four that we have now. Third is that the eligibility rules need to be defined and enforced strictly. Fourth but probably the most important, is that there needs to be a coherent set of international tournaments that involved all nations to play the tournaments and promote and grow the game. As it is right now there is a gulf between the top three nations and then everyone else. Ensuring these four key areas in rugby league will not only ensure the sport internationally but also help the sport to combat domestic threats from other sports.

To read the full article on How to Grow Rugby League Internationally click here.

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