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After the recent renewal of the collaboration between Paul Broadbent and the Italian Rugby League.


The former British Lion, has already started work on the first Rugby league camp of the year organised by FIRL, held on 11th Saturday, February, 2012, at the sports San Zeno sports center of Cremona.

The stage began with a press conference in the meeting room of the San Zeno sports center, attended by the sports minister, Dr. Marcello Ventura, representing the unavailable Mayor Oreste Perri and Claudio Tedesco the President of San Zeno sports center , Mr Leonardi Piriti member of the Junion Rugby Cremona School, the leaders of the Federation Italian Rugby League (FIRL) and coaches of the Italian National Rugby League team and the new president Daniele Veronese.

During the conference the president of FIRL explained what rugby league is and what differences there are between the 13 man and 15 man codes, he also spoke about the recent success of F.I.R.L in the qualifying for the 2013 World Cup and the European championship. The Cremona city council then invited FIRL to hold an International event next year in Cremona, as they are the 2013 European city of sport.

FIRL accepted the invitation made by Mr. Ventura and FIRL’s president said it would be an honour to bring one or more matches of the Italian Rugby League National Team to Cremona for next season.
At the conclusion of the press conference, Paul Broadbent, was able to start working with players, some players selected were not able to attend because of the rugged weather conditions present in Italy during the last few weeks.

The group of players, under the command of Paul Broadbent worked on various technical aspects and coach Broadbent said “I am very proud of the work done today, there were many new faces and above all many young players with who we will be able to work with and base the national side of the future”.

Paul went on to say that: “ the work done over the weekend was very positive, the great orginisation by the San Zeno sports centre, the support of the Cremona city council, work by the players involved and also the meeting of the leaders of FIRL is very encouraging for the development of Rugby League in Italy.

FIRL, despite the great work carried out at San Zeno, regrets the failure to hold the Saturday afternoon camp scheduled at Cremona Rugby and the camp to be held at the rugby club Bassa Bresciana Sunday the 12th February due to the snow and icy conditions.

FIRL is keen to thanks the city of Cremona, the San Zeno Sport Center, the Junior Rugby Cremona School, and everyone who helped to achieve this stage.

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