The Czech Rugby League domestic competition to expand in 2012

From the Czech Rugby League

The senior Czech Rugby League teams will be divided into 2 divisions in 2012. This decision was made at the CZRLA’s 2012 AGM, where formal proposals were accepted from 4 new clubs – Hradec Kralove, Mikulov, Usti Nad Labem and Havlíčkův Brod – for Associate Membership of the sport’s Czech governing body, while the Prague Vikings, who have competed in all 3 years of the Czech Rugby League Championship and also satisfied minimum requirements for the position, were granted Full Membership Club status. With 10 senior clubs now operating in the Czech Republic, but with a vast gulf in experience between those teams who have progressively played in the Czech Championship since it was inaugurated in 2009 and those 5 debuting in full 13aside competition in 2012, it was felt that 2 divisions was a positive move for Czech rugby league domestic development.

The 2012 CZRLA season will kick-off in March with a domestic 9s tournament involving all clubs, followed by the 2nd annual CZRLA International 9s Tournament to be held over the Easter long weekend in Pardubice, before the 2 division Czech Championship is launched in April. The 1st division will be made up of the same 4 clubs – Pardubice Jets, Lokomotiva Beroun, Vrchlabi Mad Squirrels and Prague Vikings – who competed in the 2011 Czech Championship, while the 2nd division will consist of 5 clubs playing their debut seasons – Chrudim (who played 1 match, a post-season friendly against Vrchlabi, in 2011), Hradec Kralove, Mikulov, Usti Nad Labem and Havlíčkův Brod.

2012 will also see the Czech Republic look to defend the Euro Bowli t won in 2011 with a decisive win against Hungary, while an under 18s Czech national team will compete in a European tournament in Serbia and will also take on the might of the touring BARLA under I8s team in 2 matches at home in June.

The CZRLA is open to hosting touring sides from abroad and is also keen to round out the CZRLA International 9s Tournament over the Easter long weekend with 1 more participant, be it a club or representative team. Anyone interested in cooperating in either should contact the Czech Rugby League Development Manager on the following email:


Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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18 Responses to “The Czech Rugby League domestic competition to expand in 2012”

  1. Chris Sanders says:

    So why aren’t the Czech Republic in the European Shield competition??

    • druzik says:

      Because they are not good enough, and they know that. They chose not to be in the Shield. They want to play the bowl, help other nations develop at the same time continue to develop their own domestic competition and set up.

      I know you are looking for a conspiracy here Chris, but its not. The Czech coach and many of the players and development officers are very, very good friends of mine and I speak to them often and they tell me what the situation is. They just are not ready for that level.

  2. Chris Sanders says:

    Where did I mention the word conspiracy Daniel and I never,ever thought of that at all.
    I think it would be far more practical for Germany,the Czech Republic,Denmark,Malta and Norway to be in the European Shield West and the Slavic Countries making up the Eastern Section and what about the 2 Baltic States of Estonia and Latvia?And Italy should not be in this competition at all unless they are forced to pick from within and not to rely on ringins from abroad.Time they gave the locals a fair go and besides they have already Qualified for the 2013 RLWC.Time they developed within like the Czechs who are doing a great job.
    Do Latvia and Estonia still count within the RLEF and is it true that John Slade is still a member of that Board and if so we need more people like him there?
    And the Czech Republic deserve to be in European competition as they have put the proper structures in place and deserve some kind of reward from the RLEF!
    They have been largely ignored!

    • druzik says:


      You have been continually going on about conspiracies, now you are back tracking… Every post you make you are alluding to conspiracies and corruption to bring down the sport in any sectors.

      Your comments here show how little you know of the sport in Europe. The European Cup, Shield and Bowl have been set up as a tier system based on the abilities of the nations. These should never be regional it provides nothing. Nations do not improve that way…. go back to a year and half ago to my system for international RL and see how I did it. Germany, Russia, Serbia and Italy have shown that over the last few years they are the best teams to achieve what they are doing.

      Denmark barely has has domestic teams playing, Czechs, have a great competition and structure but they are still developing and sorting things out after the overhaul last year, Latvia and Estonia aside from a couple internationals and some 9s games have no other rugby league played there, This is what John Slade has told me, they are in no way capable to match it with the other teams at the moment in terms of resources and travel. Its about being smart with your resources and your teams. Now I am sure they are all working towards their strategic goals and will hopefully we in the bowl and other tournaments as they improve. Some of the teams don’t want the tournament structure yet and just want one off games as that is less of a financial burden on them currently… they know best what they need Chris. Read what gets written and listen to people.

      The Italians, with both comps are developing within, they most probably will choose domestic players this year… they have already qualifies for the world cup.

      As for the Czechs, go and take it up with them for why THEY do not want to be in the higher division. It was their request, understand that Chris. They have not been ignored… i think you are being ignorant of the situation in Europe. The fact that all the development officers in nations are PAID BY THE RLEF shows that they are not ignoring anyone. Even the russian development officers were PAID by the RLEF… the RRL have siad this themselves.

      So please stop trying to find reasons for a conspiracy that the governing bodies have against the sport.

      Sire the RLIF and RLEF are not perfect and more can be done, but they are a hell of a way further in helping the sport than 20 years ago… even 10 years ago!

  3. Chris Sanders says:

    How much are the RRL Development Officers being paid by the RLEF?Is it true they are being paid $500(US)per month?
    I am fully aware of the situation in Europe?Even John Slade had a game for Estonia when they played Latvia last year and got red carded!

  4. Interested Observer says:

    Andy Mulhall is doing a terrific job trying to develop the game in the Czech Republic. I wish him the very best.

  5. Chris Sanders says:

    If there’s a will there’s away and John makes up the numbers if they are running short as there’s a lot of Rugby Union players having a go!
    I am well aware of the situation in Siberia,Russia,Tatarstan and the Ukraine having been there many times trying to spread the gospel of League under my own steam!
    The trouble was that our administrators weren’t on the same page as us salt of the earth Rugby League folk and that’s why we couldn’t make hay while the sun was out.There was no follow up work and when they did venture(administrators)they fouled up completely!
    I saw how the game was screwed up in Yugoslavia,Italy,South Africa Madagascar,Canada and Vietnam in the 50’s and 60’s as a young boy!
    Rugby League!A game of many missed opportunities!!

    • druzik says:

      I have been to two of the Estonia Matches, they played against Latvia, and they had to bring in a few of the Latvian players to make up the numbers for the Estonian team.

      I am all for them having a go, if John feels he can still play, great good on him. I am all for the nations having a go and playing. Never said anything against it.

      Tatarstan is part of Russia.

      Still not seeing your later points to do with this thread… once again an attempted detour. Chris stay on topic please.

  6. Chris Sanders says:

    So why aren’t the Czech Republic in the Bowl Competition?Is this a forgotten competition?Or is it just cost cutting again by the RLEF??

  7. Chris Sanders says:

    No I am not on Singapore Rugby League at all!They asked me to help out!
    I don’t write negatives at all!I try and turn negatives into positives!
    John Slade is coming out to NZ via Singapore and he will speak to people from Singapore Rugby League and who’s paying for all this Daniel?
    The RFL,RLIF,RLEF or Spot the Dog or Spot’s old man,Pluto the Dog??

    • druzik says:

      Why do you think its their job to pay for that? I think you have a wrong view on what the governing bodies need to do.

      Funding of national bodies needs to come from within, they need to find sponsorship and ways of funding themselves. Its not the RLIF job to do that.

      If someone from a nations governing body wants to fly out to somewhere, its not the RLIF or RLEFs job to do that. Its the governing nations federations job to do that.

      Also just realise this Chris, comments like “Spot the Dog or Spot’s old man,Pluto the Dog??” are highly unprofessional and add absolutely nothing to any comments you make. A piece of advice don’t use this when dealing with people, they will only laugh at you… and you will get frustrated. You have to act much more professionally if you want to work in anything.

  8. Chris Sanders says:

    Ok!Fair enough!!

  9. Interested Observer says:

    Chris, I must say that your credibility is very questionable. You have made a number of comments in many threads that are way off the mark.

    Saying things like there are no decent administrators in the game is a joke and just plain wrong. Your comments and opinions as to why coaches from Australia or NZ go to the UK to coach are also offensive. The are many good ex-pat coaches that do what they do for all sorts of reasons. You seem to want to be-little these people and their efforts and pass judgement on everyone in the game.

    RL is doing OK Chris, it is not on a road to nowhere, so ease up a bit with all the constant doom and gloom talk about the game and the people involved in it. Some of the best, most genuine people I have ever known, I have met thru this great game all over the world.

    If in fact you are genuine about your support of the game, that’s great but you need to balance that with some optimism. I’d also hazard a guess as to say that the game will survive and move forward without your input or support but you seem to tink you have all of the answers. If that is the case Chris, why aren’t you running the whole sha-bang?

  10. Gerard says:

    “The European Cup, Shield and Bowl have been set up as a tier system based on the abilities of the nations. These should never be regional it provides nothing. Nations do not improve that way.” Absolutely correct and even then the teams may not be of equal standard.

    The Czech RL has identified its priorities and made great progress domestically – 5 more teams in 2012 in a second tier league. Clearly the Czech coaches, administrators or officials are doing a great job, whether paid or volunteers. It’s not just about finding a bunch of guys and putting them on a bus or plane to travel 000’s of miles to play a so called ‘international’.

    The Czechs work in close liaison with the RLEF and are keen to play in the higher standard international competitions when they are ready, which also means when they have adequate funding in place. If possible, like last year, they look forward to playing the European Bowl against another emerging nation, perhaps Slovakia, perhaps Poland or maybe Hungary as 2011.

    But at the moment the growth of rugby league players in an improving domestic competition is the priority. Good luck to ’em!

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