South Africa Rugby League Finals Results.

From Fanie Bredenhann

University of Pretoria (UP-Tuks) Rugby League again made history this past-weekend to gain ownership on both the 1st– & 2nd Division Cups – The prestige Rhino- & Protea Cup.  The South African Rugby League-season for 2011-2012 came to a closure with some of the most enduring RL-games games.  Tuks Groenkloof Campus, known to everybody as the campus for teachers, looked as a well-manicured putting green for some golf-estate.  The weather was very hot and humid.  Fortunately no rain interfered the outcome of the day.

The day kicked off with scores as follows:

Division 2: Protea Cup -Play-off:

  • Middelburg Tigers 2 (Mphumalanga Panthers) win 44 -30 against the Fish Eagles (Eastern Eagles).


  • Middelburg Tigers: Donavan Featherstone
  • Fish Eagles: Hennie le Roux

Division 1- Rhino Plate Final

  • The Vaal Mambas (Vaal Buffaloes) win 44 – 22 against the Ermelo Thomahawks (Mphumalanga Panthers)


  • Vaal Mambas: Andries Kwezi
  • Ermelo Thomahawks: Boeta Cronje

Division 2 – Protea Plate Final:

  • The Witbank Hurricanes (Mphumalanga Panthers) win 22 – 20 against the Silverbacks [N-Bulls]


  • Witbank Hurricanes: J Scheepers
  • Silverbacks: A Van Tonder

Protea Cup Final (Divison 2):

The second last game of the day was written like a boxing match screen-play.  The UP-Tuks RL-2-squad (Northern Bulls) was nearly out for the count when trailing 10 – 30 at half-time. With the Kungwini Scorpions (Northern Bulls) in relax-mode the young-guns of UP-Tuks RL-2 started their comeback like a long-distant runner.  Winning the game 34 – 30 with their superior fitness.

Try-Scorers – UP-Tuks RL-2:

  • x3- Carl Labuschagne
  • Christo Greyling, Rhyno Adendorff & Manny Manabe

Man-o-Match – UP-Tuks RL-2:

  • Shaun Bouwer

Try-Scorers – Kungwini Scorpions:

  • Stefan Erasmus, Stian Johnson, Jamie Du Plessis, Collins Masilo, Leon Oosthuizen

Man-o-Match – Kungwini Scorpions:

  • Stian Johnson

Rhino Cup Final (Divison 1):

The main attraction of the day was as predicted –equal in action.  Both teams provided entertaining  rugby league. UP-Tuks RL opened the scoring with “Captain Courages”- Deon Kraëmer, scoring in the 3rd – minute with a long pass-receipt on the left-hand-side from stand-off Pieter V/d Nest catching the Bears depleted on defense.  Score: UP-Tuks RL 4 – 0 Bears.  In the 9th – minute the Bears lost the ball for UP-Tuks’ stand-off, Pieter V/d Nest to pick-up and score a convert try by himself.  Score: UP-Tuks RL 10 – 0 Bears. In the 17th – minute the Bears hit back to score a converted try.  Score: UP-Tuks RL 10 – 6 Bears. On the 22th – minute the Bears & Rhino captain, André Loader slide smoothly through the UP-Tuks defense to score the equalizer.  Score: UP-Tuks RL 10 – 10 Bears. In the 27th – minute UP-Tuks scrum-half- Hans du Plessis proofed why he is one of the future stars for the Rhinos by scooting the PtB, outwitting three defenders with a sequence of side-steps to score a converted try.  Score: UP-Tuks RL 16 – 10 Bears. In the 32th – minute UP-Tuks prop forward Manie Loots used his physical strength over 20m to beat the defense – off-loading to Siviwe (Banana) Mpondo who rolled a tackle perfectly to score the next converted try.  Score: UP-Tuks RL 22 – 10 Bears. The Bears had the last say of the first-half by scoring on the half-time whistle. Score: UP-Tuks RL 22 – 14 Bears.

With the start of the second-half the Bears caught the UP-Tuks off-guarded to score & convert in the 42nd – minute.  Score: UP-Tuks RL 22 – 20 Bears. This half belonged to one of the UP-Tuks “senior” players, Jonathan Soares who appeared, at the right time, to score three of the best converted tries of the season for UP-Tuks RL in this specific game.  His angles in receipt on the angle, made all tries looking so easy to round-off what was entertaining passages for the home-squad. 61th  – minute.  Score: UP-Tuks RL 28 – 20 Bears 71th  – minute.  Score: UP-Tuks RL 34 – 20 Bears. 73th  – minute.  Score: UP-Tuks RL 40 – 20 Bears. The Bears had the last converted try to take the score into the final minutes of the game.  Score: UP-Tuks RL 40 – 26 Bears

Play had to be delayed in the second-half for medical assistance to UP-Tuks’ rookie, Marchelle Olivier who was out for cold (shoulder charges) and had to be evacuated to hospital for concussion.  Fortunately he tested ok and was released after thorough check-up by the doctor-on duty.

Man-o-Match – UP-Tuks 1:

  • Jonathan Soares

Man-o-Match – Bears:

  • André Loader

Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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  1. League 74 says:

    WOW – awesome dialogue here (which is good). However, I feel it prudent to make a few corrections to some comments from all parties (although only relating to the game in SA, not on Masters vs Rugby Football League etc):

    there was an awesome inaugural 7’s tournament in Cape Town, and it was well attended, and well participated in. The next one will move towards a 9’s format as that is the accepted format for league internationally in “short sides”. the feeling was to “ease” the community into a 9’s based event as they only know union, 7’s and league, and not the various intricacies of league. Kobus did attend in his capacity as President: SARL and he was extremely impressed with the scope of the game in the Western Cape.

    Due to misadministration from the previous executive, the Western Cape was very much ignored for years. However, with the new executive and structures in place (and the Western Cape with representation on the board), inroads are being made to rectify these issues. Last weekend a series of meetings was had with the President and WPRLA Executives and there is now a pathway to integrating the Western Cape Structures into the national structures.

    On a word of caution to all parties regarding matches and grudge matches – before making a strong statement such as : by a 100 points, rather say it will be a great match up. SARL is working on getting a match going between the current Club Champions (Tuks) and a Western Cape Team. They do have budgetary constraints though so please be patient. We all want an EXHIBITION match, not a grudge match.

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