Scholarship players lead GC Foster and Mico University to victory in Inter-col Rugby League Championship

From Romeo Monteith

GC Foster College 24 def. UWI 20

(Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012)
Mona Bowl, 4pm

On Wednesday, reigning Inter-col champions, University of the West Indies (UWI) were upstaged by GC Foster College in a closely fought contest at the Mona Bowl.

UWI took the lead when prop forward Chad Dillion crashed over for a try after only 5 minutes.

Kemoy Whyte slotted over the conversion for an extra two points to secure a 6 point lead. GC didn’t have to wait long to reply as their own prop forward Othniel Holness replied with a powerful drive and crashed over for 4 points, Ryan Grant then kicked the conversion to tie the game. Both teams were to score a try apiece before the half ended, the scorers being Ajani Duncan of UWI and Ryan Grant for GC Foster. Whyte converted to give UWI a slight 12-10 advantage at the game.

In the final 40 minutes the contest was as evenly matched as the first. However GC Foster took the lead though when Marlando Anderson (55 min) and Grant (60min), scored two quick to put GC ahead 18-12. With less than 15 minutes on the clock, UWI struck back through inspirational centre Andrew Phillips, who was also fouled while scoring the try. The referee in charge Robert Rodney awarded the try plus a penalty for the rough play that saw Phillips dangerously shoved as he scored. Whyte slotted over both the conversion and penalty kick for a rare 8 point play in rugby league to push UWI ahead 20-18. With time running out, GC Foster earned a penalty just above have line, Grant, who is on a full scholarship at GC Foster, took the tap ball and sliced through some weak tackling by UWI’s forward to dart down just under the post. He slotted over the conversion and sealed the upset 24-20 for his team.

Mico 48 def. University of Technology 18

Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012
Utech, 4pm


Mico University College showed they are the dark horses in inter-col rugby league when they recorded a comprehensive 48-18 victory over UTech on Thursday.

Mico were lead by scholarship players Romaen Campbell and Oshane Eddie who both scored a double. The two, with Campbell at scrum half and Eddie at stand half, were too much for UTech’s defense to contain. They were active in every set and systematically broke down the stubborn resistance of their opposition. Eddie also kicked 6 conversions to record an impressive 20 point tally for himself.

They were well supported by prop forward Kennardo Morgan who also bullied his way to two tries. Other Miconians to score were Demar Taylor, Derone Davis and the powerfully built centre Astil Johnson, each scoring a try a piece.

Utech fought valiantly throughout but were unable to adequately contain the trainee teachers. Their responses came from Captain Marvin Thompson, Stephen Senior and Nathan Campbell. Thompson slotted over 3 conversions. UTech who won the Intercol 9’s circuit last year have so far struggled in their two games, they suffered an 8-40 loss to GC Foster last week and will need to improve their defensive systems if they are challenge for a top two spot and get into the finals.

The competition continues Wednesday Feb. 15 when UTech hosts Portmore Community College and the on Thursday when GC Foster hosts Mico.

Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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7 Responses to “Scholarship players lead GC Foster and Mico University to victory in Inter-col Rugby League Championship”

  1. Chris Sanders says:

    Is Romeno Monteith Dane Campbell’s right hand man in Jamaica??He’s doing a great job in the Carribean!

    • druzik says:

      Neither. Dane Originally helped set up JRLA, but then gave it over to Romeo and Roy and others to run. They are their own people. Dave has gone on there to set up the Hurricanes and Academy which come under JRLA.

  2. Chris Sanders says:

    Ok.Of course!Well Dane laid the foundations there and obviously put the right people in place and he is now involved with Vanatu!The fact that the game could spread in the Carribean and beyond into Mexico,Columbia,Panama and Cuba is something to look forward to as I think it’s the power of Internet and FB spreading the game 10 fold because it ain’t our officals on the RLIF that’s for sure!
    Where’s the 10 year plan for the RLIF as I have already seen the IRB’s one for the next 10 years!

  3. Chris Sanders says:

    Well,well,well yet when Chalmers was on the RLIF,he gave them a 10 year plan in 2007 which was good and as far as I’m concerned France should host the 2017 RLWC.
    I am fully aware Chalmers stood you up Daniel,somewhere along the line,as he never,ever got back to you,but remember he got outsed in a political coup orchestrated by the Auckland Rugby League in late 2007!They couldn’t control him but he was a brillant man and visionary just like you Daniel!
    We are trying to find him now,as you were the first to say anywhere in the Rugby League World,that the RLIF should have independents on it,instead of being a retirement home for politicial hacks, who have nothing to offer the game,but only there for the free pomp and ceremony!!

    • druzik says:

      Not sure I would say Chalmers stood me up, he was ousted very soon after I met him and so probably no reason for him to contact me … so I have no issues with Chalmers.

      Why France, back up what you say with evidence of some kind?

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    France,Queensland and Wales are the only places where the game is growing!It’s also France’s turn to stage a World Cup as NZ cannot hold it alone without imput from Australia!
    We haven’t got the administrators,volunteers on the ground,expertise,resources and Government support!
    It won’t make money here in NZ especially in October/November as it’s out of season and France is the best bet in 2017.
    Strike while the iron is hot as Rugby League is on such a crest of a wave there at the moment and I hope the RLIF won’t foul it up too!
    Over the years we have seen many missed opportunities!!

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