Leeds World Champions and International News

By Daniel Andruczyk

Leeds do it Tough Against Manly

Friday saw the Leeds Rhinos take on the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles in the latest chapter of the World Club Challenge. This was once again touted by many Aussie fans as an easy walk for the Australian Club that it will show how much the English are behind, certainly this was the trend in the last three years, but Leeds certainly showed that the top Super league clubs are at least the equal of the Aussies.

In what was one of the classic games of Rugby League, Leeds in front of 21,500 fans at Headingly blitzed the Aussie team to win the WCC and maintain England’s numerical dominance of the tournament 12-8 over Aussie teams. With the 26-12 win Leeds equalled Wigan, Brisbane and and St Helens in terms of appearances (5 times) and also equalled Bradford and Wigan in terms of winning the tournament (3 times).

Manly started very shakily with a knock-on from the kick-off and Leeds were quick to press the attack. The pressure the Rhinos put on eventually game way and they were able to score on the 18th minute. Manly however were quick to apply the pressure back on Leeds and it certainly looked like they were going to score out wide when a intercept and juggle saw Ryan Hall run almost 100 m to score an outstanding try. Manly were able to hit back with pressure when they forced a line drop out with a Stewart try but when Leeds were back down the field a brilliant cross field kick saw Hall bag a double once again. Leeds took a 16 – 6 half time lead.

After the break it was Manly who drew first blood with a Cherry-Evans try and with scores 16 – 12 to Leeds it seemed that Manly were on their way back. In fact it was a different looking Manly in the second stanza as they applied pressure after pressure on the Leeds try line and silly penalties from the Rhinos threatened to destroy their hard work in the first half. It looked like the walls were finally breached but Leeds were given a reprieve with a Leeds defender pushed out of the way. The resulting kick saw nearly 50 meters gained against the wind, with this pressure off Leeds were able to build again.

Attacking the line time and time again, playing what I like to call old school English Rugby League, Leeds were chancing their arm. Yes they were making mistakes at the last tackle but they were having a go and at some point it would have to pay dividend. It finally did 8 minutes from the end when Sinfield, Ablett and Ben Jones-Bishop worked together to pile on two tries and the misery for Manly running out eventaual winners 26-12. So once again English clubs have the bragging rights over the Australian ones.

But in a curious turn it seems that the RFL boss, Nigel Wood, would like to expand the World Club Challenge to include at least the top 3 teams from each competition.

Donnybrook Cup

The Irish and USA clash that features on St Patrick’s day is getting closer and the Irish Wolfhounds have released their squad. In reality this is the Ireland A squad as it only features locally grown players, which is a good things, but does not feature any of the Super League or NRL stars.

Adam Hughes (Dublin City Exiles), Alan Trenier (Dublin City Exiles), Andrew Winder (Belfast Bulldogs), Andy McGrory (Coventry Bears), Ashley Huck (Siddal), Brendan Guilfoyle (Treaty City Titans), Graeme Taylor (Ballynahinch Rabbitohs), Joe Smith (Northampton Demons), Joseph Mulhern (Leeds Met Carnegie), Laurence Poynton (Edenderry Boghogs), Mark O’Neill (Treaty City Titans), Matty Hadden (Strangford Sharks), Paddy Barcoe (Carlow RL), Paddy Boyle (Oxford University RL), Paddy James (Ballynahinch Rabbitohs), Sean Carmody (Treaty City Titans), Thomas Ratahi (Carlow RL).

Serbian Rugby League Holds Awards Ceremony

By Jovan Vujesovic

The Serbian Rugby League Federation held its annual awards at prominent Belgrade establishment Restaurant Dvoriste where newly appointed President Predrag Pantic outlined his hopes and objectives for the future.

“The most important aim is to strengthen the existing and establish new centres and to better connect with local governments,” said Pantic, who succeeds Nebojsa Sretenovic.. “Things are moving in right direction.“

Among the guests at the packed event were legendary Serbian athlete Dane Korica, representing the Serbian Spot Association; British military attaché Colonel William English, as well as representatives from the Serbian Military Academy and Milan Milosevic, professor at FORKUP university, one of the biggest sponsors of the Serbian Rugby League Federation in 2011.

“We want to support this great project which was serves our enthusiastic cadets,” noted Colonel Dragan Djini from the Serbian Army Military Academy. “Rugby league is important for the Serbian Army because the sport contains everything that makes a good soldier – determination, courage, perseverance, discipline, team spirit and mutual support. Our desire is to play the game at an international level and we already have contacts with the RAF and the Russians.”

Dalibor Vukanovic of champions Dorcol won the Serbian player of the year award; the best national team player went to veteran hooker Zoran Pesic (RLC Red Star); young player of the year was presented to Pero Madzarevic (RLC Radnicki); rookie of the year went to Mihailo Boskovic (RLC Stari Grad); Mirko Bozovic (RLC Stari Grad) was voted the most improved player and coach of the year went to Marko Jankovic (RLC Dorcol).

Radoslav Novakovic was named best match official, Zivorada Vuksanovic was accorded volunteer of the year; a special award for contribution to development went to Dejan Skaric and Leskovac RLFC won the fair play award.


From Anthony Micallef

Today, 17th of February 2012 George Borg LTD signed an agreement for the main sponsorship of the Malta Rugby League (MRL).

The partnership with George Borg LTD’s Unilever-owned Dove Men+Care will see the brand feature prominently throughout the Maltese rugby scene as it transcends in providing a show of financial support for rugby league on the Maltese Islands.

Dove Men+Care Brand Manager Antonella Mizzi said; “As a brand which combines powerful technology and care, Dove Men+Care makes a natural partner for rugby and the MRL sponsorship serves as a commencing to affirming our commitment to the development of the sport.”

Dove Men+Care branding will appear across the Malta national team kit and Malta vice-captain Clifford Debattista welcomed the announcement to an audience at the Balzan Football Club.

The Gozitan rugby league player that was named 2011 MRL Player of the Year said; “I’m delighted at today’s announcement for the Malta Rugby League to boast relations with a renowned Unilever brand such as Dove Men+Care. We’ve achieved a lot of firsts on the islands on the field and being recognised off the field is a credit to all the industrious work going on behind the scenes”

Dove Men+Care delivers superior care for total skin comfort across both the shower and deodorant categories. It extends the Dove brand promise across the male shower and deodorant categories, consistently showing the difference comfortable skin can make: functionally and emotionally.

Dove Men+Care will adorn the off-field wear and the Malta Knights’ national team shirt. Malta will take on Denmark in June at home before the away leg in September.


Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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12 Responses to “Leeds World Champions and International News”

  1. Chris Sanders says:

    It would be good for Serbia and Russia to have an Army International game in the not-too-distant future and it was good to see Malta obtain a worthwhile sponsorship too as others can’t get anything!
    The WCC obviously made money,otherwise Manly would never of gone to Leeds in the first place and people still can’t get it right,that it’s not in season in England at the moment.
    It’s only the 3rd round of SL and it’s a Summer game there as many in the media still don’t know and far as I’m concerned,Manly and Leeds are in the same boat.
    One had 2 or 3 games up their sleeve and the other only 1 and there are no bloody excuses,otherwise it must be played on neutral territory,to end this argument for once and for all!!

    • druzik says:

      Leeds had 2 ESL rounds and 2 warm up games IIRC, and Manly have had 2 warm up games. If you go to a match like this you never can have any excuses, you turn up or you don’t.

      The WCC in England always makes money, its been one of the reasons its been held there constantly, I would be curious to see if it would do the same in Australia… or at a neutral venue.

      Sertbia does not have RL in their military … so why even moot that point … you seem to come up with random things without thinking them through. First get the Russians have a proper military domestic season where they play a proper season and have regular players, not just some occasional games where players have never seen th game and never see it again.

  2. Chris Sanders says:

    Agree on everything you say and we are on the same page for a change!

  3. dragons4eva says:

    Good news with the Maltese with their sponsorship news, hopefully it brings many benefits for them.

    As with the WCC i watched the game and i must say it was a fantastic game! Great that Leeds won, great atmosphere and by the sounds of it there was a great profit made from the match!

    As for expanding it…i reckon first of all it needs to be brought to a neutral venue. Dubai sounds like a good venue. What could happen is that they could try find a spare stadium and create package deals so fans can turn up. Or if that doesn’t work and it remains in England let areas bid for the match. That way atleast its somewhat of a ‘neutral’ venue!

    • druzik says:

      Well I think next year it will at least go to Australia, there is enough interest now that fans in Australia are demanding as much, and then if they do lose there is no excuse that they had to travel … lol

      It was a fantastic game, I loved the intensity of both teams right to the end., even after Leeds went 20-12 with a few minutes left, Leeds still pressed and din;t give up, just to get that last try… its the Aussie attitude and mentality.

      The commentators did annoy me a bit, they were critical at times that Leeds were chancing their arem, but that is what won it for them… but they were happy to flip once Leeds had secured the win.

  4. Interested Observer says:

    I mentioned last week the whisper that the the curtain raiser to USA v Ireland was going to be a rugby union game and that is now confirmed. The Hibernian RFC (many of the BC Sharks guys) will play a new RFC called Northern Irish as the curtain raiser game. There will also be a students union game before that. The AMNRL are saying that is does not matter that they are two different codes as it’s all rugby and will expose union fans/players to the game of league.

    There will be arguments for and against this sentiment although it does seem odd that the curtain raiser wasn’t the BC Sharks v another AMNRL side or even an allstars type game to allow USA selectors a chance to watch the best AMNRL players (not in the USA team) play against one another.

    • druzik says:

      Yeah not sure how I feel about that…. surely there are enough AMNRL rugby league teams to play.

      Why not get the Atlanta and Virginia Eagles teams to play, they are new teams supposedly and would be a great way to open and show off the season.

  5. Interested Observer says:

    Forgive me if you have mentioned this elsewhere but I can’t recall seeing it.

    The New England Immortals (USARL north east rep team) will play against the British Royal Marines at Rhode Island on April 27th. It will be the first international match held in RI.

    The match is at 7.30pm in Cumberland RI and will include a curtain raiser match involving ‘Future’ players.

    The after match party is at Ladder 133 (133 Douglas Avem Providence RI)

    • druzik says:

      I know of it but have not mentioned it as Lawrence asked not to say anything till he gave me an official release for it when it was 100%. I think there was still a scheduling conflict he was trying to sort out when I spoke to him… is there something official out?

  6. Interested Observer says:

    There is, it’s online from the RI Rebellion and other sources linked to USARL.

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