International/Cabramatta 9s Live Updated

By Daniel Andruczyk

The International 9 at Cabramatta kick off today. It sees some new teams in Vanuatu and the Philippines joining the Rugby League family and sees Portugal and Niue make a welcome return. You can follow the International 9s as the scores come in. It should be a great day of Rugby League viewing!

You can also view the scores at the NSW Academy results website.


  Team P W D L B F A PD PT
1 Vanuatu 3 2 0 0 1 52 12 40 4
2 Indigenous 3 2 0 0 1 50 20 30 4
3 Mounties 3 2 0 0 1 40 16 24 4
4 Cabramatta 1 3 2 0 0 1 32 16 16 4
5 Fiji Parkes 3 2 0 0 1 32 18 14 4
6 Wstrn Suburbs 3 2 0 0 1 32 20 12 4
7 Cook Islands 3 1 0 1 1 30 16 14 2
8 Auburn 1 3 1 0 1 1 24 18 6 2
9 Auburn 3 1 0 1 1 24 18 6 2
10 The Entrance 3 1 0 1 1 24 20 4 2
11 Canley Vale 3 1 0 1 1 20 16 -4 2
12 Kingsgrove 3 1 0 1 1 26 32 -6 2
13 Cabramatta 2 3 1 0 1 0 22 28 -6 2
14 Balmain 3 1 0 1 1 24 34 -10 2
15 Burwood 3 1 0 1 1 16 26 -10 2
16 Niue 3 0 1 1 1 30 36 -6 1
17 Philippines 3 0 1 1 1 20 28 -8 1
18 Liverpool 1 3 0 0 2 1 10 20 -10 0
19 Blacktown 3 0 0 2 1 24 42 -18 0
20 Brothers 3 0 0 2 1 18 38 -20 0
21 Liverpool 2 3 0 0 2 1 18 40 -22 0
22 Portugal 3 0 0 2 1 8 62 -54 0

Round 1

Time Home Team Score Score Away Team
10:00 Balmain 14 8 Brothers
10:00 Mounties 16 4 Cabramatta 2
10:20 Cook Islands 22 4 Portugal
10:20 The Entrance 10 12 Burwood
10:40 Western Suburbs 8 6 Liverpool 1
10:40 Cabramatta 1 20 12 Liverpool 2
11:00 Fiji Parkes 20 14 Niue


Round 2

Time Home Team Score Score Away Team
11:00 Indigenous 26 10 Balmain
11:20 Blacktown 12 24 Mounties
11:20 Vanuatu 12 8 Cook Islands
11:40 Auburn  8  14 The Entrance
11:40 Kingsgrove  12  8 Canley Vale
12:00 Auburn 1  4  12 Cabramatta 1
12:00 Philippines  4  12 Fiji Parkes

Round 3

Time Home Team Score Score Away Team
12:20 Brothers  10  24 Indigenous
12:20 Cabramatta 2  18  12 Blacktown
12:40 Portugal  4  40 Vanuatu
12:40 Burwood  4 16  Auburn
13:00 Western Suburbs  24  14 Kingsgrove
13:00 Liverpool 2  6  20 Auburn 1
13:20 Niue  16  16 Philippines

Round 4

Time Home Team Score Score Away Team
13:20 Liverpool 1  4  12 Canley Vale

Quarter Finals

Time Home Team Score Score Away Team
14:10 Blacktown  24 10  Brothers
14:10 Burwood  38 12  Liverpool 2
14:30 Philippines  20 Portugal
14:30 The Entrance  20 16 Balmain
14:50 Auburn  38 Liverpool 1
14:50 Niue  18 Kingsgrove
15:10 Canley Vale 20  16  Cabramatta 2
15:10 Vanuatu  20 10  Cook Islands
15:30 Indigenous  28 18  Auburn 1
15:30 Mounties  8  0 Western Suburbs
15:50 Cabramatta  12  16 Fiji Parkes

Semi Finals

Time Home Team Score Score Away Team
16:10 Burwood  20 18  Blacktown
16:30 The Entrance  32  12 Canley Vale
16:30 Auburn  14  18 Niue
16:50 Fiji Parkes  4  6 Vanuatu
16:50 Mounties  26 36  Indigenous


Time Home Team Score Score Away Team
17:30 Philippines  22 18 Burwood
18:00 The Entrance 18  4 Niue
18:30 Vanuatu  12 17  Indigenous

Cup: Indigenous
Plate: The Entrance
Bowl: Philippines

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49 Responses to “International/Cabramatta 9s Live Updated”

  1. Susie says:

    Vanuatu players are suck !!!! I from Australia living in Vanuatu and every time there is a game Vanuatu team has a big mouth in rugby but always lost and same as soccer!!!

    They should stick to what they do best play kava and beat up their woman! Lol Vanuatu is one of the embarrass race in the pacific, lazy ass people, big mouths, sell all their lands and they think they are smart but the countries 90% don’t know how to read and write!!!

    Go home Vanuatu this game is for really men not wankers!

    • druzik says:

      They have done quite well actually, they have come 1st in the group stages in the International 9s and so go onto the Cup Quarters.

      I think you are being very harsh on them. Maybe its time and opportunity for them to change things around.

      Plus its RUGBY LEAGUE and not Rugby Union.

  2. Susie says:

    Yeah done well but with this little effort you will see how to big mouthed it over at home!!!

    League or union but it’s rugby and I ain’t harsh cos it’s the reality try gettin to know them the you will get what I mean !!!

  3. Susie says:

    How can you get men in 35yrs and 40yrs to play with young players and these apes deserve to be in the bin!

    • druzik says:

      What the hell are you on about … please say something constructive not this gibberish.

      I sense a tall poppy syndrome here, rather celebrating these guys achieving something you want to cut them down.

  4. Susie says:

    Men that’s constructive and even I am a girl but ain’t a wOman beater! This retard ni-vans are supposed to be there ! They should be playing in the seasonal work scheme picking apples and that is what apes do !!!!!

    So I feel that you have an ape woman basher syndrome too! Aren’t you?

    • druzik says:

      It is not constructive. This is a rugby league website…. to talk about the rugby league issues at hand in the article.

      Considering that you do not know me and you call me a woman basher and saying i have an ape woman basher syndrome is very insulting considering I have the utmost respect for women and have always treated them equally and with respect.

      If you have nothing constructive to add, if you will be insulting em and others and calling names then I will ban you. Its that simple.

  5. Susie says:

    Sorry woman bashers ! You have been bitch slap in the face which is warning to Vanuatu that you have no future in rugby league or union!!!!

    If you think that because this tiny effort in this 9’s NSW tournament finals will make you glow like international rugby league stars then sorry to day that this is a mini tournament and you will never make it to the big tournaments or even step a foot in the field …. Vanuatu career ends here and now you can come to Australia next time straight to the farm and do what apes are good at!!!

    Take your woman basher syndrome home and eat bananas then drink kava plus discuss what your next step cause the next tournaments Vanuatu will glorifying another countries glory and that’s what ni-vans are good at!!!!

    Like i said go home to your bush and leave rugby to the reall guys because you were never internationally regonised!!! Wankers!!!

  6. Bob says:

    Susie says that 90% of the country don’t know how to read or write. I presume this includes her after her comments on here.

    She is way out of line, congratulations to Vanatu on their achievements in their first ever rugby league competition.

    • druzik says:

      Bob it was a fantastic effort by the Vanuatans. Its seems that any country Dane Campbell gets involved in seem to do great guns!

      • Greg Cross says:

        Dane Campbell knows how to lobby government officials and that is the key to his success.The Vanuatu team were a great inspiration on the day.

  7. Chris Sanders says:

    Who’s this Susie sheila Daniel?It came like a bolt right out of the blue?

  8. Greg Cross says:

    I was at the International 9s at Cabramatta as manager of hte Philippines.The Vanuatu team played sparkling football and were a credit to their nation and a great bunch of guys with the most vocal supporters at the tournament.They even made a tunnel for us when we went on.Suzie,please be positive on his site.What a great tournament the Cabra 9s is.Daniel is right.

    • druzik says:

      Fantastic greg, this is great to hear.

      I was at the 2010 tournament, its a fun day out and I would love to see this become a full sized competion in the end, with 20-30 or so nations playing.

      Greg, the Philippines did well as well I see, getting a win. You must be proud of the guys.

      • Chris Sanders says:

        Good on ya Greg!A real salt of the earth Rugby League person flying the flag of Philippines Rugby League high,wide and handsome for all to see.
        We need more like you in our game Greg and we are also proud of Philippines Rugby League too!
        You people deserve your place in the Sun!!

      • Greg Cross says:

        Thanks Daniel we ended up winning the bowl which was a fabulous start.We have a lot of players from Queensland,Newcastle,Sydney and Canberra.From a data base of 6 we have built up to over 30.

      • druzik says:

        That is great to see Greg. The tournament this year certainly has shown that the International teams can be competitive.

    • Marv says:

      great stuff, this is why variant games can be a useful tool, Nations like the Philippines can not just play but compete too.

      • druzik says:

        Indeed, but the international Calendar is very much all over the place at the moment.

      • Greg Cross says:

        You are right.Without a competition like this we wouldn’t have been able to get a team moving.Now we have plans for the future.

      • Marv says:

        FEBRUARY 5, 2012 AT 10:40
        Indeed, but the international Calendar is very much all over the place at the moment.

        I know mate, whats new, lol.

      • druzik says:

        lol, yes, that says it all I guess.

        Yoj never know one day it may change.

  9. dragons4eva says:

    Well done the likes of the Phillipines and Vanuatu! Really good effort from both those teams!

    • Greg Cross says:

      Thank you.The Cabramatta 9s was a brilliant launching pad and a lot of fun.Vanuatu also a first time time did really well and went into extra time with the Indigenous team in the final.

  10. Alex-P says:

    Surely the RLIF have to recognise Dane Campbell’s efforts in Jamaica and Vanuatu!

    He does more off his own back than i am able to see from the ‘official’ bunch

  11. Chris Sanders says:

    Dane Campbell has been great for our game Alex-P and we need more like him with his incredible drive and enthusiasm!
    As rare as hen’s teeth!!

  12. Chris Sanders says:

    And what has happened to the Game in New Caledonia Daniel??No one knows and is it still alive and kicking???

  13. Crimpo says:

    The New Caledonia situation – as I recall – was a spat within the RU community there. The ‘disagreement’ got settled and those players went back to RU.

  14. Chris Sanders says:

    Ok Crimpo,but this kind of thing happens a lot and of course the RLIF are interested in this sort of thing too!
    Another country lost and abandoned,which has become the norm in the last few years and there are more to follow believe me!
    The game is all about the plight of the NRL and SL Clubs and too hell with the rest of the game,that only manages to get the crumbs,as Rugby League in the eyes of many, is just perceived as only a Club Game and look how the RFL have baled out Bradford Northern!!
    No great surpris here!!!

    • druzik says:

      Chris … get real and into perspective.

      Many more nations have taken the sport up than dies, and most of the nations that dies were never really serious in playing. It was just a bunch of Union people looking for some quick bucks.

  15. Chris Sanders says:

    So Tonga and Samoan Rugby League don’t look for quick bucks?When I sent money up to those places years ago to try and help them it was stolen?
    Most people are only in Rugby League to make a quick buck especially here in this part of the World and besides there’s a free gangway between the 2 codes now!!

    • druzik says:

      That is why throwing money at these things is not the way to go… Chris you will always get burnt this way. Years ago Samoan and Tonga were not run properly. These days its been cleaned up, but their resources are so few, its hard for them to be consistently going locally.

  16. Chris Sanders says:

    So why would Rugby Union people come over to our game in their droves where there’s no money to be gained at all and why did the Samoan Rugby League team pull the plug on their tour of Ireland and Scotland last year??
    We heard all these conspiracy theories about why it didn’t go ahead,as the Government and the potential sponsors didn’t want to throw any money towards it,as the Rugby Union there reared its’ugly head yet again,which wasn’t proven and when are RRL going to be finally paid up by the RLIF,which amounts to nothin but blood money.
    And where’s the RLIF 10 year plan Daniel???

    • druzik says:

      So why would Rugby Union people come over to our game in their droves where there’s no money to be gained at all
      Well in 2008 when South Africa toured through England I spoke with some of the players and basically they we bored of Union and unless you had conatct within the SARU it hard to get into the top flight and get paid. Basically under the S15 teams and Currie cup, Union doesnt pay either and so there is not difference for them playing Union or league.

      why did the Samoan Rugby League team pull the plug on their tour of Ireland and Scotland last year??
      We heard all these conspiracy theories about why it didn’t go ahead,as the Government and the potential sponsors didn’t want to throw any money towards it,as the Rugby Union there reared its’ugly head yet again,which wasn’t proven

      Actually that was the reason, I read and heard this from a few people. With the 7s in the Olympics the Samoan Government, which has limited money itself for sport, had to decide where to invest, 7s was always going to win out in that sense.

      when are RRL going to be finally paid up by the RLIF,which amounts to nothin but blood money.
      And where’s the RLIF 10 year plan Daniel???

      I dont know … ask them… why do you always bring this silly comment up every few posts. Give it a rest Chris… you want answers from the RLIF, ask them, I dont have that info and i have told you this a number of times.

  17. Chris Sanders says:

    So there is such a thing as conspiracy theories in Rugby League after all,especially in reguards to Samoan Rugby League,where they have become a victim at the hands of their Government and their RU,but this didn’t apply in the Russian Federation did it.Then time for the Samoan Rugby Leage players to start paying their own way on tours,like paying for their own airfares,hotels,food and transportation like we all had to do years ago,after all they are full time professionals from the SL and NRL and can easily afford it.Or else they have to fundraise for themselves like everyone else has to.
    Anyone would be bore stiff playing RU, but RU 7’s is a totally different ball game,as forward passes are allowed,as they go unpunished,as it’s part and parcel of their shortened game!
    It adds to the colour,excitement and flavour of the 7’s concept,so it can get recognised as a truly Global Game!

    • druzik says:

      I never claimed any conspiracy theory in Samoa or Russia.

      All I said was that the Samoan Government had a decision to make as where to put their limited resources … they chose RU and not League. If you want that to be a conspiracy theory then go a head. I see it as a Government making a tough funding choice.

      But this goes to the heart of the matter. Rugby league and many League nations expect handouts and do nothing to try and support themselves. Thus when they dont get anything they all of a sudden call conspiracy theory.

      Rugby Leagues biggest issue is that its administrators are lazy on the most part and don’t do enough to keep the sport up and sunning on its own, without having to have outside help all the time.

  18. Chris Sanders says:

    Well you answered your own questions Daniel! I know you never said conspiracy theory yourself,but what you read!
    Our administrators are useless!People on the other forums said that there was a conspiracy in Samoa against RL,but they(Officials) were also too lazy to get off their backsides to raise the money for themselves.If it was good enough for Karl Temata to pay his own way back to the Cooks to play an International game of RL,it was also good enough for the Samoans to do likewise!
    As I have already said,there was a conspiracy in Russia to get back at Edgar Tatariyan by the RRU and their mates within the Kremlin and I believe that and I know how corrupt that country really is!
    Nothing there surprises me at all and I have studied the game in that part of the World since 1987!

    • druzik says:

      wasn’t really trying to answer anything, all I wanted was to put a bit of perspective in there.

      I can’t comment on that part of the Russian game as I don’t know anything on that and when I asked others they all said they knew nothing either.

  19. Chris Sanders says:

    Well!That’s Russians for you.I have delt with RRU and I knew the hate that they had towards RRL and I Know how RRU treated the good salt of the earth people at College Rifles RU club here in Auckland,when they tried to make contact with them, which was nothing short of disgraceful and immoral.
    Russians treat a lot of people like shit and you and I have been their loan voice in regards to RRL and once upon a time,I was their lone voice in RU as well!
    People have short memories!!

  20. SFM says:

    A week later, my shoulder is still bunged after that game against Vanuatu. Some good talent there in that young bunch, best of luck to them. Played against the Cook Islands in our first game, but Vanuatu was definitely a step up. They were certainly well coached.

  21. G BABY says:

    Vanuatu & Indiginous: weldone you played a great game, it was nice to watch the talent. To all the teams we played Fiji, Phillipines, Kingsgrove, Auburn 1 & the entrance thank you for your great sportsmanship on and off the field. thank u for the great hit ups & tackles. We enjoyed the day and thank you all for the experience. thank you to the organisers of this event, we appreciate all your hard work that you have put in year in and year out. Niue is humbled and are honored to be part of this competition. big thank you to bman for giving Niue a chance to shine. thank you to all the teams. We really enjoy the diversity and the great sportsmanship shown on and off the field. thank you for the opportunity for our future generations.

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