Digicel Cup down to nine

By Daniel Andruczyk

Some news from around the world today, reaching from the corners of the Pacific and to the USA and Europe. News from Papua New Guinea where the Digicel Cup has been reduced to nine teams, also it finally seems that the PNGRFL will have their AGM. In the USA the Donnybrook Cup is getting closer and it also seems like there is a full international calendar for the Hawaiians.

PNGRFL elections

THE election of the chairman, deputy chairman and four region directors of the PNG Rugby Football League (PNGRFL) will be held on Feb 18 in Lae. PNGRFL acting general manager Ivan Ravu said this “As stipulated under section 4 (by-law) of the PNGRFL constitution, all leagues intending to affiliate as members of the PNGRFL for 2012 must meet all membership criteria for affiliation,”. Leagues intending to apply for membership to the PNGRFL must provide the following:

  • Application for affiliation;
  • Affiliation fee of K500;
  • Minutes of the league’s AGM stating the election or ratification of office bearers;
  • President’s report;
  • Financial report (audited);
  • Current copy of the league’s constitution;
  • Club affiliation forms duly signed with number and names of clubs;
  • Report on league’s playing field and facilities; and
  • Number of clubs and grades.

Nominations for positions on the board are open and the closing date is this Saturday 11th February. The positions to be nominated for are Chairman, deputy Chairman and four regional directors

On another note the Hela Wigmen have failed to meet the February 3 deadline set by the PNGRFL to register for this years National Competition, the Digicel Cup. This means that the competition is reduced to 9 teams once again. Teams that are confirmed for this year’s competition which kicks off on the April 15 are

  1. Rabaul Gurias
  2. Goroka Lahanis
  3. Mt Hagen Eagles
  4. Enga Mioks
  5. Simbu Lions
  6. Lae Tigers
  7. Gulf Isapea
  8. Port Moresby Vipers
  9. Mendi Muruks.

Knights to Visit Fiji

In NRL News that may have got past you, it seems that the court ruling last week that Optus can stream live sport content on a 2 minute delay over the internet has done a drastic hit to the hoped of the NRL getting their Billion dollar contract. It is estimated that the online broadcast is only worth $60 million which is far less than the $153 million paid to the AFL last year. Seems that the negotiations were a bit late for this. But this ruling has implications for all sports down the line not just Rugby League. Read the article here.

The Newcastle Knights will be traveling to Fiji in 2013 for their pre-season training and will have a trial match against the Fiji Bati (see article here). This comes on the back of the announcement last week that they are looking to set up an academy in Fiji to nurture future Rugby league players. Newcastle stars like Timana Tahu, Darius Boyd, Rodney Mason, Akuila Uate and Wes Naiqama are likely to be part of the tour.

Meanwhile Steve McLellan, who is the Fiji Rugby league General Manager,  added a lot of stars like Petero Civoniceva, Lote Tuqiri, Jarryd Hayne and Jason Bukuya were part of the Australian-based Fijian rugby players’ training session last week. Read into that what you will I suppose.

Internationals in the USA

In his February round up of the AMNRL, David Niu says that new coaching guidelines which are modeled on the ARL and the NSWRL will be in place this year. This means that all clubs need to have staff with a higher level of certification. according to Niu the coaching package will be “uniquely American”. Players being brought in from overseas Niu writes “each American club will now be required to get a clearance from the overseas club at which the player has been based before signing him. This is to ensure that the AMNRL attracts the best quality players to compete in domestic competitions as it strives to improve the standard of the US game”.

The Atlantic Conference is looking to solidify an eight-team competition and the Pacific Conference could have up to 6 clubs playing. There are also new western teams and new teams in the Midwest around Chicago and Iowa. There apparently is the prospect to send the USA to the 2013 Student Rugby League World Cup in London as well. It may be an Emerging Tomahawks side or a College All Star team.

International matches that have been “confirmed” are Ireland in the Donnybrook Cup in will be in Philadelphia in March, Tonga in Hawaii in May and Japan in Hawaii, in June. Talks with the Cook Islands are ongoing and that would probably be in Hawaii while discussions are with Canada Rugby League about this year’s Colonial Cup series. The Tomahawks might tour France in October and the Italian Federation has also expressed an interest in hosting the US.

Meanwhile the USARL’s DC slayers will be traveling to Jamaica to take on the Jamaican Hurricanes in May.

World Club Challenge

Tickets are selling fast for the World Club Challenge next week, which sees the 2011 ESL and NRL champions slug it out. Apparently only 200 tickets are left at Headingly. This means it will be a great crowd for the game. I was there for a test match in 2007 and that place absolutely will rock when full. Leeds will be looking to a big performance, they last won it in 2008 and were the last english team to win it. Since then 3 of the Aussie teams have dominated, with Manly in 2009, Melbourne in 2010 and St George in 2011 winning it. Leeds need to restore English pride while Manly are looking to find a positive in what has been a disastrous off-season for them. If Leeds win this, then it makes them the equally most successful team with Wigan.


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17 Responses to “Digicel Cup down to nine”

  1. dragons4eva says:

    Good news from Fiji and the knights! Hopefully those guys pull on the Fijian jersey instead of an Australian one!

    Interesting news in the USA with the AMNRL. I wonder if the professionalization of coaches will become good or bad!

    • druzik says:

      I would think that only good can come out of that… its a big step to do that, at the moment I am not sure there is anyone in the USA withe the full accreditation for coaching…. referee’s would also be a big thing… you need to have referees.

  2. Chris Sanders says:

    Who cares about the WCC game?It’s a nothing game and we are Elland Rd and Headingley out!
    Rugby League just has no imagination!

    • druzik says:

      A sell out Headingly and a whole buch of Manly fans travelling to see it says that people do care about it, I certaonly doa nd I think its one of the great matches that our game has to offer…

      You have a very mixed attitude Chris, conflict for the sake of conflict.

  3. roml357 says:

    Hey Dan read on rleague.com that there will be a four nations in engalnd this year featuring england, france, wales and cook islands. Also the euro cup will have the england knights, ireland, scotland and italy. Have you heard anything about this?

  4. Ejay says:

    Dan, any idea what the eligibility laws are for the Student World Cup? Are they the same as RLIF Laws, or do you just need to be a student based in the nation you represent? I could be spending 2013 studying abroad in the US, and would love to be involved with a Student Tomahawks team. Any chance you might have an email address of someone I could get in touch with to express some interest?
    Thank you.

  5. Chris Sanders says:

    So when are they going to take one of these WCC games on the road?We get sick and tired of hearing all these excuses from the Aussies when they lose which are starting to wear thin and yet when Melbourne lost to Leeds in 2009 at Elland Rd,the Storm took it fair and square on the chin!
    And Billy,I am a clown because we have clowns running our game,so I know no better!

    • druzik says:

      1st, it was 2008 that Melbourne lost to Leeds, Manly won the 2009 WCC. 2010 and 2011 were also won by Aussie Clubs… and there is no excuses. Not sure where you get that, the clubs have never made excuses to losing, maybe their fans… but not the clubs and players… once again a comment that really went no where Chris, what was your point?

      Well, who knows if it will go on the road, it certainly could be a good tool for that… where would you suggest taking it?

  6. Chris Sanders says:

    Capetown,Dubai,Singapore or Jacksonville!You are right that it was 2008 and I had a mental block and when are we going to get an NRL Franchise in PNG?

    • druzik says:

      Ok … they could be suitable places … am not against the WCC going on the road.

      as for PNG … I hope never a NRL franchise … it would destroy the local competition… its enough that the NZ Warriors are in there.

      • Robbo says:

        I agree with PNG Dan, they should be using that money to build infrastructure and consolidate the PNG local comp. I would also like to see the money used for an academy. It would give the talented juniors a taste of professionalism and teach them dietry and training methods needed to become a professional.

        I disagree with the Warriors notion, they are a good addition to the NRL and would we see the national team as strong as they are without a side from NZ. Also would we see the amount of Union players converting to RL without a NZ NYC team?

  7. Chris Sanders says:

    No it won’t destroy the local competition at all,as it will only enhance it,as long as the right people are put in the right places to run the franchise!Rugby League needs that 3rd country and it doesn’t come much bigger than PNG.Lessons could be learnt from the bad mistakes of the original Warriors that went broke,because there were too many pigs with their snouts in the trough,where they pissed up the proceeds up against the wall!
    PNG,the Holy Temple of our Great Game!

    • druzik says:

      Disagree, the $20 million that it will cost to run the club will be much better spent on the local comp, which is semi pro already, to make fully pro and increase community infrastructure. That money can do so much more for the betterment of the community than for one club and one city… which probably be in Port Moresby… in fact to start with I can see a PNG team not playing out of PNG even but somewhere like Darwin… I can see that silliness coming out.

      League already has its 3rd country anyway, the Elite 1 competition is professional/semi professional, the FFRXIII just signed a 3 year TV deal with Al Jazeera which will bring in new money and will help boost the local comp.

      Australia, England, France, NZ, PNG and USA should be targets for pro or semi pro comps but its not to do it through artificial teams picked willy nilly.

  8. Chris Sanders says:

    Agree to a certain point but it depends on who has control of any Franchise that ever goes there and you and I know Daniel that it won’t happen!!

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