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Calderdale College Rugby League head coach Lee Greenwood is upbeat as his team prepares for its first overseas tour when the under 19’s head to Malta and Gozo next month.

The ex-professional player with London Broncos, Huddersfield Giants and Halifax, says the Malta tour is an exciting challenge for his team.

“The schedule of two games in three days will really test the players out, but it is a challenge they are excited about” says Greenwood.

“This will be the first time our rugby team has been on an overseas tour. The players and coaching staff are really looking forward to giving a good account of themselves in the two matches, whilst enjoying seeing the sights of a fantastic country”

The touring team will take on domestic championship team Gozo RL before a match against a first time Malta U20’s outfit and Greenwood is bringing with him a number of players currently tied to clubs including English Championship club Halifax.

“Brent Taylor, Joe Martin and Jake Smith are all currently on the books at Halifax RLFC” said Greenwood of his squad.

Gozo RL, formally registered by Kunsill Malti ghall-iSport (KMS) earlier this week, will be led by captain-coach Clifford Debattista and will welcome the return of Malta international Shan Francois Hussain from a lengthy layoff since his debut for Malta last July.

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  1. dragons4eva says:

    Good to see them wanting to tour Malta!

  2. Chris Sanders says:

    And so again why aren’t Malta in the European Shield?The RLEF reminds me of headless chooks as there are far too many free loaders there and I hear that Julia Bennison is no longer the Eastern European and Russian Co-Ordinator and is this true?
    If so she won’t be missed,as she has been a miserable failure because she didn’t know what the hell she was doing!
    However,it’s good to see teams travelling to Malta and more should be going there spreading our game!

    • druzik says:

      Why do they have to be in the shield? you would have every single country in the shield if you had your way. Chris think a bit more before you make some of your comments.

      Not heard anything about Julia.

  3. Chris Sanders says:

    What about the bowl and as I have already mentioned before,Italy should not be in the Shield competition at all, as they have already qualified for the 2013 RLWC!
    Italy should be playing Internationals at home in Australia at the end of the year,against the likes of Lebanon,the Kiwis,Australian Aboriginals,NSW Country or even Souths,at places such as Leichardt Oval,Belmore,North Sydney Oval or the Redfern to build up momentum for next year!
    That way they are increasing the profile of Italian Rugby League and I say bring on the World Champion Kiwis,but I forgot that they like to cancel games all the time!
    A bit of a risk??

    • druzik says:

      The bowl is there Chris! What is your issue here. Give it time to have something announced for crying out loud.

      Itlay can play where they want. They will most probably have locals playing in the Shield team. If they then want to do an end of year tour with the heritage players then they can do that as well, as was done a couple years ago with Wales.

      The Kiwis wont play since the NRLPA wont allow players to play any internationals this year, which is also killing the Aussies games this year and any other naion that wants NRL players to play for them.

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    Why can’t Italy tour Australia as most of their players come from there and we are fully aware that Australia are resting all their top players a year out from the World Cup,yet New Zealand were quite willing to host GB in October/November,yet the professional players association pulled the plug on it!
    The fact of the matter is,that the GB Lions tour would of been a financial disaster and you and I would of known that,as it would of been a repeat of 1996 all over again.
    I don’t care if I ever see another GB Lions tour to Australasia and PNG ever again,as tours are now a thing of the past as you said a while ago and I agree!
    There are other teams that can spread our game!!

    • druzik says:

      … because the Rugby League Players Association in Australia is not allowing any Australian to play internationals this year because of “Player Burnout”.

      This means that not only will itlay not have any of its Australian players but they will not have any opponents since their players cannot play either for any nation… its a disgraceful position to be.

      Yes, tour are a thinkg of the past. Meaningful Tournaments need to be the way forward.

  5. Chris Sanders says:

    As long as the tournaments are starting make profits and we saw what happened with the 2009 Pacific RL Cup Daniel!

  6. Chris Sanders says:

    But how much did it cost to run and what were the profits??I heard that the RLIF lost a lot of money on that 2009 Pacific RL Cup Tournament in PNG and if this is indeed true,how can we have any confidence in the RLIF?I have none!!
    If it was successful as some said it was,then where’s the follow up??
    There’s more to it than meets the eye.

    • druzik says:

      They spent $1 million on it and never expected to make money on it … it wasn’t the point of it.

      It was successful in its own way, but the strategy and PoA was all wrong with it. I have told people in the RLIF as much and told them what they should have done. They appreciated the advice at least.

  7. Chris Sanders says:

    Well,that’s one million gone from the 5 million dollars generated from the 2008 RLWC profits!Rugby League is a business and not a charity and no wonder there’s no more Pacific Cup RL Tournaments on the horizon.
    It ain’t financially sustainable and time the RLIF cut the cloth a lot better and no wonder we have no confidence in them!!

  8. Chris Sanders says:

    So it would of made more sense to of had France and PNG in an extended 6 Nations in 2009!It would of made more money for the RLIF!!
    Can’t tell them anything as they always know best and that’s why they ended up with egg on their faces after the financial disaster of the 2009 Pacfic Cup Rugby League Tournament in PNG and no wonder people don’t respect them.
    The only time that Pacific Cup’s made profits were here in Auckland in 1975 and 1992 respectively.
    That’s because the NZ Maoris and the Australian Aboriginals came into it as separate identities,even though people say they are apatheid sides in reverse.
    Perhaps they are,but they made money for the game and that what counts in the final analysis!

    • druzik says:

      So it would of made more sense to of had France and PNG in an extended 6 Nations in 2009!It would of made more money for the RLIF!!

      No. Also the wrong thinking… it does not involve games at all actually.

  9. Chris Sanders says:

    You lost me?I thought that a 4 Nations should of gone to a 6 Nations concept by now and France and PNG are the most logical sides to advance to that level of competition.
    And the 2017 RLWC should be in France too!
    As usual,we have heard nothing fom the RLIF,but what would one expect!

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