Cabramatta/International 9s Draw

By Daniel Andruczyk

This weekend sees the Rugby League season in Australia kick off on earnest with trial matches starting as well as the annual Cabramatta/International 9s tournament kick off. This year sees a an absence of the crowd favourites Japan, who have opted to fly to Hawaii this year to take on the USA in Honolulu on the 9th of June. This announcement was made on twitter by David Niu yesterday and though talking with people with in the JRL would have preferred it be held off a bit longer till they get everything sorted out. New inclusions into the Rugby league fraternity at the 9s sees Vanuatu and the Philippines being involved and we see Nuie make a return as well as Portugal who have been dormant for about 18 months. the draw is as follows.

The Draw

Pool Games

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D Pool E Pool F Pool G
Balmain Mounties Cook Islands The Entrance Western Suburbs Cabramatta 1 Fiji Parkes
Brothers Cabramatta Portugal Burwood Liverpool 1 Liverpool 2 Nuie
Indigenous Blacktown Vanuatu Auburn 2 Kingsgrove Auburn 1 Philippines

10.00 – A1 vs A2B1 vs B2
10.20 – C1 vs C2D1 vs D2
10.40 – E1 vs E2 F1 vs F2
11.00 – G1 vs G2A3 vs A1
11.20 – B3 vs B1C3 vs C1
11.40 – D3 vs D1E3 vs E1
12.00 – F3 vs F1G3 vs G1
12.20 – A2 vs A3 B2 vs B3
12.40 – C2 vs C3D2 vs D3
13.00 – E2 vs E3F2 vs F3
13.20 – G2 vs G3
13:40 – Exhibition Game 1 Exhibition Game 2

Quarter Finals

14.10 – 18 vs 1920 vs 21
14.30 – 09 vs 1610 vs 15
14.50 – 11 vs 1412 vs 13
15.10 – 01 vs 0802 vs 07
15.30 – 03 vs 0604 vs 05

Semi Finals

16.00  – BOWL 1 17th Ranked team vs Loser 18v19  – BOWL 2 Winner 18v19 V Winner 20v21
16.20  – PLATE 1 Winner 09v16 vs Winner 12v13 –  PLATE 2 Winner 10v15 vs Winner 11v14
16.40  – CUP 1 Winner 01v08 vs Winner 04v05  – CUP 2 Winner 02v07 vs Winner 03v06
17.00 – Exhibition Game 1Exhibition Game 2


17.30 – BOWL Winner Bowl 1 vs Winner Bowl 2
18.00 – PLATE Winner Plate 1 vs Winner Plate 2
18.30 – CUP Winner Cup 1 vs Winner Cup 2

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19 Responses to “Cabramatta/International 9s Draw”

  1. Chris Sanders says:

    We need more of this especially around the World!

    • druzik says:

      There is a tone of them around, but there is no cohesion yet. In some ways we have to be careful not over saturate the market. A good 13 or 14 tournaments through the year should suffice.

  2. Bottle says:

    If anyone there could please provide some updates it would be appreciated. Particularly, updates on the Filipino squad and captain Luke Srama. Thanks

  3. Chris Sanders says:

    I hope you get better Daniel and is it very cold where you are??

    • druzik says:


      No its not! That’s the thing that is annoying, we have had absolutely no winter.

      This time last year we had had blizzards and -26 C weather… and I did not get sick at all. This year its been fluctuating up and down from about 12 C to -2 C with no snow and so its hard to adapt to it. no wonder I got sick.

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    We need the International 9’s to go to Capetown soon and go to Rugby League Rebels Cape Town Facebook and get the bully from Jack Ripperly!

  5. Chris Sanders says:

    If you got flu drink brandy with green ginger and ginger ale or whisky with warm milk and brown sugar.

    • druzik says:

      Not sure if its the flue or a cold … but yes I have a couple family remedies I have been using. Similar to what you say tea with lemon, honey and OP rum, or my uncles Klasztorniak, Honey, lemon and grain alcohol.

      Both seem to do the job

  6. Chris Sanders says:


  7. Pinoy says:

    Luke srama captained the Filipinos his father is polish and mother is filipina. the team lost their first game to Fiji parked 10-4 drew with Niue 16 all then beat Portugal in the bowl semi final 26-0 in the bowl final they beat burwood in golden point 22-18 the team is made entirely from Filipino heritage players based in Australia who have at least 1 parent born in the Philippines.

    • druzik says:

      Ahhh … see I have been in touch with him about Polish RL in the past … well that now counts him out for us I guess.

      But good on the Philippines, a real credit to them. it will be great to see them continue.

  8. Chris Sanders says:

    We need a strong presence in Asia and this is a great start!

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