“You Got to be kidding Ref!”…

By Daniel Andruczyk

These words could not be used to great effect by the captains of NRL teams. In what could be a big step to killing off controversial tries in the National Rugby League in Australia it is being proposed that captains get the ability to challenge the call of a referee, like in tennis.

See the article here.

If anyone has listened to my radio show over the last couple years, you would remember that Chris West and I discussed this issue at length on a couple of occasions after there were calls that the standard of refereeing has gone down. However such a system can potentially be a double edged sword. Now I am not against the idea as such, but it needs to be very carefully thought out and not just for the reason outlined in the article, the flow of the game.

Call at Own Risk

Now in the article, there are very few details that have been given out, suffice to say that this sub-committee has looked at the system in tennis. Basically there each player has three challenges a set they can use. if they get the call wrong then they loose it, if they get it correct then they maintain that call. Sounds simple enough. And like it was mentioned in the article, tennis is not a flowing game so a stop here and there does not effect the over all games flow.

If I was to implement such a system then it would be used in only one situation on the field, and that is when a controversial try has been scored. Anywhere else it will only serve to disrupt the game. But there is a further restriction I would put on that. Only the defending team has the right to make the call. Now if i remember correctly, the benefit of the doubt still goes to the attacking team on these calls. So any controversial call, where the play stops anyway, where the referee has made the decision can have the captain call for a review. I would have it set up as in Tennis, have three calls with a successful challenge leaving it there and any unsuccessful ones they lose it. This means that the role of the captain becomes even more important.

However, I can see the argument from people that the attacking team needs to also have the ability to challenge. The case where I can see this is in forward passes. Especially now that there is talk about using technology to be able to call the forward pass. If a referee calls a forward on a try, why can’t the attacking team ask to have that reviewed, and rightly so. I am not sure on the solution here. What I worry about is the two teams using claim and counter claim, to negate each other. The biggest fear is that the NRL will allow the claims to be made during the run of a match and so you will start to get a stop starting of the game as happens in the NFL, which is the last thing I want to see happen.

One Step Closer to No Rugby League

As good as this idea sounds and if implemented properly it could be good for the NRL, my biggest concern is that it will not apply to any other aspect of the sport. Other nations which do not have the luxury of using this system and internationals will once again not be subject to this. Once again the NRL will drift ever so slightly away from what Rugby League truly is and will start to become something that is only played in Australia and will become something on par with the AFL. Yes folks I said it. Actually I have been saying it for a couple years now. Australia and it dominance and bullying tactics it has used over the years to control the sport, in many respects it killing the sport in its own country. within 10 years the NRL will probably cease looking anything like the Rugby League that the rest of the world plays and thus we will have Australia either dropping out of rugby league or will start to loose its dominance because its players just aren’t used to the “Other” code. For Australian players, Test Matches will start to become something like the farce that the International Rules series is for the AFL and Irelands Gaelic Football.

Once again, it may seem that this is not a big thing, and compared to most its not, but it is a small thing that when it gets added onto everything else can make a huge difference to the sport not only in Australia but the rest of the world. My parting comment is this, this is once more evidence showing that we need to have a strong international governing body to step in and sort this out.


Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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58 Responses to ““You Got to be kidding Ref!”…”

  1. Kingsland7 says:

    I tend to agree.

    It does surprise me a little that the NRL, with its own Referee committee weigh up new rule changes definatively as if the Superleague will have to simply follow the leader or be left behind.

    This has led to quite a divide in my opinion, one of the most odvious would be the 2 Ref System.

    • druzik says:

      There is a huge gap and the Aussies for the last 20 years have basically been pushing all their ideas on everyone else, not realising what happens there si not necessarily helping others. 98% of countries are in no state to apply what Australia goes and does, no other sport in the world has a governing federation making different rules for different countries.

  2. Chris Sanders says:

    Well time for Scott Carter to do his job properly as Boss of the RLIF and bring the Australian Rugby League back into line because if I was the boss, Australia would be banned from the next RLWC, if they dont scrap the 2 referees system and their new mickey mouse rules that they are tampering with!
    Ban Australia from the next RL World Cup is the clear message to be sent out!

    • druzik says:

      Agree, Scott has to start bringing the Australians into the fold, however banning Australia whole sale is not the solution either. Its an extreme solution that will do nothing. All that the NRL and the NRL fans will do is shrugg their shoulders, say that they have SoO anyway and don’t care for the test as it is and just continue on like the NFL does.

  3. roml357 says:

    LOL, ya righto chris as much as australia rocks the boat scrapping them from the next wc would just hurt the sport even more.

    • druzik says:

      Yes it will. The solution is simple. The RLIF needs to step in and either do one of 2 things:

      Have everyone come up to the same standards as the NRL with all the rules unified
      Have the NRL/Australia scale themselves back to where the rest of the world is.

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    Time to sack Carter,Gallop,Lewis and the rest and bring in new blood because I have,had a gutsful of their antics and they should be all lined up against the wall and shot!
    They have just got too much baggage and the game will not go ahead!
    The RLIF along with the RLEF are dysfunctional!

    • druzik says:

      I agree a total revamp needs top be done, but it seems that there are changes a foot. Lets see how things go for now. maybe the “new” RLIF might end up being finally effective. though I still have my worries on the conflicts of interest.

  5. deluded pom? says:

    Why can’t new rule changes be proposed at an RLIF meeting and either ratified or rejected by ALL nations represented. I don’t agree that the SLE have to follow or be left behind. We should simply ignore what the Aussies do (unless it benefits OUR game) then it’s the Aussies who will be off kilter with the rest of the world. Unfortunately for the Kiwis they will be in the same boat as Australia when international games are played. Then when they do play against England we’ll see some world class whinging from the Aussie coach and authorities.

  6. Chris Sanders says:

    That’s what Australia wants us to do?Tow everyone right into line with tem,dictate to us,use and abuse us and do it their way which is playing right into their hands!
    This is unacceptable and time to throw Australia out of the game for once and for all if they won’t go along with the International rules as outlined by the RLIF!
    Time for Scott Carter to go as there’s no leadership in the game and take Gallop with him as well, because they both have nothing to offer the game!
    The NRL and SOO makes no money for the International Game and NZ does not need to pick players from the NRL either!
    Scrap the Warriors and send them on a one way trip to North Sydney Oval,out of sight and out of mind and the take the 2 owners with them as well!
    We can pick from within or SL and time to punish Australia severely for not playing to the rules!

  7. Chris Sanders says:

    There’s no leadership in the Game at International level and that’s why the ARL,NSWRL and NRL are out of control and are a law unto themselves, because there is no one to reign them in to make them tow the line!
    Blame the administrators for a change instead of me, as they are the ones at fault and not me and who’s trying to clean up Russia’s mess right now?
    Not the RLEF but me with my own money!

    • druzik says:

      Why are you trying to clean up Russias Mess?

      Look I am sure its in the best interest of the RLEF to sort Russia out. Thinghs need to be done within guidelines. Diving head long with no plan is not a solution.

      Chris be careful not to get burnt once more!

  8. International Observer says:

    Chris, not sure you should go on that way if you are now assisting with funding etc. A professional approach should start at the bottom and that includes sponsors, financial backers etc otherwise it reflects poorly on those you’re assisting. Just a thought.

  9. Chris Sanders says:

    I can say what I want without any kind lecture from the likes of you!I have no confidence in the RLEF,RLIF,RFL,NSWRL,ARL,NZRL and the Auckland Rugby League Board of Control because they are all dogs just using the game to suit themselves all towing their mates and hanger ons on the free ride and they are the fleas!
    That lot are holding the whole game back because they’re not interested in expanding outside their own patch.
    A big fish in a small pond mentality to it all!
    Go and talk to real Rugby League people like Jack Ripperly from Capetown Rebels Rugby League,John Slade from Estonia and Russian Rugby League and Dino Vikas from Russian Army Rugby League and they paint a totally different picture from the rest,for instance, posting lies like there are 33,500 Rugby League players in NZ is just one example of the many lies that have been posted on many RL Forums recently.
    Unlike you,the people I have mentioned above, know the difference between reality and fiction and most of the postings on RL forums is nothing else but pure fiction!
    It’s not base on any facts and that’s why the Rugby League Authorities don’t like me cas I tell the truth and they don’t want to hear the truth,cas the truth hurts!
    Hence,there’s a conspiracy to silence those that try and speak outand tell the truth like it should be and it’s worst than any mafia and now we have seen another kind of conspiracy where Rugby League has become a victim and that’s Russia!
    Russian Rugby League has been set upon by the Russian State Registrar of Sport,Russian Rugby Union,Russian Ministry of Sport and the politicial thugs within the Kremlin to rid the Rugby League as a sport for once and for all in that part of the World,yet the rest of the Rugby League set back and do nothing about it and it’s a repeat of what happened in Vichy France in the 40’s during the Second World War when Rugby League became the forbidden game.
    Rugby League has also become the forbidden game in Russia now and I ain’t prepared to accept this under any circumstances and I will fight this to the bitter end!

  10. Chris Sanders says:

    That’s the whole point!The RLIF and RLEF have no plans and I don’t need to worry about being burnt either!
    Where’s RRL going to get the money from Daniel!From the trees??
    RRL haven’t had a sponsor since 2009 and they are desparate and my money could help!Whether the game can survive remains to been seen,as it has been set upon by a conspiracy within and who’s going to gain out of all of this Daniel?Rugby Union??
    Since I have only got 2 more years to live,what use is money to me?
    Can’t take it to my grave like the Butcher!

    • druzik says:

      Chris the article is about the refereeing and not the RRL … yes both words start with R …

      The RRL needs to build up its sponsor and support base from the ground up, you need to build a base and build upon that foundation as many other nations have in Europe. Its a slow process but one worth doing. If you build a house of sticks it will eventually be blown over. My only piece of advice is don’t rush things as it seems that you are.

      Chris sorry to hear you only have 2 years. My thoughts with you.

  11. International Observer says:

    Relax Chris, I did not make a personal attack on you so I don’t appreciate your attitude. You have no idea who I am or what affiliations I’ve had with RL. I have in fact played professionally in several countries as well as been a coach and administrator so I know I am qualified to have an opinion. My point previously was, if I were looking for supporters and backers for a RL program or any type of venture, sporting or otherwise, I’d be concerned if one of those backers was carrying on like a pork chop online, being offensive and using bad language.
    As you rightly said you are free to say what you like, I have no issue with that. Those you say you are supporting may have an issue though. It’s about professionalism.
    And before you rant at me about NZRL, I’ve never played there and never been involved with the game in NZ in any way.

  12. Chris Sanders says:

    You can be Mickey Mouse for all I care but you did once state some time ago that you were a gun league player!Big deal!You also lucky that you had no involvement with NZRL because they are a waste of time and soon there will be no game here in the Shakey Isles to even worry about.Go and tell Edgar Tatariyan and John Slade to sack me from the Russian Rugby League Board of Control in that I am not suitable to be represnting them in any capacity what so ever.Go to http://www.ru-vereya.ru and drop them a line International Observer and have it out with them.
    On another note,people say that the Australians don’t need to worry about International football because they got SOO!
    Yeah right!A pile of … !What’s going to happen to their game when Queensland win the next 6 SOO in a row?
    That will be 12 Zip and their game will nose dive as Rugby League is now the 6th sport in Australia behind AFL,Cricket,Swimming,Tennis,Football,Rugby Union and then RL come a long 6 in a 6 horse race!
    Stick that up ya pipe and smoke that IO!!

    • druzik says:

      Chris please refrain from the bad language and be respectful to others. They have as much right to say things with out you shooting them doen. Debate is good but don’t make this your own public forum, I have warned you about this on many occasion.

      Are you suuuuure you are on the Russian Board of Control?

      If you want to make all the claims you want and show the evidence, you can easily got set up your own site or go to the police and mainstream media about it. I will happily reference anything you put up then. I have been telling you this for 2 years now.

      and if QLD win 12 in a row, then they win 12 in a row… League will not nose dive in Australia and you certainly have no idea about sport in the country Chris with your list. It did make me chuckle though.

  13. International Observer says:

    Chris, you are rude and always defensive. Again you have gone off on a tangent, which is no surprise. I am surprised however that you are still allowed to comment here given the amount of times Daniel has warned you.

    I’ve no interest at all in contacting anyone to complain about you, my comments were just food for thought Chris and clearly it was advice that doesn’t interest you. Some humility as a financial backer/sponsor would not go astray. If in fact you are assisting RRL that is a good thing and well done, just be mindful of the expectations the RRL may have of their sponsors. Perhaps setting a good professional standard in all areas, particularly with stakeholders is a good thing.

  14. Chris Sanders says:

    Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,and Yes!!

  15. deluded pom? says:

    Is Chris having a “When Harry Met Sally” moment?

  16. Chris Sanders says:

    Referees on the whole are voluteers and I never,ever criticise them at all at any level!However,I don’t agree with the 2 referee system in Australia which is illegal and the video ref.In reguards to Australia,Rugby League isn’t even a National Game there, as the game has never been developed properly and there are only 200,000 registered RL players in Australia in a population of 24 million which is not a great deal!At least Johnny Quayle was on the right track and the game would of boomed if he stayed on after 1996 when it went all pearshaped and since then we have,had very poor administration in Australia, with the obvious exception of Ross Livermore,formerly of Queensland Rugby League.
    In reguards to RRL and I will never mention it again on this site as people are bored stiff with it now, but they have no sponsor at all and the RLEF are out of their depth in Russia dealing with trying to get the game back on track there.
    As I have already mentioned to the point of boredom,the people on the RLIF,RFL,RLEF,NZRL and ARL are extremely limited and are next to useless!
    They are holding the game back!

    • druzik says:

      OK, calling it illegal is not correct, they are not making a criminal act of any kind with it. Its a question of right or wrong that the NRL/ARL always push ahead with ammendments that no one else is in any state to do.

      Well League is a national game in Australia Chris. There are state competitions in every state, and outside of State of Origin there is the AAS competition which sees the other states reps play and go on an overseas tour each year. Your figure is low, 200,000 would probably be in the Sydney/NSW region alone. a figure of 400-450k would be more accurate I would say.

      Chris, the RRL may not have a sponsor but why not work to getting a sponsor. Isn’t it better to work and get sponsors for the game, to bring in the commercial dollars. I can see that Victor Sapozhnikov is being very active on the social pages, and I am sure off them trying to drum up attention and get sponsorship. That is what needs to be done. Getting interest sitting down and trying to work out a plan. And remember these things don’t always work out. A sponsor in the end may not see value for them in a product, its not a grand conspiracy, its just business for them.

  17. Chris Sanders says:

    Tas gave me the figure of 200,000 and Dennis gave me another figure of 180,000 registered players and there’s approximately 200,000 children playing the game in schools in a watered down version of the game!This may be tig or tag and nipper Rugby League!
    Rugby League is nowhere near as big as Aussie Rules or cricket!It’s certainly bigger than RU in playing numbers as they only have 80,000 registered players!
    Football would have a lot more playing their game than RL or RU combined because Football have 90,000 registered players here in the Shakey Isles which is more than Rugby and league.

  18. Chris Sanders says:

    There is a conspiracy when I mentioned the rival code,the State Registrar of Sport,the Ministry of Sport and the political thugs within their Parliament to destroy the Sport for once and for all in that part of the World.This is a repeat of what happened in France in 1940’s when Rugby League became the forgotten game and read Mike Rylance’s book the forgotten game!
    A conspiracy is more than one and if that’s not enough evidence I don’t know what is?
    That’s the whole point too!No one sees any value in Russian Rugby League anymore and people in League circles here told me it’s a waste of time but they didn’t say that sort of thing when Kamaldinov was in power!
    Then RRL was the flavour of the month and that’s the power of money.

    • druzik says:

      Yes, money does speak volumes and when you have someone with money people always take notice … that is the way of the world, its not a grand conspiracy… you have to go and change human nature Chris.

      What happened in France was a dark part of the sport and world in general. What people did was mind boggling. Everyone in Rugby League knows about this part of rugby league history, but though Union still has its issues with League around the world, I am not sure its the grand conspiracy it once was.

  19. Chris Sanders says:

    And again Daniel deluded Pom is only joking just like the Partisan!I thought it was funny and my mates are laughing their tits off!

  20. Chris Sanders says:

    I got those figures from Tas and of course there’s a lot of social football and Masters don’t count!As far as people taking pot shots at me I have got broad shoulders Daniel and it doesn’t worry me at all!
    It was done in jest and I don’t mind people poking the borax!

  21. Interested Observer says:

    The last collation of registered RL players in Australia, competing in proper recognised comps from schoolboys right thru to the NRL was nearly half a million players. That’s not bad when you consider how many other sports are popular in Australia as well.

  22. Chris Sanders says:

    Go and see Tas Baiteri and Dennis Ward Interested Observerer.Those figures are grossly exaggerated and tell them who made them up that they are dreaming!
    A load of rubbish!Only 200,000 registered Rugby League players in Australia,35,000 in England,8,000 in Wales,3,000 in both Scotland and Ireland,20,000 in France,15,000 in PNG and only 9,000 here in NZ!

    • druzik says:

      How about you set up a website, and post the documents that you have with those figures?

      I would be interested to see those.

      The England, Wales, Scotland and French figures are fantastic actually, that is a big improvement on only a few years ago.

  23. Chris Sanders says:

    And in reguards to Russian Rugby League I am finished with it as I have no confidence in them and I am now helping my mate with Rugby League in Chechyna where I have been invited on their Board!
    However,I will help John Slade where I will hand him over the money as promised once he arrives here in NZ in 2 months time and he can do what he sees fit with it as I no longer interested in the Russian Rugby League Federation(just like RRU) as there’s nothing in it for me.I will also help my mate Dino Vikas with Russian Army Rugby League as the game is spreading like wild fire through the armed services,expanding the length and breadth of Russia, but I will no longer help the RRL in any shape or form,as they have cooked their goose and they don’t appear to want me to be on their Board and this ain’t good enough!
    This is offical and this will cost RRL a lot of money in the final analysis as the terms that they outlined to you on your Forums site, without notifying me first, wasn’t not only good enough,but it wasn’t what I agreed to in the first place.
    Once more, RRL have cut their nose to spite their face and in the next 12 months or so, they will either sink or swim and they will most probably sink if a new Board doesn’t come in to replace the current one, which is dysfunctional to say the least!
    I have withdrawn my services and I will no longer represent them here in NZ even when John Slade arrives!
    The documentation that they have forwarded me as their Official Representative here in NZ carries no weight!
    Tas will only laugh at it and once more the RRL have no idea how things work here’Down Under”or at RLIF level for that matter.

    • druzik says:

      Once again a very poor response and I think only shows your true colours, and that is not to try and help but to try and promote your interests.

      Also, Chris there is no Rugby League in Chechnya… that place can barely keep itself going and is under heavy influence of the Russians. Since they are part of Russia they will eventually have to come under the control of the RRL. I have asked and Dino is not involved with the Army Rugby League board, he only helps translate a few things for Rasul Rasulavich occasionally. Tas I think would side with the RRL rather than you on this. Also by giving your money over to John, you are handing it to the RRL since he is involved with them… so not sure how your claims of the RRL not getting your money are true, since they most probably would? This is following your statements to their logical conclusions.

  24. Chris Sanders says:

    Well you wrong about Chechyna like you were wrong about Rugby League not being played in Azerbijian,where former Russian Rugby league boss Alex Kolikov, has got 8 clubs up and running in the capital Baku.
    Chechyna is not Russian Territory as it was annexed by Russia in 1918 and go back and look at the history books and get it right.
    And of course Tas will side with RRL and not me and I wouldn’t expect anything different as the ones on the RRL Federation are the ones in power and not me.No argument there and not only have I pledged my monies to John Slade,but to Edgar Tatariyan,a person who I look up to as he has been to hell and back and Victor Sapozhnikov on their FB’s as I am a man of my word!I will honour my pledge irrespective of what has happened.
    And remember Tas and the RLIF still owe RRL $10,000(US)and it should be handed over without delay.

    • druzik says:

      Goodness, so you respect these guys, who ARE on the Russian Board, and pledged money to them, yet say that you will not have anything to do withn them… You keep contradicting yourself left right and center Chris.

      The way its looking right now is that you have spun so many webs that you cannot even keep track of anything.

      Chris, as of right now, Chechnya is part of the Russian Federation, suck it up. Till they get independence then they are Russians. Same as Catalonia are Spanish, they are part of Spain.

      And its not Tas that owes money, he is employed by the RLIF its not his pocket he owes money, the RLIF organisation owes it if at all, and the RRL will need to sort that out.

  25. Chris Sanders says:

    So how can both Wales,Northern Ireland and Scotland have International Rugby league,RU and Football teams when they come in as one as Great Britain for Olympic Games Competition which also means that Wales and Scotland can’t come into the reckoning for the Olympic Rugby Union 7’s in Brazil in 2016!
    And who’s the PM for Wales and Scotland??
    Of course I respect the RL folk in Russia and Tas is still looking after their interest on the RLIF and he’s the only one.
    After John Slade arrives in NZ,I am retiring from the game as I am no longer wanted here in NZ as well as Russia!
    However,I have left Russia Rugby League a small fortune in my Estate,as I am not married and not in good health to help the game there at the grassroots and John Slade will be witness to this when it’s drawn up by my lawyer in Auckland during his 8 day visit!

  26. Chris Sanders says:

    You putting words in my mouth!I didn’t that they were all corrupt and the big picture is that Russian Rugby League is on a knife’s edge and the RLIF,RLEF and the RFL are doing nothing about it!
    That’s a fact!

    • druzik says:

      Well … OK sorry, you never said corrupt but the implications have been there on occasion. By saying that the RLIF is not giving the moeny to the RRL and using it for other things does imply this.

      People are trying to do something, but you have to understand that they have limited resources and ned to use them wisely. You af all people should know that.

  27. International Observer says:

    Chris, did you ever consider that I know Tas & Dennis and that perhaps I based the player numbers on my RL knowledge and information I have access to? You are clearly passionate about the game which is great but be optimistic and supportive of it.

  28. Chris Sanders says:

    You are dreaming International Observer!I know them both too and one gave me 180,000 players and that was Dennis Ward and Tas gave me 200,000 registered players there in Australia,but he also said that they had 200,000 children(both boys and girls I must add)playing the game in schools in a non-contact form of the game which doesn’t count as it’s not the real McCoy!
    Those 2 don’t exaggerate about their game and of course Dennis has retired!
    I deal with facts and not fiction and I deal with many,many experienced Rugby league people,from all over the World, who also know the difference between reality and fiction,as most of the League crowd live in a dream World!
    I am very optimistic and supportive of our game because my pockets are always light,unlike the politicans that run our game,all of whom,have short arms and long pockets!

  29. International Observer says:

    Seriously Chris I can’t even be bothered to respond to half of what you post. I’ve tried to show some restraint with my comments towards you but you astound me with your lack of insight and a severe lack of tact. I know what I know and I’m happy with that. You sound like a broken record, please get off your high horse or your soap box, which ever one it is you seem to be on when you spew forth your nonsense. You hurt my brain with your rubbish. Sorry Dan.

  30. Chris Sanders says:

    Because things are written down by the media,people take it as gospel.I do my research and when people like Dennis Ward and Tas Baiteri give me figures that aren’t inflated,like they are with the media,then I know who’s telling the truth and who’s not!I have,had a lot of dealings with them and in fact Dennis and I meet on 9 or 10 occassions and he never stood me up unlike the politicans that run the game.
    I don’t have to lie about my sport unlike others do and take for an example the playing numbers here in NZ being at 33,500!
    That’s a lie.If ones goes through the sport draws in the Dominion and the Christchurch Press,one would notice that the hockey draws are 5 or 6 times bigger in size than the Rugby League ones and they have just on 35,000 registered players in their sport.The NZRL figures don’t stack up at all,because I am at the grassroots unlike them and they can’t pull the wool over my eyes.Hence,I can see all the evidence for myself,as the domestic game here in the Shakey Isles is in a very sick state and even Dennis admitted that when he was Director of Coaching for the NZRL between 2007 to 09.
    I tell the truth and don’t exaggerate and you have noticed that I don’t talk too much about the USARL in America, because I leave that to the experts like you and I take your word for it,as you are a lot closer to it than me and you seem to know what you are talking about.
    If I have any doubt,I always ring Tas cas Tas does not lie and neither did Dennis!

    • druzik says:

      Chris, how many Rugby League clubs are there in New Zealand at all levels, 10, 50, 100, 1000? And how many registerd players would there be at each club on average, 20, 100, 200, 1000?

  31. Chris Sanders says:

    Ellerslie Eagles have a 100 players yet 40 years ago we had a 1000 as we along with Otahuhu,were the 2 strongest Rugby League suburbs in the whole country!
    There are only 1,500 players in the whole South Island and again I have it in writing from 4 vey experienced Rugby league administrators at club level,3 of whom,are Life Members of the NZRL and they are prepared to challenge the inflated playing numbers released by the National Body at the next AGM at the end of March.
    Only 9,320 registered RL players and are they financial??
    Divide that by 20 and see how many teams there are Daniel??

    • druzik says:

      So you are saying that you don’t know????
      lets say If there are 200 clubs through NZ, with on average say 100 players that cover all age groups and divisions, that right there is 20,000 players. Unlike you I don’t discriminate between juniors and others as you so conveniently seem to do to bring your numbers down.

      If your friends have these conflicting figures of NZRL then why aren’t they coming out and saying something and positing it? Could they be using you to push their own agenda by telling all these things because they know you’ll do the dirty work and take the fall?

      Also, you Chris are single handedly stoping me from doing my work with all your persistent posts. You repeat like a broken record on every single topic. You never have anything constructive to say, you are abusive when someone has a difference of opinion. I do not have the time to police you the whole time, I do have a life outside of Rugby League that is being eating into by YOU.

      THIS IS YOUR ONE AND FINAL WARNING TO PLAY BY THE RULES… if I ban you again, its for good, I will not let you back on here ever, You can call that a conspiracy if you want, but I have better things to do with RLIS and my life than have to deal with your shenanigans 24/7. I suggest you take head of your own comments to people and our suggestions to you if you want to bring down the NZRL, RLIF, RLEF, NZ Government, Putin and who ever else you think has crossed you. I don’t need grey hairs.

  32. Chris Sanders says:

    Sorry I upset you so much Daniel!

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