Russia Seeks Sponsors and John Slade Joins the RRL Board

By Daniel Andruczyk

Recently a lot of news has started to feed into twitter and Facebook from the Russian Rugby League. They are now seeking corporate sponsors and to help fund the new 9s team that they intend to send to several tournaments around Europe as well as the Canadian tour later this year. Also Estonian Rugby/Rugby Leagues head, John Slade has also been voted onto the Russian Rugby Leagues Board as their International Development Officer. This should help promote Russia’s and Estonia’s interests within Europe and the RLEF and RLIF. Recent news of the Newcastle Knight interest in setting up an academy in Fiji has spurred on the Russians to try and do something similar.

Sponsorship Opportunities in Russia

From Victor Sapozhnikov

The RRL is currently looking for an international corporate sponsor that is looking to expand their product, service throughout Russia. The corporate sponsorship money will be used for flight-travel for the RRL, Canada vs Russia game being held in Toronto August 11th 2012 with a return game 2013 in Moscow in which the corporate sponsors name will be attached to the Cup, and RRL kit.
Please contact Victor Saphoznikov at:

“Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your ears!”

Let’s have Australian or English Rugby League Academy in Vereya/Moscow/Russia! First come, first serve!

Please contact Victor Sapozhnikov on:

Russian Rugby League:

Knights academy
Emoni Narawa
Tuesday, January 24, 2012
NEWCASTLE Knights Rugby League Club has expressed interest in setting up an academy for secondary school players in Fiji.

John Slade Joins the Russian Rugby League

From Victor Sapozhnikov

Mr. John Slade is the Russian Rugby League Board member for Overseas Development!

Welcome on Board, John!

John Slade

John Slade who recently has joined the RRL as their International Development Officer


Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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14 Responses to “Russia Seeks Sponsors and John Slade Joins the RRL Board”

  1. Chris Sanders says:

    Is this a piss take?

  2. Chris Sanders says:

    Yes!I told you so that people are only taking the piss out of Russian Rugby League and apart from you,Parra,John Slade,the Serbian RL,Rugby League Rebebels Cape Town,Canadian RL and the Ukrainians no one else is interested in it at all!
    The RRL not only have got no friends inside the Russian Federation itself but certainly none on the outside and they will be lucky to scrape up 2 bob in the way of donations from abroad!
    The RLIF,RFL,RLEF,French RL NSWRL,QRL,NZRL and the Auckland Rugby League have abandoned them to fight their own battle!
    And it’s good to see ya brother ParraEelsNRL back in town who does such a great job promoting the French Rugby League on the various Internet Forums and where’s ya coussy bro Polynesian Warriors,Parra’s sparring partner??
    Is he still around??

    • druzik says:

      Considering much of this I am also getting from John, you basically are biting the hand that feeds you. On one hand you are saying how much you respect Taturyan and Sapozhnikov etc… and then you say they are all incompetent and useless … I don’t think you really know which way is up.

      Parra does a fantastic job on the forums. I admire his work much.

  3. Chris Sanders says:

    Well some of the rest on the Board have not measure up and where’s the sponsorship?
    And of course Parra does a good job promotingFrench RL because no one else in Australasia does anything about it.
    I give credit where credit is due!!

    • druzik says:

      Ahhh … yes change your story to suit now. So the people running it are good or not?

      You had a chance to be on there, you were asked to be the RRL representative in New Zealand and you turned it down. It would have allowed you to do some real good for them, and from ther you could of had your chance to be on the board as you so desperately crave. But no, you slapped them in the face.

      They have to work for sponsorship, it won;t be just handed to them on a plate… you need to go out and actively work for it, not sit on forum moaning and complaining and doing nothing about it… that is truly putting your money where your mouth is, not just throwing money at them.

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    No one else is prepared to do anything and see who’s right and who’s wrong in 12 months time and I hope and pray that I am wrong for the sake of the game in Russia!
    If they don’t accept my money that’s their call,but John Slade is still coming down to NZ to see me,as other sports have shown huge interest in him and that’s not RL(with the exception of Singapore Rugby League),because they are not interested in RRL at all!
    That’s a fact!!

    • druzik says:

      Chris, aside from sittung on forums and making claims and basically killing threads, you don’t seem to do anything either. As I said before if you spent 1/2 as much energy into actually doing something good for the game as you do on these forums then things would be very different for you.

  5. Chris Sanders says:

    So what’s the RLIF doing about Russia?

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