Parliamentary Rugby League Group delighted with thoughts of BBC U-turn

Sent by Mark Ramsdale Ltd on behalf of the Parliamentary Rugby League Group,

As reported in yesterday’s Guardian “BBC Trust Opposes Local Radio Cuts” BBC Trust Chairman Lord Patten is considering instructing the BBC to reconsider its proposals to restructure BBC Local Radio services, which if implemented, would result in swinging cuts to sports coverage on local radio.

The Parliamentary Rugby League Group has been the most vocal campaigner amongst sports fans and has worked to draw attention to the implications that would result in heavy losses to sports coverage.  The Group also voiced its displeasure about the way in which the BBC conducted the consultations.

After reading the Guardian’s story, Group Chairman Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland said “We are absolutely delighted that the BBC might reconsider its position on local radio coverage.  If the proposals are put in place, fans of all sports – particularly rugby league and cricket – would be hit significantly.  We have been campaigning hard on this and it is gratifying that the BBC appears to be listening.”

The Group wrote directly to Lord Patten and Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC, making clear their displeasure with the way in which the BBC handled the consultations.  Lord Patten has today replied to that letter saying:

“We’re still analysing the responses from the public consultations, however, it’s clear the proposals regarding local radio, including issues around sports coverage, caused concern among respondents. I can assure you that, when considering the proposals, we will of course take this into account, alongside important factors such as where the BBC is providing services that the market doesn’t provide, the role local radio plays in local community cohesion and the fact that the BBC is often more trusted as a source of information than other media outlets.”

As the Group reported (24 Jan 2012), the BBC received thousands of responses to the consultation, with rugby league supporters providing the lion’s share with over 1,000 fans writing in.  The Guardian’s story confirmed this was more than any other as part of the Delivering Quality First initiative.

In his letter to the Group, Lord Patten went on to say that the Trust aims to provide an early indication of their position on the Delivering Quality First consultation in January, ahead of final conclusions in the spring.

Mulholland concluded “whilst this is a positive step, it is imperative all those involved in sport take an active interest in this issue and encourage the BBC to realise how strongly people feel about local radio services and the role it plays in communities.”

More information about the Parliamentary Rugby League Group can be found on the Group’s website:

The Guardian’s piece is available online at

The Group’s response to the proposals can be found at

To view the implications of the BBC proposals, visit


Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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24 Responses to “Parliamentary Rugby League Group delighted with thoughts of BBC U-turn”

  1. The Partisan says:

    Didn’t read much of the article – but I blame the RLIF, RLEF, NRL and especially the NZRL for whatever happened ? They’re all run by incompetents !

    Just gettin in early Dan !!!!

  2. Chris Sanders says:

    I get the joke partisan!Ha,ha,ha!

  3. Chris Sanders says:

    Partisan is only joking Daniel and if I can’t laugh at myself then there’s something wrong!

    • druzik says:

      I am glad that you saw the funny side of it Chris. But as a moderator running a public website I have to be careful. I will always err on the side of caution. If you are not offended by it I will not take it down.

      Issue over AFAIC. Glad we are all happy.

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    No need to take it down! … for now.

  5. Chris Sanders says:

    It adds to the flavour of the forum!

  6. Chris Sanders says:

    Go and have a look at others such as the forums on Planet Rugby league with stupid,stupid pictures and photos put all over the place and then they want to know why I give them a hard time.
    Like a lot of people in Rugby League,they can give out a lot but can’t take and that Rugby League forum site is designed for 5 year olds.

    • druzik says:

      “they can give out a lot but can’t take”

      You need to follow your own advice.

      Whats wrong with Rugby League Planet, That group does quite a bit for the sport. Not sure what your beef with them is?!

  7. Chris Sanders says:

    They put me in the Sin Bin for a week and it’s suppose to be for 10 minutes and it’s always me and my mate Polynesian Warriors who was once a gun League player here in Auckland in his younger days!
    They invited me on their site and I didn’t force my presence on it and they always give me and Polly grief when we tell the truth!
    Again people in Rugby League who try and speak out are always silenced which proves that there’s a conspiracy in Rugby League circles!
    People don’t want to hear the truth cas the truth hurts!

    • druzik says:

      Yeah and rightly! Chris the way you carry on, the fact they haven’t banned you is a miracle.

      And once agian, you talk about the truth but when I tell you to go and show all this evidence we haven’t seen anything in over 2 years.

      Its not about speaking out, its about how you speak out. You do not have any tact when you speak Chris, its that simple. I have over the years been able to tell Tas and others in the RLEF if I feel they are doing something wrong, I have been able to do it in a civilized manner and I am still respected and welcome among them. I do not get shunned… why because I treated them with respect and thus you get it back.

      If you don’t then don’t be surprised when you do not get it back.

  8. Chris Sanders says:

    I have all the evidence on paper,but when I wanted to post it to ya in America,you told me that you didn’t want it,cas it was my fight and not yours and when I gave you the telephone nos of people to ring supporting these allegations as you say they were,you didn’t ring these people at all.
    I don’t write conspiracy theories,I write conspiracy facts as I can prove them and that’s why they can’t sue me cas if they tried,it will open up another can of worms for them and I will trap them!!
    I’m just too good for them, as I don’t get lawyers letters through the mail but only letters of support from many,many Rugby League people supporting all my good work for the whole game of Rugby League in general.

    • druzik says:

      Chris as I have told you, I am not in the business of leaking things. I am not willing to put myself, the site or anyone else in any possible compromised position. I have told you that if you have the evidence the methods for YOU to get them out. My website is not that method, understand this please. I am trying to promote the sport not bring it down, and despite what you claim, your comments are only bringing it down at the moment.

      I have contacted the people you told me about and 2 things happened, 1. I had no response and 2. they denied things.

      Chris, I think you are trying to write conspiracy theories, and are trying to write yourself into them. This is how it is looking from the outside. You have completely gone about all of this the wrong way and it is back-firing on you, its that simple… and you refuse to learn from this. Do not blame anyone else but yourself for this.

  9. Chris Sanders says:

    If that’s the case why haven’t I being sued??

  10. Chris Sanders says:

    Give me your postal address and I will send you the evidence.Why was there a Government enquiry into the Governance of NZRL in February 2009 which amounted to nothing else but a cover up!
    If you go through the Archives of RLIS,I named you the 5 principal crooks involved in all the corruption in reguards to both Auckland and New Zealand Rugby League,considering that the Auckland Mafia are controlling the whole game in the Shakey Isles to suit themselves,as no other media outlet in the whole wide World,including the papers,radio or TV did,because they were just too scared of the thugs in RL,yet it appears on yours which you haven’t at all deleted!
    As I have already mentioned above,you were the first and only media outlet in the World to receive all this information where their identities were revealed to the public gallery through me as these RL forums shouldn’t be the CIA that buries the truth and go and ask Jesse Ventura!
    I don’t write conspiracy theories but conspiracy facts,which ain’t legally liable,as it’s well known that well known RL crooks with criminal convictions,can’t sue RL folk with no criminal convictions like me and your good self!They have no crediblity if they did take it to court,as it would opened up a whole can of worms for them as they will then be properly trapped!
    I have nothing to fear if I tell the truth and unlike others I don’t hide behind screen names as I stand up to be counted!

    • druzik says:

      Chris Why don’t you just post the evidence up on the web like I have suggested 1000 times and you never seem to respond too. Sending me any “evidence” will not achieve you anything.

      Chris its not about suppressing anything, it has to be done the right way, yours is not the right way. I have told you what to do, but you seem to want to have a buffer between you and what ever could happen… I have no intention of being any buffer for you.

  11. Chris Sanders says:

    Don’t know how to do it!It seems strange that both the Auckland and New Zealand Rugby League have people monitoring these sights all the time cas they have plenty to hide!
    The 5 people I named,all have criminal records and one who went crown witness in a particular case has since passed on.
    I was thrown off New Zealand RL FB,Kiwis RL FB,Auckland RL FB,NZ Maoris RL FB and Superleague Magazine FB!
    Why?Because they still got plenty to hide as Rugby League in the Shakey Isles remainds me a lot of the CIA in America!
    They want to bury the truth and the public deserve to know the truth!
    I am handing a lot of this information to John Slade when he arrives here in NZ in his offical capacity as Boss of Estonia Rugby League,where he will meet a lot of the victims who were set upon by the thugs of Rugby League,with politicial help when the corrupt Labour Party were in power and some of these thugs are still employed in the game!

    • druzik says:

      Chris if you spent half as much time learning how to post up this stuff on a website as you do hounding and taking over threads on here and other places, you would have been able to post all of this by now 2 years ago.

      Instead I think you crave the attention its giving you… Chris is my experiences with you are anything, the reason you got thrown off all those places was because you were being a pest… as you have been on here in the past… and are being now… and on other places. What do you think that John Slade will be able to do. He wont post anything up on his website, as a board member on RRL and ERLF he will also have to be careful and mindful what he says… I don’t think you have through any of this through. Stop talking an have a think about your actions.

      I have good patience, but mine with you is wearing very, very thin.

  12. Chris Sanders says:

    No I accept that but wasn’t it you who said that the RLIF had to have independents on it some time ago and isn’t that going to be a start when it does actually happen!
    I accept the fact that I am no longer involved with RRL and I will move on and give them a fresh start and I won’t mention it again as people are sick too death with it!
    Point taken and I will leave Russia to the experts like Tas Baiteri,Richard Lewis,Scott Carter,David Gallop from the RLIF and Kasandijian and Julia Bennison from the RLEF as they know more about Russian Rugby League than I do!
    I got enough battles here in RL to worry about what’s going on elsewhere!!
    OK Daniel!

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