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The RLEF’s three-year project to implement a standardised technical strategy, which will produce accredited coach educators throughout the regions, continued in Dublin this week with the Western European candidates completing the second of the three phase programme.

Two Irish, three Dutch, three Norwegian and three Swedish delegates, plus Roderick Attard from Malta Rugby League who was unable to partake in the Central Europe course in August 2011, all attended the four-day gathering at Dublin City University.



“Hosting events like this gives Rugby League Ireland the opportunity to interact with development staff from different countries around Europe and share knowledge to improve the growth of rugby league in our own nations,” said Brendan Guilfoyle. “RLI can now take another step forward in our development plan and offer enthusiastic volunteers the opportunity to participate in coaching courses in Ireland for the first time.”

RLI, Rugby League Norge, Sweden Rugby League and the Nederland Rugby League Bond now join their colleagues from the five Central Europe and three MENA (Middle East North Africa) governing bodies – encompassing a total of 31 delegates –  to have completed Phase Two.

“We had a hard-working four days at an excellent facility,” said project leader Martin Crick, the RLEF’s Coaching Manager. “Another eclectic bunch of characters, all highly motivated, participated; we’ve seen massive strides made by those coaches who attended the London launch in March.”

Dutch representative Jason Bruygoms labelled the course, “Extremely important…to the goals of the NRLB,” and noted how, “Everyone grew in understanding and personal development as the course progressed.”  His colleague Timo Meinders, a performance analyst with the Dutch rugby union, admitted, “I’ve learnt a lot in Dublin. This will help rugby league become bigger and of better quality in Holland.”

Phase Two in the Atlantic region will take place in Spanish Town, Jamaica, in April.

The first Phase Three course will now go ahead in Germany, next month.


Daniel Andruczyk’s email:

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  1. Interested Observer says:

    Do you know who the Swedish delegates were?

  2. Chris Sanders says:

    The Good thing that has come out of the RLEF which is hopeless to say the least,is that Britain are now starting to produce World Class Coaches,people in the shape of John Stankevitch, who did great work with the Russians last year,Paul Broadbent who got Italy to the 2013 RLWC and Lee Crooks who has single-handedly turned the Serbs around,where they lost narrowly to the Russians in the final of the Slavic Cup.None of these people get the plume SL jobs because it’s a gravvy train for shit coaches from the NRL just looking for the pension in the old dart and France and no wonder the whole style of football there is stuffed up.
    However,apart from that,the progress of these developing Nations in Europe puts our game in good stead.

    • druzik says:

      What are you on about. Paul Braodbent is coaching Wakefield, Stankevitch is still very green but his abilities have shown him good enough to at least become the director of Rugby League at Rochdale which is a great stepping stone to the Super League, Lee Crooks aside from a stint at Keighly and York City has not really been doing any coaching since 2000.

      If a person is good enough, they will get the jobs, even if there is a gravy train. You need to know how to work within the system. I bet you that John, Paul and Lee will get their chances if they are good enough.

  3. Chris Sanders says:

    Crooks knows what he’s doing and so does Schofield who rocks the boat just like Murph did and still does and this is what the officals can’t stand and that’s people standing up to them and not accepting their bullshit!!
    Stankevitch may be green,but so was Bobby Goulding when he was given the French coaching job and it was only you and I Daniel who backed him up,as everyone else saw him as a liability!
    I told Tas Baiteri that Stankevitch should be the next French coach,as he’s very capable of taking them to the next level and besides he won the Slavic Cup with Russia last year which is still counts for Silverware in my book!
    And go and read his autobiography and listen to his side of the story about Russia on his blog sites!

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    So how did Goulding get the job then when he had won nothing as a coach, yet he installed plenty of spirit in that French side??

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