A New Year and New Hope

By Daniel Andruczyk

Happy New Year to everyone! Yes I am back. Sorry for the long break, but several things came up all at once that needed my attention… like my job and my father visiting for a month where we embarked on a road trip across the Eastern United States managing to visit 21 states and one district in 4 weeks. It also gave me a chance to have a bit of a break, it has been a long year with much going on and had taken its toll which I needed to recharge. I think this has been sufficiently managed and so over the next week or two I will endeavour to get things back on track with Rugby League International Scores. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone, but I am sure that you all are aware of some of the other great websites that are now up and running that are keeping news of what’s going on updated to the world.

Newton’s Third Law – 2011 Review

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. A simplified statement of this physical law, but one that I think applies to Rugby league very well. There have been many reviews done of 2011 by various sites, so I am not sure there is any need to go into to great detail on this. Suffice to say that some of the major highlights and lowlights probably should be mentioned.

Off the bat the two big controversies that have happened this year were the splits in the USA and Italy. Teams and members in both countries were not happy with the way things were run. Claims of promises broken and not kept, lack of communication and poor management forced the hand of teams and groups to split into rival factions. Some progress has been made by the RLEF and RLIF in resolving the issues and this was and is ongoing through 2011 and 2012 so far. It still seems to be a waiting game to see where things will end up with FIRL/IRFL and the AMNRL/USARL.

In PNG, similar issues were afoot, where there were claims that the current board are not legally there. There was a to-ing and fro-ing from all factions there on having new board elections and then not having them, then going to court, not going to court. The RLIF finally had to step in and seems to have settled things down. In 2012 we await to see where things end up there. Remember this issue is what forced the resignation of Adrian Lam in 2010 and stopped NRL and ESL players from representing PNG in the 4 Nations.

On the flip side, however, we had the World Cup Qualifiers this year which saw 7 teams participate. In the Atlantic region the USA, Jamaica and South Africa competed at Campbell’s field in New Jersey. The USA saw success here, defeating both the Jamaicans and South Africans. They had a string team of imports that were able to out muscle a Rhinos team that was all domestic players. The Jamaicans, also with some strong imports did offer some greater resistance but in the end did not have enough in the tank and injuries to overcome the Tomahawks. In Europe Italy, Russia, Serbia and Lebanon also played for a spot in the World Cup. The Lebanese and Italians went in as the two favourites and it game down to their epic match to decide who it would be. After a draw and a better points differential it was the Italians that came away with the spot in the World Cup 2013.

But as always in Rugby League, things can never bee so simple and nice. These two teams winning of course brought up much debate in the Rugby League fan pages and blogs as well in some media circles. Namely, the two teams with the splits and not selecting players from the rival competitions sparked controversy as well as the fact that all both teams were basically stacked with imports with only 1-2 locals, should that be allowed? Now the rules basically state that yes they can, but the question stated to be asked, should this be changed.

Maybe with the change in the RLIF we will see this happen. 2011 saw a changing of the guard in the Rugby League International Federation. Colin Love finally left the organisation. Though overseeing a successful 2008 World Cup, by many he was seen to be an ineffective leader, not really doing much and not knowing much about what was happening in the sport world wide. Scott Carter from New Zealand has taken over and straight away we saw three positive developments come out. With the expansion of the sport in Asia and the Pacific, finally someone has had the sense to see that a Rugby League Asia-Pacific Federation was needed like in Europe (RLAPF). Though this is very new and not much has happened, we await with great anticipation to see how the sport in this region will develop with a new body to help govern and coordinate it. If the RLEF is anything to go by, it will be a huge success, if the right people are found. Second the structure if the RLIF has changed some what with now greater representation from all the nations in there. With Carter as Chairman, Richard Lewis has remained as his Deputy Chairman, David Gallop, John Numapo from PNG is representing the Asia-Pacific region and Nicolas Larrat from France represents European interests. Andrew Hill is the Secretary, which is where David Gallop was previously. Yes Australia/Asia and the Pacific still dominate, but at least there is movement there. This was not done with any pomp and fanfare. Third, a world wide audit of nations has begun, to make sure that countries are being run properly, things are above board and that there are no issues. This may help resolve issues in Italy and the USA as well as it will hopefully show which side is correct.

However of course Carters election was not without a reaction. This was not such an easy process to elect him with the British/Europeans not happy about it and threatening to walk out. Thankfully things were resolved. The Audit has not been welcomed by all countries. Though nothing official has been put out, on twitter and other sources, people are finding that this is not being welcomed in the USA especially.

A very bright spark in Rugby League this year saw the emergence of Canada as a potential new powerhouse in the sport. The hard work that these guys have put in see them now playing internationals on TV, with a good local domestic comp based around Toronto and a new one this year starting out West in Vancouver. They played all 3 of the world cup qualifiers with mixed success. They beat Jamaica and the USA, but also saw losses to South Africa and the USA away. Canada didn’t qualify for the World Cup Qualifiers because at the time of them being set Canada did not meet the required standards. However through this year many were asking if that should have been changed.

Asia also has provided a bright spark, with the sport now starting up in many of the Asian countries. The Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Pakistan to name a few. They Join Japan now who have been playing for a while and struggling on their own. This should help them somewhat as well. In Malaysia, Thailand and China there is also some movement in getting the sport up and running.

One of the massive controversies in International Rugby League circles this year has been the Uate-gate. This is the Fijian flyer, Akuila Uate who swapped allegiances to Australia, so that he can play State of Origin. This was basically a money move for him, turning his back on Fiji which he has represented within the world cup period between 2008-2013. Now that he has played for NSW and Australia this makes him completely ineligible for Fiji on 2013 if he is not chosen by Australia. This led on to other players in Australia and the UK which did similar things. Chase Stanley and Anthony Minichello sparked similar debated on weather they should be allowed to switch and play for England and Italy respectively. If Uate is not allowed to play for Fiji, then this year Minichello MUST not be allowed to play for NSW/Australia and Stanley MUST be allowed to play for New Zealand if called upon. We wait and see but we all have memories of the RLIF and their lack of enforcing rules.

2012 Preview

This year offers some great promise. And as every year we hope and pray that Rugby League will get its act together. In some respects this seems like it will happen, in others, sadly, it seems like same old, same old.

The AMNRL in the USA have launched a bold initiative, buoyed on by their World Cup Success, they have announced that they have new domestic teams joining the competition. No word on what they what to do with the USARL, if they will at all talk to them or not to resolve issues.  The Donnybrook cup will make a reappearance, though not the Colonial Cup. This seems a bit strange since domestically its the strongest competition they have next to Jamaica. The USA have chosen to play Tonga, Cook Islands and Japan. The Japanese game seems odd since the Japanese have basically no money to travel and well, though despite their great intensions and effort probably don’t offer much of a challenge for the USA. Unless there is a developmental aspect that the USA are going to be helping Japan with, I am not entirely sure of the point on this game. I hope it does happen though, it would be great to see a few of my Japanese friends again. One of the most curious developments here is the US Sevens Cup. Sevens… no one is playing sevens any more. 9’s is Rugby Leagues official shortened version so why not have a nines tournament?

Russia and Canada will be playing a game. Victor Sapozhnikov has been very busy on Facebook and other media trying to promote and also get sponsorship for this tour. This will be a two game tour in August, and should be able to provide some good opposition for both nations. It will be curious to see how these matches are played though, Russia has launched a bid to find players with Russian heritage and experience to play for them, one hopes that they will not be going down the path of so many nations where they just stack their national team with imports and no locals, this does nothing for the development of the game domestically. The Russians have also been invited by the USA to tour, and again this is all dependent on the financial state. The Russians also will have a dedicated 9’s team, that they will have to go round to various tournaments in Europe.

Of course, the bullying tactics of the NRL have had to show themselves once again. At the end of the year there will be no international matches played by the Aussies. Aside from the annual mid year test and the PNG friendly the RLPA in Australia has forced the hand and stopped any matches being played. So the tour by England has been cancelled or will be changed at leats. In a year, before the world cup where Rugby league should be showing its international face as much as it can, particularly with its premier 3-4 teams. its not. It will be sitting on its hands. This is something where the new RLIF should have stepped however along with the New Zealand/ Cook Islands farce of last year, has two blotches next to its name in my books.

The RLEF as always provides some light, they have now a two year domestic schedule with their European Cup, Shield and Bowl tournaments, nations keep expanding and growing in Europe. The RLEF is now finding it won funding sources such that its not entirely dependent on England or France which is great. This is the model that is needed and I have argued for a long time.

A Cross-Roads

International Rugby League, No, Rugby league is now at a cross roads as a sport in the world. It sits has options where to go, some will lead it up a new glorious path others will keep it as a small minor sport. Rugby league needs people that will work with each other, not individually for their own purposes. We can’t have anyone wanting to do things because its “their baby” or they feel they are owed something in the sport. Rugby league belongs to everyone, not just one person or a few.  All nations need to now work together to promote and grow the sport, they need to realise that the eligibility rules need to be changed to help the smaller nations, not strengthen the strong ones. We as a sport and as fans of the sport, this year need to rise above all else and show our love for the sport, we need to stop attacking our own sport and promote and help it. We need to encourage meaningful internationals, we need to have fans demand that the sport id played fair across the board, not have three different sets of rules that advantage just one or two nations.

We all need to make sure we take the right path. We do this, then we will never have to worry about other sports like Union, ALF or soccer having shots at us again. Lets make 2012 the turning year for the sport where we emerge from this cocoon a glorious and magnificent sport.

Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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34 Responses to “A New Year and New Hope”

  1. Alex-P says:

    Good to see you back Dan, and a good read as usual. I’m really looking forward to this international season.

    All the best mate

    • druzik says:

      Thanks Alex,
      Yes its been a long two months of having to do a lot of other things. Hopefully it all works out so it will ensure my job here in the states for a long time yet.

      A few changes happening this year too, I’ll be moving to New Jersey, so it will be easier for me to cover the AMNRL and USARL this year.

  2. Robbo says:

    Welcome back Dan!

    I have to agree with the questionable 7’s tournament in the US. A sevens tournament would create confusion with the IRB’s 7’s tournament but maybe it may be a ploy to attract RU players and may be a recruitment strategy. Who knows, David Nui seems to me to be very individualistic and his motives are set on what is best for him not the game itself.

    I also think getting RL in the 2018 Commonwealth Games should be a high priority for the RLIF as this would give the game some fantastic exposure and show the world that RL is a difeerent sport to RU.

    • druzik says:

      Thanks Robbo,

      I have to disagree about the Commonwealth games. I do not see the point of Rugby League being in Commonwealth or Olympic games really. Its a professional sport with it own main competition. It will only selrve to be a farce. Its like soccer or Tennis being in these competitions, they are there but no one takes them that seriously when you have the Soccer world cup, Davis Cup and Grand Slams to play for. Rugby league will be similar.

      • Robbo says:

        I’m sure you are aware that RL has been given a Category 3 status which means it has been recognised as a chance of future inclusion in the CG. Like the RU 7’s it would have to be a shortened version with a 9’s tournament. I am like you I hate the inclusion of tennis, golf, soccer etc but if they are going to be part of the status quo, then why should RL miss out.

        Wouldn’t inclusion in the CG give the game some much needed publicity and exposure and more importantly some extra funding? You just have to look at RU, with the 7’s inclusion in the Olympic Games, nations are now throwing resources and money at Union because it is now an Olympic Sport. Inclsuion would also show the world that the game of RL is an international sport and a chance to play in the tournament may attract new interest in the game.

      • druzik says:

        Well it may and it may not Robbo. I can see your point about it being a way to promote, but in reality who really does take any notice of the Commonwealth Games. Certainly Europe and the Yanks don’t. It also runs the risk, by having a shortened version of the game it starting to dominate of the the 13’s.

        There is certainly evidence in Asia and Europe to suggest that outside the usual powers, 7’s is killing 15’s. Clubs and unions are all deciding to go that way because it’s in the Olymoics and thats where the money is, its at the detriment of 15s. I have hard that in Germany 15s are on the verge of collapse because of this and Poland is going a similar way. Remember that the money in the Olympics is going to 7s and not 15s.

        Now 9s is great as an introduction for the sport, but it cant be done to the detriment of the main game.

  3. dragons4eva says:

    Good to hear from you again Dan! Hope your holidays were good.

    2011 was predominately a positive year in my opinion. Just internationals seemed to be generally fulfilled and numerous structural reforms for the better took effect.

    All the best for 2012 and hope you have a good year!

    • druzik says:

      Thanks Dragons. Yes, they were great. Dad was visiting for 4 weeks and we road tripped the Eastern side of the USA and Las Vegas.

      Overall it probably was more on the positive side, but some of the negatives are worrying and could cause issues if not resolved. As I said in my opening statements, Rugby League is a sport of action and reaction. Good things happen and then bad things counter them.

  4. kovana says:

    Why are they going to host a League 7s?

    • druzik says:

      Good question … no one else plays Rugby league nines anymore … it can only be a costs thing that I can think of. 16 international team tournament as well, curious to know which nations will be coming out for that.

  5. Billy the Kid says:

    Welcome back and great to see more news heading our way. I like to see an independent take on the game in the States.

    I am curious to see how the new AMNRL expansion teams work out as this has been floated before and failed. They have had several teams flip flop in relation to expansion. I would have thought that resolving issues with the USARL was more of a priority given that Niuy stated last year he would work with the USARL to repair the damage. Looks like this was nothing more then talk.

    The USARL have 8 teams already so why now look to expand with new teams when consolidating the ones you have in the States would seem a better way to move forward in the short term. Strengthen the game then look to expand it.

    Be good if the USARL gave us some news soon on what their plans are as well and some more info on their west coast expansion. I’d like to hear more about their new team in California, the Outlaws.

    Keep the news coming, you do a top job.

    • druzik says:

      Thanks BTK

      Well the AMNRL expansion came a bit out of left field, and already on some of the forums the Las Vegas team is causing contovrsy with their Logo. Seems that not much thought went into it. But I am sure that will be changed soon enough.

      I think that the USA qualifying for the world cup has spurred on the AMNRL in making their announcements, but I do know the RLIF are looking into things heavily. On the League Unlimited forum there have have been putting up twitter posts from Niu and others ranting on about the RLIF being illegal that they are looking into things etc… not sure what to read into that if anything, but its a world wide thing that the RLIF are looking into the runnings of every nation now, which is great to see.

      Not much has come out of the USARL, so its hard to know exactly what is going on there. But in a month or so I will be moving out to Princeton and so will be closer to the action and may be able to get more on top of things.

  6. Cheyne Maher says:

    Great to hear about your travels Dan, you definitely earned yourself a break! Great summary of the year and very nicely put your “call to arms” – positive energy spreads and it is a good reminder of why we all put in to the game!

    The RLAPF is particularly exciting, it would be great if this eventually matches the RLEF and comes up with structured competitions for all levels of nations.

    I think i have wrote something along these lines before but i would love to eventually see these two bodies oversee two to four regions within their respective “spheres” (not so much north and south but more time zone based).

    Originally when i floated such an idea i had kind of grouped East Asia with America, but with the emergence of so many Asian countries and the strengthening of Canada, perhaps they could each have their own seperate region? Also since the RLEF already have Jamaica and Canada as members and given the west coast of americas much closer proximity to Europe (compared to Aus/NZ where the RLAPF is based) it makes sense that they fall under the RLEF banner or the Euro sphere.

    My thoughts would be

    (Governs RL globally and global events ie. 3/4/6 nations and World Cups)

    RLEF; which would oversee

    MEGA (Mediterannean/Middle East and Greater Africa)

    RLAPF; which would oversee

    Oceania and/or South Pacific
    Eastern and/or Central Asia

    Each of the sub regions would ideally create their own governing bodies, but obviously a body for the Americas or Asia is never going to be as big as RLEF or RLAPF could potentially be, so i would still have them operate under the two bigger bodies governing each “sphere”. These two spheres obviously are based around the two major heartlands of our game, but could help the newer sub regions with funding, structure, coaching etc.

    Wow ….theres my first elongated post for the year lol!

    All the best for the new year Dan, good to read your thoughts as always! Cheers Cheyne

    • druzik says:


      At the moment its looking like it will be the RLEF, RLAPF, there is the MENA (Middle East and Noth African) Federation and I think you will find in the next few years we will have an RLAF (Rugby League Atlantic Federation).

      • Cheyne Maher says:

        Ok, sounds good. My only thought is perhaps South Africa (and all other African countries, such as Ghana which there appears to be some movement in according to an article i read) should join forces with those in the current RLMENAF. I just think that it would decrease the travelling distance for a country like South Africa (they would compete with the likes of Morocco and Lebanon instead of trekking to the USA and Canada etc). Being a Rugby hotbed they have the potential to move into that third bracket of nations in terms of competitiveness (with the likes of Lebanon, USA etc) and having another strong nation in a MEGA/MENA federation would be good for Lebanon too i feel.

        At the moment Lebanon are by far and away stronger than any other nation in their federation, but South Africa could provide regular competitive matches within a relatively short time span i imagine. I feel a bit for Lebanon as they have been moved out of the European structure for the next two years, so im not sure where their competitive opponents will come from.???

        You may not know Dan, but if they end up with just the four federations wdo you think the Asian countries fall under the RLAPF – as in competition/World Cup Qualifying structures??

      • druzik says:

        Yes it would come upder them. At the moment the Asia Pacific region is still only about 1/2 the size of Europe in terms of number of countries.

        Well once we get the african countries up and running, let worry about a federation then. Its whet the Atlantic one is being slowly developed by the RLEF.

  7. Marv says:

    Good to see you back mate. I didn’t realise there had been a new appointment at the head of RLIF.

    • druzik says:

      Yes it happened about the middle of last year. The RFL were not that thrilled about it and threatened to walk out of the meeting that Richard Lewis didn’t get in, but cooler heads prevailed and things have been sorted out I guess.

  8. International Observer says:

    From the USARL last month……

    It gave me much pleasure to see the clubs of the USA Rugby League demonstrate their resilience during a year which proved difficult across many sectors of the game.

    Peter Illfield Chairman of the USARL

    With the inclusion of three previously non-existent clubs from Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island, the tyranny of distance between matches on the east coast of the USA could have affected the consolidation of a competition in its infancy. Club resources, match officials and finances were extended to their limits but all prevailed to provide a fully completed and competitive season.

    Also encouraging is the interest generated in other locations of the USA with the intention to be key stakeholders for the USARL in developing and fostering the game. Individuals in California, Washington State, Texas, Colorado, Maryland, Pennsylvania and up-State New York have expressed their desire to be a part of the expanding picture of the USARL.

    Each club is to be congratulated on their efforts in developing the sport and constructing the best Rugby League competition in the USA.

    I thank Vanguard for being the USARL’s supplier of club-branded footballs and Akuma for their professional supply of playing kits and other apparel.

    Special congratulations are in order for:

    Jacksonville Axemen; hosting the New Zealand Police in April.
    Philadelphia Fight; completing the historic first USA club tour to England in April.
    Philadelphia Fight; hosting the first ever International 9‘s Tournament in the USA during May.
    Rhode Island Rebellion for initiating the non-profit American Youth Rugby League Association (AYRLA).
    Jacksonville Axemen again hosting the Atlantic Cup in November.
    On an outstanding note, Mikhael Shammas, Director Coaching and Technical, and Alan Chmielewski, USARL Match Official, created and are co-directors of the North American Match Officials Association. NAMOA is responsible for the education and development of match officials for the USARL. Both Mikhael and Alan attended workshops in London and have been accredited as RFL Match Official Course Tutors’.

    The second outstanding achievement is the creation of the American Youth Rugby League Association (AYRLA) by Lawrence Almagno, Director Club and Youth Development. AYRLA is a non-profit organization relying on volunteers and small grants to conduct and deliver RL activities and games in conjunction with the Providence After School Alliance. AYRLA’s 10 week program involves students in the critical 11-14yrs and 15-18yrs age groups. The majority of students are underprivileged and are excited to be involved in the program.

    In brief, the success of the 2011 season could be measured by:

    The introduction and participation of three (3) USARL clubs not previously in existence (OneidaFC, Rhode Island Rebellion and New Jersey Turnpike Titans).
    The completion of the first International 9ʻs Tournament played in the USA.
    The introduction by South Eastern RL of three (3) minor teams in Florida.
    Completion of all scheduled matches.
    A competitive season in which no club dominated over the course of the season.
    The higher-than-usual standard of venues in which matches were conducted.
    The initiation of AYRLA to conduct school based RL programs and competitions across the USA,
    No financial liabilities.
    No incidents seeking insurance claims.
    The establishment of a well constructed website.
    The future of the USARL looks positive and sustainable. There will be challenges to overcome and the USARL will continue to work with its Member Clubs and developing regions to consolidate their positions to increase participation, education and development activities.

    As planning continues to develop the game in the USA we will ensure that the legacy of the USARL will be felt by all the communities within Rugby League – community clubs, supporters, sponsors and volunteers.

    I would like to close by once again thanking everyone involved with Rugby League for their continued efforts, particularly at this time, to promote our great sport.

    Peter Illfield
    USA Rugby League LLC

  9. Chris Sanders says:

    On another note,Russian Rugby League is on the bones of its’ arse and if it doesn’t stay afloat it will be gone this year!
    John Slade is coming out here to NZ to see me in April and I am paying for his trip,hotels,food and transportation including a 3 night stay in Singapore,where he will meet people from Singapore Rugby League.
    I have pledged a five figured sum in American dollars that will support Russian Rugby League for the time being and I will have this in a separate bank account which I have saved and I wll give John the monies once he arrives!
    Russian Rugby league has had no sponsor over the last 2 years because of bully boy tactics from the Russian State Registrar of Sports which struck RRL off the official register of sports,Russian Rugby Union who have much to gain out of all of this, despite the fact that they are hopeless at their sport,the Russian Ministery of Sport and last but not least,the politicial thugs within the Kremlin itself, because they want to rid Rugby League for once and for all,to get back at Edgar Tatariyan!
    And what are the ………. on the RLIF and RLEF doing about it?
    Sweet FA as usual which has become the norm!!
    They just don’t care and would rather see Rugby League die off in Russia, cas it’s one less mouth to feed and it’s well known, that the RLIF have ripped off Russia RL of their $10,000(US) entitlement,as their share of the profits from the 2008 RLWC!

    • druzik says:

      Yes I know John, I have been to Estonia to see the Estonian RL. Why are you bringing him out? What is the end goal here. Are you doing something with Estonian RL or has John Left that and is now in Russia.

      Please watch your language too Chris.

      I am just wondering where you get the idea that $10k is owed to Russia. Is there something in writing that says that this is the case and for all nations?

  10. The Partisan says:

    No need for any apologies Dan – we all have lives outside our love of Rugby League ! Glad you had some father / son time.

    Through reference to the efforts of RL trailblazers across the globe I am slowly convincing people that the game has potential for expansion outside the its current position.

    May not happen overnight – but I think those children born in 2012 will be lucky enough to see a great RLWC IN 2033 !

    Look forward to another great year of your information and insights.


  11. Chris Sanders says:

    Tas told me the amount and John is coming here to pick the money up and if I send it to Russia,it could easily get into the wrong hands there too!
    The Auckland Rugby League,the NZRL and the NZ Warriors aren’t interested in seeing John at all as they see no value in him or Russia or any where else for that matter!
    Just only Sydney or parts of the North of England!

    • druzik says:

      Why not just do an ETF straight into the account you intend? Seems a very archaic way of doing things Chris.

      So Tas has admitted that Russia are owed $10k, so has he given a reason why it has not been delivered? I would suspect one reason is that there was no stability at the RRL at the time with the collapse and Klebanove taking off. The RLIF probably are being careful till stability comes into the ranks again.

      I am dissapointed to hear the NZRL did not want to meet with John, but then again what is John actual role in RRL these days. He did run Estonian RL but that has been quiet recently. Its not the Warriors job to meet with international delegates. If they see no value in it, then they don’t have to. Its true, the Warriors only see Sydney and England, that is where their business interest lie at the moment. If it ever changes then I am sure they will come looking.

  12. International Observer says:

    I copied that last post from a fb press release by either the Axemen or the USARL, sorry can’t recall which. Sorry it was lengthy but I thought some might be interested. They certainly had a good first year and now have the Baltimore Blues as another full time team for 2012. It does seem they are working hard to make it a success, so good luck to them. I agree with Billy the Kid about a coming together of both comps, it needs to happen to strengthen the game and to reunite players. This is in the games best interest and will make for a solid national team. No point both camps talking about it if they aren’t going to back it up with some type of effort to reconcile.

  13. Chris Sanders says:

    Find the USARL a sponsor Interested Observer because the game in America is also struggling just like Russia!
    If not put your own money up to prop it up!!

  14. Chris Sanders says:

    And the Poms did the right thing by threatening to wallk out and they should of voted with their feet, because Carter knows nothing about the game,hasn’t performed at NZRL level and has got nothing to offer the game!
    Carter is only using the game for his own ends and time people saw the woods for the trees!

  15. Chris Sanders says:

    Not only them but the Auckland Rugby League as well and it shows how small-minded the NZ Warriors are,a joint that both the Auckland Rugby League and the NZRL once ran,which they ran into the ground because there were just too many pigs with their snouts in the trough,some of whom,went to Russia on the invitation of Akhmet Kamaldinov,Elina Levina and Vladmir Dolgan,all on the free ride,to advise RRL how to run their game when they couldn’t run their own game right!
    A bloody joke and it’s well known that the old RLEF wanted to give Sasha Dennisov from Locomotive Rugby League the $10,000(US)from the RLIF in March 2010 just before they defected to RU 7’s and didn’t that crowd also appoint Victor Korev,Chief Development Officer of RRL, when Kasandjian and Julia Bennison came on RLEF after Kevin Rudd left?What has he ever done for Russian RugbyLeague because no one ever sees him?
    It’s pretty obvious why John Slade is coming here to NZ,because if I send the money up to Russia,it could easily be pocketed if it got in the wrong hands, as it is a quite a substantial amount of money!
    And far as I am concerned,the RLIF can stick their lousy $10,000(US) up their arse and tell them to keep it for their piss up fund!

  16. Interested Observer says:

    Always the NZRL, change the record Chris.

    Dan, not sure if you were aware and forgive me if you’ve mentioned it and I missed it but the Philly 9’s is now being moved to Rhode Island and will be held on May 19th. I believe Philly had some field issues for late May and the Rebellion have offered to host.

    • druzik says:

      I did not hear this, this actually is a good thing. It should be moved around the different venues each year, have them bid for it. I think it will make for a more prestigious event that way.

  17. Interested Observer says:

    I have herad that New Jersey are having a spell this year from the USARL and will concentrate on developing the club some more. They have been replaced by the new Baltimore Blues RLFC.

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