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Some more news from the North American continent. With Rugby League winding down in most places its great to see that there is still lots happening in and around the place. Youth programs in the USA, and coaching clinics in Canada as well as help for the Jamaicans. It great to see that the sport is till rumbling on.


From Romeo Monteith

Jamaican Rugby League Association (JRLA) has been handed a boost by the Rugby League Planet International Rugby League Club, to the tune of $1000 AUS dollars. The amount translates to approximately $85,000.00 Jamaican dollars and was handed over to the Association in October, 2011.

The grant provided is meant to give much needed assistance to the game at the grass root level in Jamaica and assisted with the country’s recent quest to qualify for the 2013 World Cup. Jamaica finished second in the Atlantic group qualifying series for the World Cup, winning one game against South Africa, but losing to the USA.

In confirming the Club’s sponsorship, Richard Cowley of Rugby League Planet said –“The Rugby League Planet International Rugby League Club would like to congratulate the Jamaica Rugby League Association winning the grant. The RLP IRLC received many grant applications from emerging rugby league nations. In the end the current development of rugby league by the JRLA along with their future plans to grow the sport caught the attention of the RLP IRLC club members who voted. We hope the grant helps the JRLA continue rugby league grass roots development in Jamaica and wish them all the best for the future.”

Rugby League has seen tremendous growth on the island since its inception in 2004, with over 500 hundred participating players in community clubs and educational institutions. The national team has seen positive results on the international team as Jamaica has an abundance of Jamaica heritage players playing professionally or semi-professionally in the UK.

However, the sport faces serious constraints on the island, as many teams struggle to find the resources to put teams on the park week in week out. Many players struggle to find the appropriate foot wear and there is a severe shortage of playing balls. Rugby league is not shown on local television; therefore it is difficult to attract corporate sponsors who continue to pump funds into traditional sports such as football, athletics and cricket.

Nevertheless, the JRLA continues to grow and promote the sport and valuable partners such as the RLIPR are greatly appreciated by the local administrators who are determined to get rugby league played across all 14 parishes of Jamaica. 2011 saw 9 community teams fight for national honors, a record number of teams since the game’s humble beginning in 2004. In addition, there are now 5 universities and colleges playing the greatest game and the game is now in 12 high schools across island, from Kingston to Montego Bay.

Commenting on the assistance received, JRLA Chairman Ventley Brown said “The JRLA has certainly grown over the past years, however financial constraints continue to be a problem; we are elated that the Rugby League Planet awarded us this grant. We hope that this partnership will be a continued one and we will use all mediums to highlight the wonderful assistance of the Rugby League Planet and our other valuable partners and sponsors”.

Information about the RLPIRLC

The Rugby League Planet International Rugby League Club is a fledgling organisation with so much potential. Originally formed as a way for the members of the www.rugbyleagueplanet.comforum to not just talk about growing our great game, but get hands on and assist well deserving nations, it now has limitless potential. It’s hoped that the club can at least double the grant for the 2011 -2012 period.. The Rugby League Planet International Rugby League Club are always on the lookout for new members and have kept the price at the affordable level of $10 AUS per month. However, one off donations are always welcome. If you want to help grow rugby league and gain voting rights for the grant , Click here to join up. Email or check out the specfic forum at!/ItaliaRL

Youth Rugby League making an impact in New England schools

From Lawrence Almagno

With 56 middle schools kids playing Flag rugby league for the first time, the USARL’s American Youth Rugby League Association (AYRLA) has already captured the interest of local officials and other community groups.

While only midway through the 10 week program, initial feedback has seen groups like the Providence After School Alliance’s HUB and the Institute for Non- Violence discuss co-partnerships with AYRLA to involve work with programs that expand beyond Flag Rugby League.  Plans are in the works to include local youths in coaching programs with the AYRLA via the USA Rugby League and also match officiating programs with NAMOA.

AYRLA kids will also participate in a current raiser to the British Royal Marines vs New England Immortals hosted by the Rhode Island Rebellion (comprised of USARL New England teams) on April 27th.

Lawrence Almagno, Director of USA Rugby League’s Club & Youth Development program AYRLA , CEO of the RI Rebellion and Current Roger Williams University Law Student commented, “What we have accomplished in the past 6 weeks has been incredible.  With 100% enrolment from the middle schools we now have waiting list for new kids to join through word of mouth.” He continued, “The Rebellion brand is celebrating tremendous support in the local community and as a result we are now part of discussions for making Rugby League part of the culture for local high school aged youth.”

The Rhode Island Sports commission, which is tied into the Tourism Council of Rhode Island is also backing the Rebellion to host the 2012 British Royal Marines and the USARL Grand Final by offering access to stadiums, facilities, PR and hotels.

Special thanks go out to Rugby Imports who donated team t-shirts and Chris Palombo who has generously donated a ball for each kid playing.   If you are interested in supporting or sponsoring a local school, please contact Lawrence Almagno

To learn more about the AYRLA program, please visit the AYRLA Blog / Website

Canadian Rugby League to hold first Rugby League Coaching course

From Jamie Lester

(North York, Ontario) Canada Rugby League is pleased to announce that they will be holding their first ever coaching course on December 3rd. The course will be a level 2 – ‘Senior Club Coach’ course which will be a part of a three tier structure.

The level 1 course – ‘Introduction To Rugby League’ will be the first step for people that are new to rugby league; however, people with prior rugby league experience can move straight to the level 2 course. The level 3 course – ‘International Games’ will be an elite course for coaches that demonstrate an outstanding knowledge and understanding of the game.

The course will be the first of many in a plan to have 50 registered coaches across Canada in the next two years. CRL Chairman commented “We are looking to develop coaches that can take our players to the next level, and we’re really excited about our first CRL administered coaching course.”

The course will be an all-day course held in Toronto on Saturday, December 3rd. For more information, or to register for the course please contact


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