Wayne Allen Scores a Double for Jamaica in WCQ

By Daniel Andruczyk, at Campbell’s Field, Camden New Jersey, USA, 19/10/11

Today saw some dour condition in Camden, New Jersey, for the second of the Atlantic Zone Qualifiers. A Jamaican team, bristling with overseas stars, had to overcome some atrocious conditions in Camden New Jersey to beat the South African Rhinos in their opening match of the 2013 Rugby League World Cup Qualifiers. The Rain meant that the speed advantage that Jamaica would have had would be largely negated and thus would have to slug it out with the Rhinos who have shown in their last two outings that they certainly can match it physically.


However, it only took 5 minutes through the Fullback Paul White for Jamaica to open the proceedings and with Jymel Colman’s conversion they lead 6-0. In the 10th minute it seemed that the Jamaicans would be in again on the right wing through Waine Pryce but the ball was called forward. A few minutes later a head high – reminiscent of the old ‘clothes hangers’ of the 70’s and 80’s – was put on the Jamaican half back and this seemed to bring the whole team in to defend the guy. Super League referee, Richard Silverwood brought order quickly. This gave the Jamaicans the field advantage they needed and spent several sets of six parked on the South African line, in the 20th minute the line broke and Wayne Allen went in for Jamaica’s second taking it to 10-0.


In the 38th minute South Africa had a genuine chance when they had a penalty and kicked for touch, only to find it didn’t make it. The return run though saw a massive tackle and the ball spilled, which put the Rhinos on the charge. Eventually they were able to cross over for the try right on half time giving the Jamaicans a slender 4 point lead.


In the second half, the Jamaicans came out firing. The rain really started to come down and the ball and conditions were slippery, many of the players were finding it hard to stay on their feet. Another forward pass saw a try go begging to Waine Pryce in the 53rd minute. But 5 minutes later the Jamaicans made amends with the Hurricanes youngster Ryan Grant going on for a 4 pointer. South Africa were able to get themselves into good field position, a great set of attacking plays saw them put up a bomb, but with the abnormally small in-goals it went out on the full and the Jamaicans survived another round of attack.


South Africa then had a scare with their number 10, Christo Joubert knocked out on the 69th minute as he went in for a tackle and lay motionless for several minutes. He eventually came to but came off the field. Almost on Full time Jamaica went in for the fourth and final try of the game with the winger Wayne Allen once again the beneficiary. This secured the 20-6 win and it sees South Africa leave the shores, though defeated, proud with what they were able to achive with a team of locals against professionals.


Sundays game is shaping up to be a juicy one, though a tough slog today, the Jamaicans showed that they have the firepower in the worst of conditions. Its meant to be sunny on Sunday and that should show the talent from the Aussies and English there. The task will be, can the speed of the Jamaicans get them over the line, or will the methodical precision of the Australian game be the clincher?

South Africa

4. Hans du Pleise, 11. Rudolf Prinsloo, 3. Henry du Toit, 19. Riaan Engelbrecht, 5. Johan Fritz, 6. Pieter van der Nest, 7. Andre Loader (c) , 8. Christo Louw, 9. Gerrie Slabber, 10. Christo Joubert, 11. Sivive Mpondo, 12. Jonathan Soares, 13. Stevie Meyer, Subs: 14. Gerhard de Wet, 15. Marcelle Slabbert, 16. Deon Kraemer, 6. Francois Greyvensteyen


1. Paul White, 2. Waine Pryce, 3. Corey Hanson, 4. Ryan Grant, 5. Wayne Allen, 6. Karl Pryce, 7. Jymel Coleman, 10. Jode Sherliffe, 9. Jamaine Wray, 8. Romaine Campbell, 11. Lamont Bryan, 12. Danny Bravo, 13. Joseph Brown, Subs: 14. Richie Barnett, 15. Roy Calvert, 16. Tyronie Rowe, 19 Ross Peltier

South Africa 06 – Try: Sivive Mpondo, Conv: Deon Craemer(1/1)

Jamaica 20 – Try: Paul White, Wayne Allen(2), Ryan Grant, Conv: Jymel Coleman (2/4)

Penalties: South Africa 17, Jamaica 17

Scrums: South Africa 11, Jamaica 8

Referee: Richard Silverwood (England)

Crowd: 30

MoM: Gerrie Slabber (SA) and Jamaine Wray (Jamaica)


Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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12 Responses to “Wayne Allen Scores a Double for Jamaica in WCQ”

  1. wrightyho says:

    sounds like a dissappointing affair, what with the weather and all, and only 30 people turning up to watch a messy game well done to both sides for toughing it out but maybe one to quickly forget and move on from lets hope for a complete contrast at the weekend when jamaica take on the hosts in what should be a promising encounter

    • druzik says:

      If the weather improves then Sunday should be good. I am a bit worries about the pitch though, the grass was being torn up too easily and it could be an issue on the ankles. Seeing people at 1/2 time walking around and pressing down the divots is never a good sign.

      I would not say it was disappointing though, it was as it was was, I think everyone made the best of the weather conditions.

  2. Steve says:

    Druzik, do you happen to know what South Africa’s plans are when they head back personally I believe we have to strengthen the game over there and send more quality international teams. PNG, Scotland, Ireland, Germany could all provide a decent match for them. They should be doing all they can to get to the 2017 World Cup, are you able to find out who there 11 eligible players from the NRL and Super League are, what the plans for next year and the future. Everyone obviously knows that they would be suited to rugby league so the RLIF should be doing more to support them. If you would be able to get some news on South Africa it would be much appreciated.

    • deluded pom? says:

      PNG would be way too strong, even with a domestic based team, for SA at the moment. A domestic Scotland and Ireland would be a good test for them though. Germany would get hammered by the Saffers at this moment in time.

  3. Chris Sanders says:

    I have seen less people for Representative Games here in Auckland wrightyo and us RL folk have to crawl before we can walk!Beggers can’t be choosers because the game of Rugby League is struggling on its’ knees!
    It was better than no game!

  4. KeighleyWeb says:

    Well done the Raggae Boys, a crowd of 30 is pritty bad, lets hope sundays Jamaica vs USA is a sell out.

  5. Saffa says:

    Guys, as much as I admire your positive thought regarding the possible South African “market”, it is looking pretty bleak.

    It is a union stronghold of massive proportions, League is not even shown on f2a or pay TV channels in the republic.

    But you could have some success if big $$$’s are spend, pretty big mountain to climb though.

  6. jannerboyuk says:

    will the reggae boys ever get a home game? any teams planning a tour?

    • druzik says:

      Yes at some point, they have hosted teams like the Airforce before. The one issue that the Jamaicans have cited with me is that the facilities they have are not up to standard at the moment to host a full international. But despite that I have encouraged Romeo Monteith to still look at doing a game, I am sure the USA and Canada can understand and look past that once or twice to help the sport develop in Jamaica.

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