USA Make History Qualifying into the World Cup

By Daniel Andruczyk

USA 40 – Jamaica 4

A beautiful day in Camden met the USA and Jamaica, who were both looking to create history by qualifying through to their first Rugby League World Cup. This game was also Military Appreciation day which saw the 800 strong crowd treated to displays from the armed forces and saw the swearing in of new recruits.


The game started out in a fast and furious fashion with both teams throwing everything at each other, Jamaica had the best of the opening 30 minutes dominating field possession and pushing the line. The USA though showed signs of their ability to dominate, twice they made it to the line and both they threatened. Only a forward pass and then an intercept prevented them going over. The 26th minute saw the Jamaicans went over to open the scoring. It took however another 10 minutes for the USA to hit back through Stephen Howard with Joseph Paulos conversion putting them 6-4 at the half time break.


The second half saw a much more dominating USA Tomahawks. It took only 5 minutes for them to open the scoring through half back David Morando. From there it was a dominant USA game. Silly penalties and dropped ball from the Jamaicans started to creep in. Plus with injuries to three of the players reduced their bench to only one. The USA was quick to exploit this. Mitchell Stevens went over soon again and then two silly penalties for holding down saw the USA kick two goals and race to an 18-4 lead.


The USA then really started to put on a show with the ball being moved around and kept alive. The USA kept the ball in the Jamaican half and this really allowed them to put the pressure on. Spilled balls from the Jamaicans in the last 10 minutes saw the Tomahawks have great field possession and this allowed them to score three more tries through Mark Cantoni, Danny Howard and Mark Offerdahl.


The USA now takes the first of the two qualifier spots in the 2013 World Cup, this is history as it’s the first time that the USA have made the world cup in Rugby League


USA 40 (6)

1. Matthew Petersen, 2. Sione Taufa, 3. Mitchell Stevens, 4. Ryan McGoldrick, 5. Michael Garvey, 6. David Myles, 7. David Marando, 8. Junior Paulo, 9. Apple Pope (C), 10. Mark Offerdahl, 11. Danny Howard, 12. Mark Cantoni, 13. Joseph Paulo, Subs: 14. Stephen Howard, 15. Sean Taylor, 16. Curtis Cunz, 17. Andrew Kneisly

Tries: S. Howard (36), Marando (45), Stevens (51), Cantoni (68), Miles (73), D. Howard (75), Offerdahl (77)

Goals: Joseph Paulo 6/9


1. Paul White (C), 2. Waine Pryce, 3. Richie Barnett, 4. Omari Caro, 5. Wayne Allen, 6. Karl Pryce, 7. Jymel Coleman, 8. Lamont Bryan, 9. Jamaine Wray, 10. Jode Sheriffe, 11. Danny Bravo, 12. Corey Hanson, 13. Joseph Brown, Subs: 14. Ryan Grant, 15. Tyronie Rowe, 16. Ashley Johnson, 17. Ross Peltier

Try: Hanson (26)

Penalty count: 9-7 to the USA

Scrum: 5-6 to Jamaica

Crowd: About 800


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