Ukraine in Serbia for the Slavic Cup and South Africa Prepare for WC


The Ukranian’s are on a two game tour of Serbia where they will play the next leg of the Slavic Cup. The South Africans are preparing for their World Cup Qualifiers with a warm up match against the Canadians. Also some news from the USARL AGM with more youth development.


From Phil Caplan

The Ukrainian Rugby league team arrive in Serbia this week on a two match tour.

On Friday, 30th September they face Serbia at the Ada Ciganlija 3G stadium in the second game of the Milan Kosanovic Cup, named after the former Yugoslavian-born hooker who starred for Wakefield at Wembley in 1962 when Trinity defeated Wigan.

In the opening match of the Cup, Russia won in the Ukraine 36-4. The final tie sees Serbia play Russia in Belgrade as part of the 2013 Rugby League World Cup European Group Qualifiers in late October.

In the second game of their Serbian tour, Ukraine take on Red Star Belgrade on Sunday 2nd October.

Jovan Vujosevic, Rugby League European Federation Central European Regional Director, commented, ‘’This is a great opportunity for two nations to meet and play for the first time. The Serbian team highly respects the Ukrainians knowing of their athletic performance in other sports. Personally I would like to thank the Ukraine Rugby League Federation for the extraordinary effort they have invested in making this long and demanding trip.“

Ukraine player/coach Sergiy Kravchenko noted, ‘’This competition is a highlight of this season for the Ukrainian national team so we are preparing to ensure the result is a good one.”


From Phil Caplan

South Africa face Canada on Sunday 9th October in a warm up game before their 2013 Rugby League World Cup Atlantic Group Qualifiers against USA and Jamaica later in the month.

If the Wolverines beat the Rhinos, however, they will have defeated all three of the World Cup aspirants at home in recent weeks having triumphed against USA in the Colonial Cup 18-16 and before that Jamaica 40-10, which was their first international win.

Newly appointed Canadian Head Coach Richie Moore is looking forward to his side’s next challenge.

“At times against the States we looked like a classy rugby league team,” he said. “We were hungry on defence and showed glimpses of brilliance on attack”.

“We know we need to improve and are continually striving to be the best we can be. The lads are ambitious, we have no idea how good South Africa are but this is their World Cup squad so I think it will be our toughest challenge”.

Canada Wolverines face the South Africa Rhinos at Fletchers Field in Markham, Ontario

PASA AfterZone Rugby League Program

From Lawrence Almagno

At the USARL AGM in Providence Lawrence Almagno was appointed Director of Club & Youth Development, where there have been a few developments already.

Currently we have 7 Coaches for the After School Programs, 4 Teams at 2 Schools: Philip Henry (Boston 13s), Mik Shammas (Boston 13s), John St. John (RIR), Anthony Nardolillo (RIR), Lawrence Almagno (RIR), Josh Kent, Eric Hall

Secondly there is the possibility of the Providence After School Alliance (PASA) coming on board to also teach the sport in schools. Below is some information on PASA and other programs.

About the Providence After School Alliance

The Providence After School Alliance (PASA)  has a mission to expand and improve after-school, summer, and other expanded learning opportunities for the youth of Providence. PASA’s AfterZone model is a resource-efficient expanded learning model that serves middle school youth with hands-on, experiential learning, as well as with a wide variety of sports, arts, and music activities. The AfterZone knits together a network of partners from the public and private sector that include the city, school department, community providers, and local non-profit and business organizations, creating a public/private system that draws on the strengths of the Providence community and contributes to student success while encouraging healthy social and emotional development in the city’s young people.

About the Boys & Girls Club of Providence

For 140 years, the Boys & Girls Club of Providence has provided safe and fun environments for children and youth in the neighbourhoods where kids live. We provide services through professionally trained full-time and part-time staff. Our mission is to enable and inspire children and youth, especially those from diverse or difficult circumstances, to reach their full potential as productive, responsible, and healthy members of their community, the State of Rhode Island, and the nation. Boys & Girls Clubs are open afternoons, evenings, and weekends; the times of the day when kids need us most. We provide programs and activities based upon a nationally recognized youth development strategy.

Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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23 Responses to “Ukraine in Serbia for the Slavic Cup and South Africa Prepare for WC”

  1. Chris Sanders says:

    Phil Caplan is wrong.Wakefield Trinity did not play Wigan in the Challenge Cup Final of 1962 at Wembley.It was Huddersfield who played Trinity that year with Wakefield winning 12/6 in a tight encounter.Neil Fox scored a great try for Trinity and also got a great drop goal as well.Tommy Smales,the Huddersfield srumhalf scored a stunning consolation try to reduce the arrears and it was the following year when Wakefield meet Wigan with Trinity coming out winners over the cherry and whites of Wigan to the tune of 25/10.I saw these 2 games on black and white tv here in NZ in the early 60’s as a small child cas the Poms were the kings of Rugby League during those times as they were my heroes.
    Never the less, I am very happy that the Ukraine are touring Serbia next week.
    The Slavic Cup!The start of something big for our Game and roll on others!

  2. Robbo says:

    Great to see the USARL get involved in the youth development. How many years has the AMNRL been in existence for and now we only see junior development beginning in the USARL’s first year?

    • druzik says:

      This seems to be the argument a lot of people are making.

      • dragons4eva says:

        Well i think its a valid point. Importing players from Hawaii from other sports to play on the national team is the worst kind of method you can do to spread the game. Its like basic economics, you don’t expand your product from a ‘trickle down effect’ you expand by working on a solid foundation and working your way up.

        The USARL know this and they will be rewarded for years to come. Relying on ‘cross coders’ and adult players will only get you so far which (in my own opinion) the USARL are more productive in how they spread the RL Gospel then the AMNRL!

    • tax_dodger says:

      S’good point actually. Is it possible for the USARL to apply for RLEF membership? Obviously the AMNRL have RLIF recognition, but the way to develop in the Northern Hemipshere is through the RLEF, and the AMNRL don’t look any likely to join it themselves.

    • Corey says:

      I talked to David Niu about his junior development programme before the split and he said his focus was on EagleTag (OzTag to Aussies and KiwiTag to Kiwis). He said they would learn the basics of passing and running with the ball (which is a new thing for them over there) and tackling would be taught at a later stage in life (out of school).

      I thought tackling should be taught alongside passing as these 2 techniques are integral to the safety of the game, although they would possibly learn this from Gridiron (except leave out the head dives).

  3. Thanks Dan… if anyone cares to follow the Youth Development Programs and track our progress.. I have a Blog

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    And I also noticed that Hungary are touring Serbia at the moment which is all good.Plenty of International Games at the moment which is even better.This gives our Game profile despite what others think!
    Daniel,it’s hardly surprising that the game between the Cooks and NZ has been called off and it shows the ablity of the NZRL(Inc).They remind me of headless chooks and this what happens when we have novices running our Game in the Shakey Isles because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing especially when they have no background in Rugby League.No wonder the Poms walked out at the RLIF Board meeting here in Auckland in May and every picture tells a story!
    They listen to the wrong people who aren’t genuine and they don’t go back to the right people to seek the answers they require to solve matters!
    On a final note,which countries qualify for the Slavic Cup??

    • druzik says:

      Yes it is good to see the Hungarians getting some more games in.

      Well, they claim that injuries were what caused the cancellation, but are looking at a game later on… we’ll see what happens. Its been very disappointing news indeed.

      The Slavic cup involves the three more established Slavic nations, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine. The Czechs I guess felt that they were not up to the same level as those three countries to play in it. Maybe down the line it will be expanded as the Czech’s get better… and who knows maybe we’ll have Poland play in it as well.

  5. Chris Sanders says:

    I told you so that the New Zealand Rugby League were hopeless!This shows their inability to run a Game and time they all went and stop wasting our time.
    They know nothin about the Game and won’t listen to the right people who know how to solve the problems!
    Novices or amateurs running a professional sport and the Government Dept Sparc who appointed these people on the NZRL and the CEO Jim Doyle in the first place, plus the people on the 7 Zones around the Countryside,have got a lot to answer for!
    Sparc and the Government and Sir John Anderson are the ones at fault,yet the District Leagues or Provinces won’t rock the boat because they accept mediocrity as the norm.They only interested in their own small patch,in other words,beig the big fish in the small pond!That’s there whole mentality.
    This is why the Game doesn’t go ahead here and at least Hungary,Ukraine and others are flying the International Flag for Rugby League unlike NZ!
    People here couldn’t care a toss about International Football because they’re far too parochial for their own good!

  6. RIR says: – Link to today’s Blog…. We had our First Session

  7. Bailey says:

    Any chance of posting that story on the OC Outlaws from the SoCal Rugby news?

  8. Chris Sanders says:

    The proof in the pudding is always in the eating!The NZRL have shown their true colours with the cancellation of the test match this weekend in the Cooks, yet people still want Scott Carter to run the RLIF??
    The best thing that Scott Carter could do, is to follow a horse with a shovel!
    That would be far mor appropiate cas he would be more use there and I told you so Daniel, that we are only flogging a dead horse in reguards to the NZRL(inc)
    In horse racing terms, that lot ain’t worth feeding!
    Time for a total clean out from top to bottom.

  9. RIR says:

    Day 2 / week 1 wrap up with Photo’s!!! I think we are on to something Here in the USA Rugby League/ RIR with this Youth Development thing!!

  10. Chris Sanders says:

    Good on ya RIR and we thank people like you for keeping our Sport alive in your neck of the woods.
    People like you don’t go unnoticed!

  11. RIR says:

    Thanks Chirs.
    The point is to get noticed ; ) … The more attention the more the sport develops. However the attention must be good and if your getting the attention you better deliver. If not stay silent.

  12. Chris Sanders says:

    Well!If it wasn’t for Internet this would not be possible RIR!
    Internet will save Rugby League from oblivion, cas our beloved administrators are doing their level best in trying to destroy the Sport, cas of their huge egos,their share stupidity and they are only interested in their small circle of mates and pissing in each others pockets!
    That crowd couldn’t even organise a piss up in a brewery and when they do happen to strike gold on the rare occurrence,they only piss it up against the wall!

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