RLIS is Back on Board

By Daniel Andruczyk

I am back from my two weeks of travels. I would love to say that its been a nice relaxing time, but I have been hard at work the whole time both in my physics and also Rugby League. Much has been happening in the world of Rugby League, and so lets do a bit of a round up of the last two weeks.

Congrats to Simon and Kathy Cooper … and Germany!

First up I would like to extend my congratulations from RLIS to Simon Cooper and Katharina Schuette who tied the knot in Schneverdingen, south of Hamburg. I was privileged to be there to celebrate with them. Simon used to be the President of German Rugby League and a year ago stepped down to focus a bit more on family. It was also great to catch up with some old friends from my time when I was living in Germany. Ex-German Captain Leo Burngruber was there as well as current German Coach Dan Stocks. Also two of the Keinhorst brothers, Kristian and Nick were there. I was also able to meet the new German Rugby League President Max Schoengen. Not much Rugby League was discussed as it wasn’t the time except for a discussion on a possible Rugby League weekend between a German team and the New Polish Rugby League club in Łódź (pr. W-oo-j).

Speaking of German Rugby League though, the day before the wedding the wonderful news came through for the German national team that they were the 2011 European Shield

Russia and Ukraine

Russia has warmed up for October’s World Cup Euro Zone Qualifiers with a 36-4 away win over Ukraine in Kharkiv. The Ukrainians put up a good fight in the first half of the match only being behind 12-0 at the half time break. However the second stanza saw the Russian Bears use their experience to get the better of the Ukrainians. The Russians now are preparing for their World Cup Qualifiers, the first of which is against the Italians in Padua.

Poland Rugby League

While in Poland I had the privilege to go and visit Łukasz Łucka in Łódź and Poland’s first first ever Rugby League Club; The Łódź Magpies. While there Łukasz and I had a Town meeting to promote the game in the city and try and entice new players.  Łukasz and I also had a meeting with members of the RLEF via video conference as well and finally I was able to conduct a training session and a small game on the last day of my stay there. All in all it was a very successful weekend. I will be writing more of an article soon on it. Also we had some media coverage with two of the local radio stations coming out and covering the training session and doing interviews with Łukasz and myself.

Canada Stun the Tomahawks

In the return match of the Colonial Cup series, the Canadians have come back to win the second game in a tight one 18-16. On aggregate however it means that the USA still retain the Colonial Cup with a 34-20 aggregate win. In a huge boost for the sport in North America, the Canadians had the match shown live across Canada and even countries like Jamaica were able to watch the game live. Estimates put a big crowd of over 2000 turned out for the game.

Next up for Canada is another game against the South Africans on the 9th of October. The Wolverines look to maintain their perfect record at home in Canada. The Tomahawks now start their preparations for the World Cup Qualifiers.

Preliminary Finals are Set in the NRL and ESL

The two biggest Rugby League Competitions are quickly approaching their climax. The NRL in Australia and ESL in the UK are now well into their play-off series.

In the NRL the final standings after 26 rounds was: Melbourne, Manly, Brisbane, Wests, St George/Illawarra, New Zealand, North Queensland and Newcastle. The first round of play offs saw Wests overcome the Dragons 21-12, Brisbane beat New Zealand 40-10, Manly defeated North Queensland 42-8 and Melbourne beat Newcastle 18-8. In the next round of the play offs saw  Melbourne and Manly get the week off while Brisbane knocked out the defending champions 13-12. New Zealand though pulled off the surprise win by defeating the Tigers 22-20. This means that the Preliminary finals see Manly taking on Brisbane and Melbourne take on the New Zealand Warriors.

In the Super League the finals standings after 27 rounds were: Warrington, Wigan, St Helens, Huddersfield, Leeds, Catalans, Hull Kingston Rovers and Hull FC. The first round of the play offs has been played with Warrington annihilating the Huddersfield Giants 47-0 while Catalans thrashed Rovers 56-6, Wigan lost to St Helens 26-18 and Leeds 42-10 Hull FC. This means that Warrington will get to choose their opponents while St Helens will also get a week off. Next weeks games will be Leeds v Huddersfield and Wigan vs the Catalans Dragons.


Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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13 Responses to “RLIS is Back on Board”

  1. dragons4eva says:

    Thanks for the updates Druzik…glad to see you’re back on the air!

    Congratulations for your friend and their wedding…sounds like it was a very nice time there! (and i bet the Germany news was just as good 😉 Ohh btw they won the 2011 title not the 2010.

    Also good news from around the world also. Good news from Canada and Poland!

    Finally good to see you back!

  2. Kingsland7 says:

    Great to have you back!

    I heard one estimation that the crowd was about 1400, but 2000 would be better! Whats your source?

    Also, whats the sustainability plan for the polish rugby league team? will they play other teams from germany in order to remain active or do you have plans in the works for other towns to sprout up their own teams?

    Exciting stuff!

    • deluded pom? says:

      The Canadarugbyleague website is the source for the official crowd figure of 1460. 😉

      • druzik says:

        OK, cool, I’ll change it to that then. A couple people who went said their grandstand was 3/4 full and with a capacity of 3200 that makes it 2400 … but if there is an official figure then lets go with that.

    • druzik says:

      OK, so I spoke with a couple people that were there before I saw the official figure of 1460, they said the stand was 3/4 full, with a 3200 capacity it would have made it 2400. But I will now use the official total.

      So Right now we are trying to get a game organised before the end of the year. We then will work towards another two clubs in the region so that we can officially be registered by the sport ministry as a sport. This will allow us to then get games as well as funding opportunities more readily. We are also now working towards a constitution that will need to be compliant with Polish and EU laws and then we will submit it to the RLEF to try and get observer status.

      But yes we want to look at getting a couple more teams in the areas around Lodz, in about a 50km radius, that makes traveling the first year much easier.

      But I will expand all this in my article… just waiting on a few photos 🙂

  3. Chris Sanders says:

    I saw the Canada v USA game on Candian Broadcasting Corporation TV Daniel.The crowd looked about a 1000 people and how is the player who got badly injured?Is he ok?

  4. KeighleyWeb says:

    All great news, Im very impressed with the Canada team.

    There should be a most improved national team award given each year, with both Germany and Canada pulling off such feats, it would be hard to choose a winner.

    • druzik says:

      well there are other nations that need to be considered as well, Serbia, Lebanon, Czechs have all done wonders, as have the Norwegians. Fiji seemed to grow from strength to Strength, as have the Jamaicans with the formation of the Hurricanes.

      A very tough decision indeed.

  5. Chris Sanders says:

    Thanks Colin.It looked bad!Good to see he’s ok!

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