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Carlo Napolitano, Head Coach of the Italian National Rugby League side, (Monday 29th August 2011) announced the squad that will participate in the qualification for the World Cup from the 15th October till 29th October 2011. Coach Napolitano, together with his staff has named the following 50 players for the qualifications.

  1. Anthony Minichiello (C) Sydney City Roosters / NRL
  2. Josh White Burleigh Bears
  3. Frederic Delhoum Cavaillon / Grifons PD
  4. Remi Fontana Cavaillon / Grifons PD
  5. Anthony Laffranchi Gold Coast Titans
  6. Edoardo Paluello Grifons PD
  7. Giacomo Simioni Grifons PD
  8. Matthew Sands Grifons PD
  9. Nicolo Fadalti Grifons PD
  10. Pettenello Mauro Grifons PD
  11. Rob Quitadamo Grifons PD
  12. Nicola Reffo Grifons PD
  13. Craig Gower Harlequins London
  14. Vic Mauro Manly Sea Eagles / NRL
  15. Dom Nasso Monto / Local League
  16. Matt Parrata Mt Isa
  17. Cameron Ciraldo (VC) Newcastle Knights / NRL
  18. Alex Ranieri North Bears / NSW Cup
  19. Joel Riethmuller North Queensland Cowboys – NRL
  20. Ryan Ghetti Northern Pride / Q-Cup
  21. Giovanni Neri Parma RL
  22. Jean Christophe Borlin Saint Gaudens/ Grifons PD
  23. Ryan Tramonte St Patricks Blacktown
  24. Aiden Guerra Sydney City Roosters / NRL
  25. Cederic Prizzon Villefranche de Rouergue
  26. Ray Nasso Villefranche de Rouergue/Grifons PD
  27. Ben Falcone Wentworth / NSW Cup
  28. Dom Brunetta Wentworthville Magpies
  29. Rocky Trimarchi Western Suburbs / NSW Cup
  30. Rhys Lennarduzzi Wests
  31. Ben Stewart Windsor Wolves
  32. Giovanni Franchi XIII del Ducato
  33. Ilinca Octavian XIII del Ducato
  34. Luca Cenerini XIII del Ducato
  35. Matteo Rossi XIII del Ducato
  36. Santiago Monteagudo XIII del Ducato
  37. Thomas Covati XIII del Ducato
  38. Alberto Barzan XIII del Ducato
  39. Fabrizio Ciaurro XIII del Duomo
  40. Juan Pablo Carrara XIII del Duomo
  41. Valentino Cerri XIII del Duomo
  42. Christophe Calegari
  43. Dean Vicelich
  44. Eduardo Lerna
  45. Jonathan Marcinzack
  46. Josh Mantellato
  47. Marcelo Segundo
  48. Marco Ferrazzano
  49. Romain Pavoni XIII del Ducato
  50. Fabio Berzieri XIII del Ducato

The squad has been selected following a precise qualification process, giving the possibility to players registered with F.I.R.L, the chance to represent the national side The president of the Federazione Italiana Rugby League (F.I.R.L), Tiziano Franchini, after the announcement of the squad said :” I am very proud of what F.I.R.L has achieved in the last year. The relationship with the Australian section of F.I.R.L has been consolidated and we are starting to see the fruit of our work, to see Italy participate in the World Cup qualifications with a team of this importance is very satisfying, as it shows the great work that F.I.R.L has done in the recent past. The president also said ” its an honour to have a squad with the caliber of players like Anthony Minichiello, Cameron Cirarldo e Craig Gower, who has confirmed his willingness to wear the Italian national rugby league jersey, these players will be able to pass on their enormous experience. Coach Carlo Napolitano and his staff, Kelly Rolleston, Reno Santaguida, Paul Broadbent e Paul Quiggs, will reduce the squad before the qualification game against Russia in Padova on the 15 October 2011, as to arrive in the best possible shape for the road to the World Cup”.

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  1. tax_dodger says:

    Huh? I thought Minichello played Origin.

  2. Chris Sanders says:

    But there’s a rule for Minichello and a different rule for everyone else and what is Carter and the RLIF doing about it?This nonsense is unacceptable.
    Either they shape up or ship out and stop wasting our time.

  3. says:

    If you read the rules they are quite easy to understand. Minichiello is eligible to play for Italy. That’s the rules. The RLIF rules. They are different to ARL rules.
    Deal with it

  4. pngleaguefan says:

    its not fair! the international eligibility rules suck!

  5. hutch says:

    You are also allowed to switch allegiances once per world cup cycle! (until they change or just plain ignore the rules again)!

  6. Chris Sanders says:

    So Uate who has already played for Fiji(he hasn’t played for Australia yet)played Origin this year which means he can’t play for Fiji again.Right!This is a pile of shit by Gallop and his cronies and time to stand up against this owner operator for a change and throw him out of the game for once and for all.
    What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.Minichello has set a precident and this favouritism towards certain people better stop for the good of the game and what’s Scott Carter and the RLIF doing about it?
    Sweet FA and no use taking him to the International Board meetings because he knows nothin about the game and is using the game to make a name for himself and a stepping stone for something bigger and brighter in the not-too-distant future.
    I have been in Rugby League since 1958 and the first ever game I ever saw was GB v NZ at Carlaw Park where Joe Ratima( I played with him at Maritime Senior B’sin 1974 where he was our Player-Coach) spear tackled Vinty Karalius into the ground and the 25,000 crowd erupted that day.Pound to pound Karalius was the toughest Rugby League player of all time and was doing weight training long before the Aussies cottoned on to it cas Karalius got the idea from Russian Ice Hockey players who were the first to use weights in any sport in the 40’s.
    Scott Carter is a fly-by-nighter and I have seen many like him over the years.Here one day gone the next.I have seen them all come and go.
    Also what about the special dispensation ruling in reguards to World Cups??It’s still in effect as far as I am concerned.
    Hence, Uate is free to play for Fiji irrespective of Origin.

  7. says:

    Uate was told by the NSWRL and the ARL that if he wanted to play origin he had to write to the RLIF asking to change his country of eligibility. And although he hasn’t played for Australia yet, he has formally changed nations. That is in a signed agreement. So he can not change nations again this world cup cycle. This is the great lengths some players will go to to play origin. So stop squabbling Chris Sanders and start understanding the rules. No one is much a fan of them, but those are what we have.

    • Corey says:

      The problem is the NSWRL and the ARL did not force this position on Minichello. Costigan is another victim of this – he had to change his allegiance to play for QLD, but he doesn’t want to play for Australia, he wants to play for PNG. Colin Love needs to grow up and realise the benefits of stronger international teams is much more important than a wholly dominant Australian Team.

  8. Chris Sanders says:

    That’s nonsense and that means that the ARL are running the whole Game to suit themselves!Therefore Carter and his mob are a waste of space.Then no need for them to be there if they got no backbone and if they know nothin about the Game unlike say Syd Miller, the Boss of the IRB, who knows his Game backwards having been a great player, great coach as well as a very capable administrato something that Rugby League lacks.That’s why one game flourishes and the other continues to stagnate cas we got the wrong people on the RLIF with no leadership qualities,experience,knowledge and background in the Game.They are only there for the free pomp and ceremony and about time people like you woke up and saw through all the bullshit and deal with it.
    The rules in Rugby League change every 5 minutes just to suit the ARL,NSWRL and the NRL.Talk about changing the goalposts.
    The rules have to change for the good of the game and one should only play for the country of their birth.
    That will stop this rubbish for once and for all.
    Uate is Fijian and not an Australian.Can’t Australia develop players anymore because they sure haven’t got any Administrators of much note.This gives our Game no credibility.
    So why is Minichello allowed to play Origin and then allowed to play for Italy?What did he sign??
    A circus run by clowns and no wonder we’re the laughing stock!

  9. dragons4eva says:

    Hopefully both heritage and domestic players get a good go in the national team colours!

  10. Corey says:

    The other thing I think would have been good for Italy is to put Craig Gower in there. He has signed for the Quins and played for Australia in League (which should be automatic qualification credentials for Italy) and he played for Italy in Union, so he has got history with Italy (his grandfather as well, and that is legal by the heritage rule).

    Gower and Minichello and Mark Minichello (what happened to him) would give Italy a strong team on the field.

  11. XC says:

    First of all… it’s hardly Australia’s fault everyone wants to play origin therefore switch alliance to Australia (in the case of Uate.) I don’t agree with it at all but you can’t put that on Australia. I think there needs to be incentive for emerging nations to choose THEIR nation and not Australia solely for Origin.
    Second, last two world cups, eligibility rules were relaxed to help emerging nations attempt to field more competitive squads, so this world cup will be the same, especially with more teams this time than in 2008.

  12. Chris Sanders says:

    I can put it on Australia especially with the NSWRL rearing its’ugly head into it yet again and about time Scott Carter show some leadership qualities!
    Carter ain’t up to it and time for him to resign and Gallop should also resign as well,especially what happened last weekend in Melbourne!
    Neither of them have anything to offer the Game cas they aren’t genuine League people and neither of them have any people skills!
    Too many Cops,Ex-Cops,Lawyers and Accountants running the Game for my liking!

  13. Italia Fan says:


    1. Anthony Minichiello- Sydney Roosters
    2. Matt Parrata – Mt Isa
    3. Rocky Trimarchi-Western Suburbs NSW Cup
    4. Ben Falcone -Wentworth / NSW Cup
    5. Christophe Calegari
    6. Terry Campese- Canberra Raiders
    7. Craig Gower Harlequins London
    8. Cammeron Cirraldo- Newcastle Knights
    9. Joel Romelo- Bulldogs
    10. Anthony Liffranchi- Gold Cost Titans
    11. Mark Minichello- Gold Coast Titans
    12. Aidan Guerra- Sydney Roosters
    13. Issac De Gois- Newcastle Knights

    14.Joel Riethmuller- Cowboys
    15 Vic Mauro- Manly
    16.Alex Ranieri North Bears / NSW Cup
    17.Grant Rovelli- Cowboys

    18.Ryan Ghetti Northern Pride / Q-Cup
    19.Ray Nasso Villefranche de Rouergue/Grifons PD
    20.Ryan Tramonte St Patricks Blacktown

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