2013 World Cup Atlantic Qualifier Squads Announced

From Phil Caplan

USA, Jamaica and South Africa have announced their 30-man squads for October’s 2013 Rugby League World Cup Atlantic Qualifiers in Philadelphia.

While the hosts and the men from the Caribbean can call on players with Super League and NRL experience, the South African Rhinos are exclusively drawn from their domestic competition, with Tuks Bulls from Northern Gauteng having the most representatives.

The Tomahawks are trying to qualify for their first ever World Cup and Head Coach Matthew Elliott has called on Castleford Tigers’ utility Ryan McGoldrick who is one of one of eight players remaining from their 2007 qualifying semi final when they went down to Samoa, the others being Curtis Cunz, Louis Tulio, Matt Petersen, David Myles, Tyrone Coppedge, Mark Cantoni, and David Marando. Parramatta’s Joseph Paulo, who is in the squad, was playing for Samoa in that match. Jacksonville’s Apple Pope retains the captaincy while Kelly McGill, Jayson Rego, Johua Rice and Nate Smith are former College Football players with the University of Hawaii and the University of Louisville.

“We have had a good preparation, which started some time ago but really began to take shape when I visited Hawaii to develop team systems and player evaluations with the staff,” said Elliott. “I know the players are keen to do well and I am very excited about the tournament and the challenges we will face,” he added. He will have Marcus Vassilakopoulos and Shane Millard as his assistants.

The headline inclusion for the ‘rugby reggae’ boys is Wigan’s Karl Pryce who has spent the season on loan with Harlequins, while young Leeds winger Jamal Chisholm has twice been accorded the British game’s ‘fastest man’ title in sprint challenges. Champions Duhaney Park Red Sharks and Grand Finalists Vauxhall Vultures provide five men each, Lamont Bryan of Harlequins adds experience to the pack and there is outstanding pace throughout the squad.

Jamaica Head Coach Dean Thomas noted, “I have been able to monitor the continued personal development of the players in their club environment. 2011 has seen a marked improvement in all of them and the squad has a good balance of experience and youth. Hunslet’s Waine Pryce is an ideal calming influence and there is the enthusiasm of the likes of Corey Hanson of Sheffield Eagles who at 18 has had a great break through year. All the players are extremely excited about the prospects of playing in a World Cup.”

South Africa have concluded a lucrative three year sponsorship deal with Steeden as they begin their campaign and they will also carry  the legacy project “rhinoforce” on their shirt as part of a drive to raise awareness of the plight of the endangered Rhino. Their coach Steven van Zyl is confident that, although being an unknown quantity, his charges can make an impact. “We have some players playing league internationally but the squad that we currently have, have been together for a while, so they understand each other,” he said.

“We had a long chat with them and explained that we’re confident with them, now all they have to do is go out and perform on the field. Although we have a relatively inexperienced team in terms of international games, we do have a very good mix of brawn and intelligence. We have played against some strong touring teams and the guys have acquitted themselves brilliantly at all times.”


Wayne Allen, Daley Lee Williams  (Batley Bulldogs), Ashley Johnson (Coventry Bears), Romaen Campbell, Roy Calvert, Damon Gayle, Ryan Grant, Marvin Thompson (Duhaney Park Red Sharks),  Joseph Brown (Gateshead Thunder),  Jode Sheriffe, Paul White (Halifax), Lamont Bryan, Omari Caro (Harlequins), Ross Peltier (Huddersfield Giants), Richie Barnett, Waine Pryce (Hunslet Hawks), Jymel Coleman, Jamaine Wray (Keighley Cougars), Danny Bravo, Jamal Chisholm (Leeds Rhinos), Wesley Haughton (New Haven Warriors), Corey Hanson, Reece Williams, Sam Williamson (Sheffield Eagles), Karl Pryce (Wigan Warriors), Carlye Burgher, Jahdeek Clarke, Sandino Hastings, Tyronie Rowe, Claude Yen (Vauxhall Rugby Club)


Henry du Toit, Stevie Meyer, Gerrie Slabber, Christoff Swanepoel (Bloemfontein Roosters, Orange Free State), Francois Greyvensteyn, Christo Joubert, Andre Loader, Andre Olwagen, Rudi Prinsloo (Brakpan Bears, Eastern Gauteng), Pieter Lee (Ermelo Tomahawks, Mpumalanga Province), Johan Fritz (Middelburg Tigers, Mpumalanga Province), Hans du Plessis, Gerhard de Wet, Riaan Engelbrecht, Deon Kraemer, Christo Louw, Sivive Mpondo, JP Nel, Marcelle Slabbert, Jonothan Soares, Pieter van der Nest, Franco Vermeulen, Rupert Wells (Tuks Bulls, Northern Gauteng)


Michael Garvey, Andrew Kneisly, Louis Tulio (Aston Bulls), David Marando (Belrose Eages), Ryan McGoldrick (Castleford), Curtis Cunz, Charles Rizzo,Salesi Tongamoa (Connecticut Wildcats), Mark Offerdahl (Easts Tigers), Mitchell Stevens (Gateshead Thunder), Keiki Misipeka, Jayson Rego, Joshua Rice (Hawaii Islanders), Apple Pope (Jacksonville), Nate Smith (Louisville), Kelly McGill, Sione Taufa (Maui Voyagers), Fitz James Adams, Charles Cortalano,Ian Elliott, Justin Ripley, Sean Taylor (NY Knights), Mark Cantoni (Northern Pride), Leslie Alovili (Northern Raiders), Joseph Paulo (Parramatta Eels), Junior Paulo (Penrith Panthers), Stephen Howard (Tuggeranong Valley), Daniel Howard (Wentworthville Magpies), David Myles, Matt Peterson (unattached)


Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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32 Responses to “2013 World Cup Atlantic Qualifier Squads Announced”

  1. dragons4eva says:

    It’d be interesting to see who goes through. All teams have advantages and disadvantages of various kinds.

    My tip is on Jamaica!

  2. Interested Observer says:

    Thought you could post this Daniel. Good to see the OC guys getting some interest.


  3. Chris Sanders says:

    Why have Myles and Patterson being picked for America?Why don’t they give others a go for a change?Shame Canada aren’t in these World Cup Qualifiers?
    Daniel! Did you read about ya mate Gallop?This time he has gone too far!
    Time for him to go!

  4. Donny says:

    I think I’m going to be cheering for Jamaica, I think it would be great to see them playing in the World Cup.

  5. Chris Sanders says:

    Go to http://www.news.com.au(type in David Gallop) and go to http://www.theroar.com.au and get the bully Daniel and judge for yourself.This person represents the RLIF as Secretary and this time around he has put his foot in his mouth and time for him to go!I won’t rest easy until he goes for once and for all.
    He has put our Great Game in disrepute cas he’s out of control,a law unto himself,a politicial bully with a schoolboy mentality and time to put Gallop firmly in his place.
    Gallop has nothin to offer and tell me what he has ever achieved in the Game Daniel?Sweet FA!
    At least you have created Rugby League in Poland(with no help from abroad) against the odds which gives our Game another Country to add to the mix and I think it will be as big as Texas in the long term!

    • druzik says:

      OK, Chris, do we really have to walk you through everything…. doing that search throws up many, many, many articles. It could be any one of them.

      Why dont you just post the link to the particular article you are referring to or make a comment on the actual things that you are on about.

  6. Chris Sanders says:

    I don’t know how to do it aqnd I will get an expert to do it tomorrow!

  7. tax_dodger says:

    I really hope Jamaica make it. I honestly think them qualifying could open unprecedented doors for RL. If we could get just a tenth of support from the Afro-Carribean community, we’re looking at 70,000 potential fans for the WC. With large population in centres in London, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Sheffield and Manchester, we’re also opening a potential new support for the game and potential players. Also I think it could help grow the sport around the Carribean islands. I’m sure that they would be the first Carribean nation to play in a Rugby World Cup, of either code too. Good luck Jamaica.

  8. Chris Sanders says:

    That’s a very good post tax_dodger.The start of something big for our Game!

  9. GrootWitBaas says:

    As a South African I would like the Rhinos to perform well and hopefully win this tournament. With all the internal politics they have and union rugby thats trying to squash league, it would be in their best interest to go to the WC….. Goodluck to all and wish my Tuks players the best….

    “Want die GrootWitBaas sê So”

  10. Chris Sanders says:

    And of course North Sydney went twice to the Republic in the mid-90’s promoting the game where they played 2 games against the South African Rhinos when Paul Matete was in charge of the game there,yet North Sydney got the dirty end of the stick along with Souths after the SL/ARL Wars!Both of these Clubs have done heaps in promoting the Game in New Horizons in the past and who says that SL/NRL Clubs don’t do enough.There’s no such thing as loyalty in this Game!
    Great to see the Rhinos at the World Cup qualifiers.This is their third World Cup campaign.
    The South African RL Website is good unlike say the RLEF one!Plenty of good information there as well.

    • druzik says:

      The SARL website has not been updated in ages… The RLEF site is fantastic I have no idea what you are on about there Chris. You need to go and have a good look. It was revamped about 5 months ago and is updated daily.

  11. Chris Sanders says:

    Not as good as the old one!Where’s the Video section and the Archives and at least the Vereya Site have all the old Games.I don’t like it at all and it’s hard.Steve Mascord site is good and practicial.It’s very easy to use and to understand.
    Again we differ but at least your site is a lot better Daniel.

    • druzik says:

      I think its an easy site to navigate, much nicer than previous … though I will concede that the videos are not there which is disappointing … I’ll contact them to see what the deal is.

      My site can be a bit better as well I think, but its all about getting time to actually do something on it.

  12. Chris Sanders says:

    I lked the old format on the RLEF site!A lot of good videos!Time is our worst enemy.

    • druzik says:

      Mmm … well I know a few people complained about it that it was not an intuitive website to navigate, I think you may be in the minority there. Also remember the way websites work, you not only pay for the domain name but the room on the server and also the bandwidth. Videos take up a lot of memory and also a lot of bandwidth when people view them, this can become very expensive for the RLEF particularly since they were making their own videos and not streaming them through YouTube.

      They may have made a decision that its not cost effective for them to have the videos up at this point in time, particularly since most countries are now filming their own games and putting them up on their own sites or YouTube as well, so people can go there to watch them.

      You have to take all these kinds of factors into account Chris.

  13. Elize says:

    hi there i am support the Rhino’s from South Africa !!!!

  14. Chris Sanders says:

    So how do you rate the South Africans as League players Daniel considering they all come from Rugby Union backgrounds??

  15. Chris Sanders says:

    Well you are the expert and you don’t say things in half measures either!
    No grey areas with you Daniel unlike some of the people administering the Sport!
    That is because Rugby League ain’t your meal ticket unlike them!

  16. Amnrl supporter says:

    Interesting to see Louis Tulio left on reserve. Out of the last 3 Tests he was MVP 2x and the leading try scorer for the Tomahawks. Seems to be a good squad, few unknowns, few gambles, few guys taking the place of the domestic players, few guys out of the game for a few years.

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