Wolverines, The Breakdown

By Daniel Andruczyk

The other day I had comments on the Tomahawks team for the first game of the Colonial Cup. So I figured it was only right and proper that I do something similar for the Canadian Wolverines team who announced their squad last week.

Canada Announce Colonial Cup Team

The Canada Wolverines have made five changes to the team that defeated Jamaica in the Caribbean Cup. The changes see the return of 2010 Atlantic Cup members Cam Grace and Geoff Bylund, while Graham Dobbs, Matt Pettie and Mike Reid will be making their Wolverines debuts.

Coach Jamie Lester commented “Cam has just returned from a season in Australia and should add some starch to our pack and Geoff will relish in his return to the team. Our three debutants have impressed in the domestic season and at practice and deserve their spot in the team. We are all looking forward to matching ourselves against the 13th ranked team in the world”.

The Wolverines face the Tomahawks in Philadelphia on August 27 in the first leg of the Colonial Cup before the return fixture at Fletchers Field on September 17.

Canada Wolverines

  1. Robin Legault, Toronto City Saints
  2. Tony Felix, York Region Reds
  3. Geoff Bylund, Toronto City Saints
  4. Christian Miller, Scarborough Centurions
  5. Matt Pettie, Niagara Bobcats
  6. Jamie Lester, Toronto City Saints
  7. Matt Wyles, Scarborough Centurions
  8. Steve Conlon, Toronto City Saints
  9. Chris Diamond, Niagara Bobcats
  10. Louis Robinson, Harlequins RL
  11. Cam Grace, Noosa Pirates
  12. Henry Miers, York Region Reds
  13. Tyler Allen, Scarborough Centurions
  14. Graham Dobbs, Scarborough Centurions
  15. Dale Fitzgerald, York Region Reds
  16. Mike Reid, Niagara Bobcats
  17. Steve Lamb, Niagara Bobcats
  18. John Felix (18th Man)

Coach: Jamie Lester, Coach: Richie Moore, Manager: Clayton Beckett

Caribbean Festival Team

The team that played Jamaica in the Caribbean Festival weekend was, players that have been re-selected are in red:

  1. Robin Legault
  2. Tony Felix
  3. Stu McReynolds
  4. Christian Miller
  5. Danny Tupou
  6. Jamie Lester
  7. Matt Wyles
  8. Steve Conlon
  9. Chris Diamond
  10. Louis Robinson
  11. Tim Mason
  12. Henry Miers
  13. Trent Hansen
  14. Tyler Allen
  15. Dalg Fitzgerald
  16. Matt Gleed
  17. Steve Lamb

The Analysis

Its a largely unchanged line up from the July 31st Match, where Canada had a resounding 40-10 win over the Jamaicans. Player/Coach Jamie Lester has largely kept the faith with the team with only 5 newcomers into the team. Jamie himself is at the pivotal 5/8th or Stand-off position, where he can control, dictate and move the team and game as he sees fit. Man of the Match from the last game, Danny Topou, has not been selected and Matt Pettie comes into the wing. Also Louis Robinson is flying over from London to play for the Canadians once again. This is wonderful to see, that a player of his ability and calibre is choosing to play for his country of choice, and not making it a one off. Cam Grace is flying over from Noosa to also play his first international for the Wolverines.

Jamie Lester will be key to the Wolverines success, he has the ability to get the ball wide to his wingers and centre’s very quickly, if the Tomahawks defence is not up to speed moving across they will get exploited as Jamaica did. Jamie had a hand in most of the breaks that Canada had down the line. Up front and through the centre of the field Louis Robinson showed why he is in the Harlequins Team, he was by far the standout player next to Tupou in the Jamaica game and was unlucky not to get Man of the Match himself. Louis is a powerful runner of the ball and it took 3-4 players to bring him down, that is a lot of defence he takes out and with a quick play the ball will catch the Tomahawks napping.

Over all is an extremely strong team, one that has now had time to really gel together and start to work on attacking lines. Two weakness’ the Wolverines displayed against Jamaica that the USA could expose if they are not careful. They tended to be slow on their defensive line. The whole team did not move up as a unit from the 10 meters, this exposed holes in the defence and if there is a good dummy Half, winger or centre in the Tomahawks team could expose them there. Also the Canadians very occasionally fell asleep in defence when pressed up on their try line. Jamaica were able to get their two tries from lapses in concentration there. If the Canadians can fix these two problems then they may very well beat the USA.


Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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35 Responses to “Wolverines, The Breakdown”

  1. deal.with.it says:

    any idea why tupou wasn’t selected? he is a gun!
    great to see robinson flying over, same with cam grace. i hope you can interview many of the players druzik, it is great to here from these players.
    go the wolverines!

  2. deluded pom? says:

    Will you have time dru or are interviewing a couple of them as they drive you across to the USARL GF? 😀

  3. Dan – Cam Grace played with Noosa Pirates in Australia this season and has returned to Canada once the season finished. He represented Canada in last years Colonial Cup and also in the Atlantic Cup. The only game he has missed for the Wolverines thus far is the Caribbean Cup game vs Jamaica a few weeks back due to his commitments in Australia. It would be wonderful to see more Canadians coming to OZ over the coming years to learn more about the game and gain in experience, which will only serve to benefit the Wolverines longer term.

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    Canada played in the Emerging World Cup in 2000 and why aren’t they in the Qualifiers this year.Another cost cutting exercise by the RLIF and Carter is the wrong person to head it cas he knows nothin about the game.The best thing for him to do is to place a bucket under a horse’s tail and collect the manure and fundraise that way after all he came from Equestrian NZ!

    • druzik says:

      Chris you need to stop with the hate and post something constructive.

      Canada are not in the qualifiers because at the time they were set up and decided Canada did not exist and even last year did not have any of the requirements to be even considered for qualifiers. This year they may have met those, but you can’t just start throwing teams in will nill, If that was the case then you should have Norway, Germany and a tone of other nations also in the European qualifiers…

      Its not a cost cutting measure, its just the way things were at the time it was all decided.

    • deluded pom? says:

      How long before we get the “idiots at the NZRL” speech?

  5. deluded pom? says:

    Are we having a sweep on how long before Mr Sanders gets banned?

    • The Partisan says:

      Put me down for 2 weeks DP !

      Really do think that Student / University RL is the key to a lot of the emerging counries. Teams like the GB Pioneers are a great exercise in exchanging culture whilst assisting a new sport. Gov’t funding could possibly come easier for more education – related teams. Bring on the Australian ‘Swaggies’ !

      As usual Dan, great to hear yout OS updates.

      Out of curiousity wonder if anyone promotes the various international games in the backpacker places close to where the game is being played around the world. Remember going to a sports carnival in Capetown purely because I saw a notice on the noticeboard. Great day had.

      • druzik says:

        The GB pioneers is a great initiative, they do a great job spreading the game, in fact you just gave me an idea! I need to contact them now!

        As for your backpckers idea… I don;t know if they do but its a genious idea! I will make a note of asking people today to see if they did.

    • druzik says:

      DP Behave … the rules play to everyone. Please do not stirr people.

      Rugby League talk only.

  6. Chris Sanders says:

    It’s not hate at all.Carter knows nothin about the game and shouldn’t be there and unlike deluded pom I stand up to be counted and don’t hide under a shield.

    • druzik says:

      There is a lot of hate that comes from you.

      If you feel Carter is not good then you need to show some sort of evidence, give some example rather than make silly sounding comments. Actually make some coherent statements. I haven’t had any interaction with Carter yet so I will reserve my comments on him or the new RLIF for now… but I do know that the RFL were not happy with the appointment… If you have a coherent and insightful look on Carters background then by all means post it… nothing leagally liable though… I will edit it… you should know by now what I will allow or not.

      DP can use what ever name he wants, as can anyone, as I have mentioned before I use a nickname as well so you need deal with it, if not then the answer is simple, do not come on the site if you don’t like it.

  7. Chris Sanders says:

    Right! 3 letters have been sent to Jim Doyle which he has not answered(over 20 months old) and it’s Scott Carter job along with the NZRL Board of Directors to make sure that the CEO who’s on a huge salary replies to all the correspondence and does his job.Where’s the accountability cas transparency is obviously going out the window but this happens when we get a CEO and a Board of Directors,all of whom,know nothin about the Game because they have no passion for it,aren’t interested in the game,don’t know the history and don’t want to know what went down in the past.One can blame the Government,SPARC and Sir John Anderson(his Review into the Governance of NZRL wasn’t worth the paper it was written on) for all of this and getting it wrong because they didn’t go to the right people.They only got one side of the story and not two and the wrong people were on that Review Committee into the Governance of NZRL.This is one example.Hence,the wrong people are now in the corridors of power and the game here in the Shakey Isles is in a real mess and we won’t get out of this mess.It won’t improve until the Headquarters of the game move to Wellington away from the Auckland Mafia who are controlling the game to suit themselves otherwise there’s just no hope.The game will die and many of the Clubs and District Leagues around the Country are improvished to say the least irrespective of Auckland’s Wealth cas the people there don’t care a toss about the Game.
    I gave you a list of people to contact but you chose to ignore this Daniel.I can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink.
    And at long last I agree with the RFL.They have got something right.Carter is the wrong person to Head the RLIF.He’s only trying to make a name for himself and using it as a stepping stone for something bigger and isn’t a genuine Rugby League person.A politicial animal in my opinion.It should be Johnny Grant heading a revamped RLIF who has been successful in business and has played the Game and Gallop should not be there as well.He’s got too much baggage.
    I cannot comment on the people from PNG and France on the RLIF now because I don’t know them well enough.

  8. Chris Sanders says:

    Well,I have to get a computer expert next week to sort out my old e-mail address cas hackers came in from Russia and I am sorry that a spam has been sent to your e-mail Daniel.If RL was a normal game no need to post blogs on websites and Facebook but it ain’t.Are you watching the Challenge Cup Final because I think it will be a draw and if so the game needs it and the replay will be at Bramell Lane the home of Sheffield Utd.A wonderful way to promote the Game in South Yorkshie and is the AMNRL Grand Final tomorrow and what about the storm??I got more information about that Russian man too Daniel.I reveal his identity in the next few days on this site but I know who he is now.He spends a lot of his time here in NZ because he’s a keen sailor and he’s got more money than Akhmet kamaldinov.He has put money into Rugby Union here in NZ in the Silverdale Rugby Club and the Mt Albert Grammar School Rugby Academmy and is keen on Maori Culture but I still don’t know if he likes RL.I can’t answer that.Go to http://www.Sundayherald.co.nz.I can’t spell his name.

    • druzik says:

      Nope… it won’t be a draw.

      I am listening to it as the game is not shown in the USA or streamed on the web.

      The USARL final and the Colonial Cup are today and basically at the same time… insanity.

  9. Chris Sanders says:

    Could of been a draw considering Leeds came back from the dead and it was only 2 points in it with 4 minutes remaing.About 75,000 there but I noticed since they have switched the dates of the Challenge Cup Final there hasn’t been a fullhouse.Leeds were poor and beat themselves.The cherry and whites deserved their victory.And it could of been a draw in the Australia v AB game as well.It also went to the wire and Australia will win the William Webb Ellis Trophy.I have heard that Wayne Bennett is coming on board with the Wallabies.
    However,can’t wait for the Australia v Russia game cas Aussie will win by a world record score(by over a 100) and it’s paying $3.50 down at the TAB.I put a $100 on it.
    Money for shit!

    • druzik says:

      Closer to 80,000 actually, and its the Wembley re-fit that been the issue here with the Wembley Club not open to the RFL to sell, there is 15,000 right there they have no control over.

      Don’t care about Union, stay on topic.

  10. Chris Sanders says:

    Russian Rugby Union tried to destroy Russian Rugby League by trying to deregister the sport from the Russian Register of Sports in March 2010.
    People have long memories and I found that Act quite distasteful to say the least and where were the RLIF??Did they give the RRL any moral Support cas it was a grose violation of human rights.
    Only Tas and Julia Bennision went to Russia under their own steam to try and sort the problem out while other sites like The Roar were just death wishing the sport into oblivion.
    There was no doubt that Russian Rugby Union were only trying to get back at Edgar Tatarium.
    Talk about personal digs.A bloody disgrace and that’s why I hope Russia get their arses kicked at the Rugby World Cup.

  11. dragons4eva says:

    Good analysis on the Canadians. Seems that their domestic players seem to do a good job on the international scene. I wonder if they’ll call on for more ‘professional’ support if they take on the Tomahawks again or Saffies?

  12. Chris Sanders says:

    Who are the Saffies??

  13. Chris Sanders says:

    I thought so and if it wasn’t for Paul Matete there will be no Rugby League in South africa!It’s good to see them in the World Cup qualifiers.

  14. Chris Sanders says:

    And Daniel get the poms to send the GB Pioneers to Poland to kick start your league.Speak to their Chairman Dave Oxley!They’re on Facebook.

  15. The Partisan says:

    Sorry Dan but I got to ask – what was the idea I sparked via my GB Pioneers comment ?

    Plus I hope my backpacker idea spawned some further discussion / ideas.

    Still think the RLIF should produce some form of generic poster / flyer promoting the game using images of players and scenes from both establihed and emerging RL countries. Can then be acccessed by new frontiers with local language added where applicable.

    • druzik says:

      To ask the GB Pioneers to come to POland and do a training camp and play a game… Chris mentioned this also in a previous post. I know a couple of the guys that run that team, it’s what they are set up to do, would be perfect.

      yes the Backpacker idea I mentioned to a few people and you could see the bulb light up … they had not even considered that lol

      The RLIF still need to get their house in order.

  16. Chris Sanders says:

    So great minds think alike.I read your mind and you have got a goldmine on the horizon Daniel.Once the rivers of gold are panned you will srtike gold.I have a good feeling about this similar to what I had in Kazan,Tatarstan in 1999 after London Scholars revitalised the game in the region and this time around it won’t be fycked up by wankers from NZ just looking for the clip of the meal ticket from some rich tycoon.
    Also very,very happy about the return match between Canada and America in Canada in a few weeks.
    That’s what Rugby League needs in North America.Nore and more International games to build up the profile of the Sport there.

  17. Chris Sanders says:

    And I forgot Daniel.We got to give The Partisan the credit for coming up with the idea of the GB Pioneers in the first place.Is he from Serbia??
    I don’t want to steal his thunder or jump on the bandwaggon and that town you mentioned about in Poland reminds me of Kazan.
    Perhaps the start of something big??

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