Tomahawks, The Breakdown

By Daniel Andruczyk

Todays release of the Tomahawks squad provides some interesting food for thought and I would say a very controversial selections. David Niu and the AMNRL selection committee have done a full sweep out of the Tomahawks team that saw them lose heavily to Ireland in March. Only 8 players survive from that team. Lets break down the squad announced today and see where things are:

  • New York Knights – 8 players
  • Aston Bulls – 6 players
  • Connecticut Wildcats – 2 players
  • Maui Voyagers – 2 players
  • Hawaii Islanders – 2 Players
  • New York Northern – 1 player
  • Free Agent – 1 player

The controversial standout is Apple Pope. having been forced to sit out this season from the Axemen, he was meant to play for the Vipers, or as some in the AMNRL ranks have dubbed them, the vapours. I do know that the Vipers offered to fly Apple up. I have been told that when he asked them to book the tickets and hotels nothing came of it. So Apple, wanting to keep his spot in the Tomahawks decided to sit the Axemen season out since they switched to the USARL, he had the support of the Axemen in this decision. At least he has now been awarded two internationals for his loyalty, but with out the rigours of weekly match experience how will apple be on the field? In the Donnybrook Cup it was clear that he (and the rest of the team) were a bit rusty, but I worry that having not played any matches he will still be rusty. Its nice to see that David Niu and the AMNRL have kept the faith and been loyal to him and selected him. Apple by far is one of the most recognisable names and faces in Rugby League here in America, of either of the competitions.

As expected, New York make up the majority of players, this should not be a surprise, they have been one of the, if not THE, dominant team of the AMNRL season and also winning on Friday its only fit that they dominate the Tomahawks ranks. What is a massive shock, that the other team that dominated the competition, the Connecticut Wildcats only have two selection. A wise man once said “WHAT THE?!” How does that work?

Then you have the Bulls, the team that came last in the competition, that had a 28% success rate gets 6 selections in the team. I try to stay out of the politics of team selections and all that where I can, but I think here I need to say something, this decision seems to be one for the mates. The Bucks county Sharks don’t even get one representative in the team?! They were the third best team in the competition, only just behind the Wildcats surely someone in that team did enough to deserve a spot? If the Raiders were able to get a representative in there then surely the Sharks should have had one, if not two.

Hawaii and Maui are the tough ones, not knowing much about what was happening over in the Hawaiian Conference and the players abilities, its hard to gauge how good they are and if they deserve the spots. Hopefully they will do OK and prove their selection to be fruitful.

Comparison to the Donnybrook Cup

Here is the 17 man team that took to the field in March. The surviving players and their teams have been highlighted in red. The team in March lost heavily, and having just seen the Canadians in action this latest Tomahawks team will really need to step it up if they want to compete. the Canadians are big, strong and extremely well drilled. They have had one full international, a full season and regular weekly training sessions for over two months to prepare for this and I know they are out for revenge on last years loses.

Apple Pope (Capt.) (“Florida”), Calder Orr, Xavier Lozinguez (New York Knights), Kelly McGill (Maui), Conway Maraki, Andrew Kneisly (Aston Bulls), Mike Cartwright, Mike Tuala, Salesi Tongamoa (Connecticut), Sione Taufa, Mike Brazill, Curtis Cunz, Andrew Malafu, Nate Smith, Charles Cortalano (New York Knights), Sean Taylor (New York knights), Gareth Baxendale (New York Knights),      Louis Tulio (Aston Bulls)

This game is a tough one to pick. Both my head and heart are confused. The Canadians are very good, they have improved 100% from last year, but despite the loss against Ireland, the USA should never be counted out. It is also a home ground advantage for them which should give them a slight edge. It will be a very close tussle and I suspect it will be either a draw or a win to the USA by a very small margin. If Canada win, however, I will not be surprised either as they have improved by leaps and bounds. Jamie has done a phenomenal job getting that team ready.

Also remember that I am keeping track of an unofficial “Atlantic Championships” since all 4 Atlantic region teams are playing each other this year, I figured it would be great to keep track and see where they all end up. Just a bit of fun.

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15 Responses to “Tomahawks, The Breakdown”

  1. USA tomahawk supporter says:

    Dan, you left out the Man of the Match v Ireland, Louis Tulio. His name is on the roster as a return player??

    • druzik says:

      You are correct, sorry for that have amended it

      I do see the why I got it wrong, seems the team announced at the press conference was different to what ran on thought.

      But thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Steve says:

    I hope Canada win all three matches. If that is not enough to wake up the AMNRL I honestly don’t know what will. Hopefully the RLIF can sort something out soon.

    • druzik says:

      Steve only two matches in the Colonial Cup, but they do have another against the South Africans. As you know they beat Jamaica, so at the moment they are on top there. Next weekend will really show where they are in Nth America.

  3. says:

    Hopefully a good game. Has there been much promotion?
    what have you heard about a pro comp in america?

    • druzik says:

      On twitter there was a passing comment from Niuy, someone on twitter asked him about a pro comp and he answered about spring… though I cant see the actual question.

      Its probably nothing… I am not losing sleep over it.

  4. deluded pom? says:

    Niu is doing his utmost to drive disenchanted AMNRL players, who might have expected to be selected ahead of his mates, into the arms of the USARL. Well done David.

  5. major says:

    Should be a great game Saturday . one correction. In the AMNRL final rankings the Sharks finished 4th as the Raiders finished third by defeated them in the playoffs and ; moved into the semis with the higher seed. Lesili Alovili whom was selected from NY Raiders should be a big asset to the USA – he runs with abandon and can tackle . I watched him in two shark games. He is settling in NY for the future from what I hear.

    • druzik says:

      No, that is not how placings are talked about in rugby league. The placing always refer to where a team finishes at the end of the regular season. Thus Sharks were third. Playoffs are a whole different kettle of fish since its a knock out style competition. Its why they are called a play off and not a League.

      Still Sharks deserve to have at least one player on the team.

      It will be interesting to see if I can get to see both games on Saturday.

  6. major says:

    Hmm i see what you mean. needless to say the Rankings of the teams are as follows Knights, Cats ,Raiders , Sharks .

    This is how anyone looking at it would rank the teams. The Raiders defeated the Sharks in the play-offs pretty handily which is when the teams are supposed to preform. So ranking wise the Sharks were 40 points below the Raiders in forth place.

    • druzik says:

      Well as I said in RL, the rankings are always based on where a team finishes. When rugby league fans looks at a table they see those rankings, they always talk about those teams in their positions. Play offs are a different story, and rankings play no part in them.

      Fans around the world will only care about the rankings in the table.

  7. Chris Sanders says:

    And Major, you are the voice of reason unlike others and America under Niu will be at the 2013 Rugby League World Cup in England and Wales.I have also been told that Mathew Elliot could be coaching the Roosters in the NRL next season?Smithy needs to retire and go into administration where he would be good.

  8. Tomahawks says:

    The Tomahawks have a pretty sweet team name! They should do a haka dance or something with tomahawks before game, that would be cool.

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