The American National Rugby League has announced the main venue for the 2013 Rugby League World Cup Atlantic qualifier

Three of the sport’s premier teams – Jamaica, South Africa and the United States – will compete in a week-long tournament with the winner earning the final spot in the 2013 World Cup tournament.

The World Cup Qualifier will take place at Campbell’s Field in Camden, NJ, on October 15th-23rd with the teams facing each other over the course of three matches. Campbell’s Field is a 6500-seat baseball stadium located directly across the Delaware River from downtown Philadelphia.

“We are excited to be able to host the Atlantic qualifier here in Philadelphia in front of some the most passionate sports fans in the country,” said David Niu, President & Founder of the AMNRL. “The matches will feature many of the game’s elite players and will give fans here in the US some great rugby league action.”

The United States, currently ranked 15th in the world, will be looking to make history by earning its first ever birth in the Rugby League World Cup. At the same time #23 South Africa and #24 Jamaica will renew their rivalry and look to dash the US dreams of securing a spot in the 2013 Rugby League World Cup.

“This is one of the most exciting phases in the development of our sport. These nations are trying to achieve their ultimate goal of qualifying for the World Cup and competing in what promises to be some of the best Rugby League competition we’ve ever seen,” said Niel Wood, Director of Development for the 2013 Rugby World Cup.

“David Niu and his team have worked tirelessly to bring this tournament to Philadelphia and it will usher in a great era for Rugby League in the US.” The event will look to capitalize on the momentum generated by the Donnybrook Cup, Rugby Sevens Collegiate Championship and last year’s AMNRL Grand Final and continue to establish Greater Philadelphia as a hotbed for Rugby League.

“We are thrilled that the AMNRL will be hosting the qualifying tournament in Philadelphia. It will provide fans in the US the opportunity to watch some fierce international Rugby League matches and support their national team,” said Richard Lewis, Chairman of the Rugby Football League.

“We wish Jamaica, South Africa and the US the very best of luck and look forward to the winner advancing to the 2013 Rugby League World Cup.” Tickets are now on sale and start at just $5 for children, $8 for students (with valid ID) and $10 for adults. Ticket packages for all three games are also available. Additional information about the event can be found via the event’s Twitter feed – @RugbyWCQ or at http://www.RugbyWCQ.com

Daniel Andruczyk’s email: daniel@rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com
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  1. dragons4eva says:

    Good that they finally announced the RLWC qualifier venue! I looked at the stadium and its a good stadium don’t get my wrong…but it just seems a weird shape because of it being a baseball field. Not saying you couldn’t play footy on it but it’d be weird from a crowd perspective.

    Take a look!


    • druzik says:

      American Football games get played on baseball fields often, this is a non issue as far as I am concerned actually.

      It is nice that a venue has been announced. What do you think of the fact that Logo says Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) but the games are in New Jersey?

  2. KeighleyWeb says:

    Its a pitty that Canada did not put in a application for the qualifying tourniment.

    I still hope that there will be a emerging nations comp.

    • druzik says:

      There wont be an emerging nations comp, there just isn’t enough money to host something like that.

      Though I was an advocate for Canada not to be included originally because they didn’t get the requirements at the time fo application for the qualifiers (actually i think CRL didn’t exist at that time even), the performance on the weekend shows that they would be extremely competitive if they did play…. there may be an argument to bring them in.

      However as the Jamaicans pointed out, it could be unfair on the Canadians since they will not have access to the money and training that the other teams have had.

  3. Interested Observer says:

    It’s not in Philly, it’s NJ and the promo’s should reflect that.

    I hope that the USARL and the AMNRL have kissed and made up by then as it will hurt RL in the USA if they are still at logger heads. Fans and players need the best domestic players running around in that USA team in 2 years time (well they need it as well now actually) and some of the best players are still being excluded due to their association with the USARL. This is a farce.

    Get your act together guys and sort this out.

  4. Interested Observer says:

    I think we all expect the ring-ins to play as well, that’s fine and they are needed. But the domestic guys who are playing in the USA also need a chance to make the team as well and not just the guys in the AMNRL.

    From all accounts the USARL have done a great job in their inaugural season and I think their players have played more regular footy and more competitive footy this season then the AMNRL guys. They all deserve an opportunity for selection in the Tomahawks.

  5. Jason says:

    Great venue but the AMNRL does not have a supporters base in Philly. Both the Sharks and Bulls draw a handful of supporters to their games and Camden is not an easy place to get to.

    The AMNRL are clueless at promoting events and these games would have better much better served playing at one or two Philadelphia high schools where kids were exposed to games.

    3 games + 3 strikes = you’re out!

    • druzik says:

      I disagree.

      Though I see your point on the supporter base, the fact that they have a field where they can actually get a proper Rugby League Pitch marked out is the biggest advantage. A High School field is not good enough for world cup qulaifiers, it may be OK for their local domestic comp, but not for that level of internationals.

      It will be interesting now Jason, to see how it will get promoted by the AMNRL.

  6. dragons4eva says:

    “American Football games get played on baseball fields often, this is a non issue as far as I am concerned actually.

    It is nice that a venue has been announced. What do you think of the fact that Logo says Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) but the games are in New Jersey?” Druzik

    As for football games on baseball fields is new to me. I dunno maybe i’m not use to the idea…probably similar to when NRL teams play at cricket grounds i suppose.

    As the comment about where the venue is i don’t really know as i’m terrible with my American Geography 🙁 lol

    • druzik says:

      The Illinois Football team plays at Wrigley Field (The Cubs Baseball stadium) in Chicago a couple times each year and I think the Chicago bears do too. The NY Jets used to play in the old Yankee Stadium as well before the new one was built, so playing football games in Baseball stadiums is nothing new.

      As for the logo, its a bit of a stuff up isn’t it … I will be interested to see how it gets Promoted… but I think its a non issue as the field is just across the river from Philadelphia, literally like a 10 minute drive, so yes technically its in New Jersey, but it is effectively Philadelphia, it wont affect any of the fans getting there.

    • RIR says:

      When Football games are played at baseball stadiums they have seating that extends doing its best to have proper viewing perspective. I doubt that this stadium has that ability.

  7. Interested Observer says:

    Imagine saying the Gold Coast Titans play at Tweed Heads. It’s just over the border and in a completely different state so it wouldn’t really matter would it?

    Of course it would!

    The games are in New Jersey. If they wanted to say it was in Philly then they should have found a venue IN Philly.

    There was nothing wrong with the Uni where the Kangaroos played the T’hawks a few years back in Philly. Or dare I be so brave as to even suggest the Philly Fight home ground or for that matter Jacksonville?

    • druzik says:

      I see your point on the name change I guess. Like I said it will be interesteing to see how it gets sold.

      About where to play it, there are three issues here I think you don’t relaise.

      1. College Football season is about to start, teams are in heavy training and pre-season games will be already on, there is no way that the Uni will allow matches to be played. Plus a 50,000+ seat stadium with only a couple thousand people will not look good on TV if it does get televised. Plus price wise it would have been way out of their range.

      2. The Philly fight ground, though good for the USARL/AMNRL I don’t think is really enough for internationals of that calibre. Its World Cup Qualifiers, we need to treat them with that level of respect. Plus you will have the same issue with Fottball season, the ground is a football field and is used accordingly so.

      3. There is a Rugby Union/soccer stadium in Phily, but I know from having spoken with Niuy at the Donnybrook Cup their asking prices are astronomical and the AMNRL is in no state to be able to pay that.


  8. Interested Observer says:

    I have no problem with the game being in Camden, I’ve been there for sports and concerts. But the AMNRL should not be promoting it as Philly. It’s NJ. Fairly simple. If the AMNRL are concerned that Camden, NJ is not as attractive a selling point as saying it’s in Philly then they should have held it somewhere else.

  9. Chris Sanders says:

    I would of thought that Detroit,LA and Orlando were more dangerous?

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