CRL on search for Canadian eligibility

From Jamie Lester

Canada Rugby League would like to hear from any overseas rugby league players that are Canadian born or have parents or grandparents that are Canadian born. After just one year of existence, the Canada Wolverines national team has its first win under its belt and are looking towards future success by unearthing more overseas talent with Canadian eligibility.

In last year’s Atlantic Cup, Canada used Ben White and Marc Hanke from the AMNRL as their sole non domestic players to help in their pursuit of international success. This year, Canada witnessed exactly what kind of talent can be found abroad with 19 year old Harlequins RL player Louis Robinson leading the charge in the Wolverine’s recent victory against Jamaica. The most notable overseas player with Canadian heritage is former Wakefield star and current Keighley player/coach Jason Demetriou. Demetriou previously played for Canada in the 2000 Emerging Nations World Cup, and is said to be interested to don the Wolverines jersey for the first time. CRL Chairman Eric Perez explained “We have spoken to Jason about his desire to play for the Wolverines, and I am confident that we will see him on Canadian soil sometime in the near future”.

Wolverine’s coach Jamie Lester was coy about the potential of obtaining players from overseas commenting “We did alright with only one player from outside of our domestic comp didn’t we? Of course in the future when we are planning for the 2017 World Cup we are going to need players with some professional experience, however, for now my main focus is to increase the standard of rugby league from within Canada. Lester continues “Sure we would love to hear from any players with Canadian eligibility to get them in our system, but I would like to think that Canada will always have a team with at least fifty percent of our players domestically based”.

If you are playing rugby league outside of Canada and have Canadian eligibility please contact with a brief profile of your experience.

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