Canada vs. Jamaica – The Interviews, Part 2 Jamaica

By Daniel Andruczyk

Last weekends International between Canada and Jamaica saw the Wolverines create history and win their first ever international. After the match I was able to catch up with some of the players and support staff of the two team. In Part 2, Jamaica, where I talked with Roy Calvert, Omar Jones and Sandino Hastings from the Hurricanes. They talk about not only the match but also Jamaica’s build up for the World Cup Qualifiers.

Rugby League International Scores: Roy bad luck today. It certainly was a completely different Canadian outfit compared to last years Atlantic Cup Team, then again it was a completely different Jamaican Team.

Calvert Roy: Yeah, basically I think, we didn’t complete our sets basically and if you don’t complete your sets against a side that is much bigger and stronger than you are then we’re going to find ourselves in problems and that is basically what’s happened. We gave away a couple easy possessions a couple of soft tries but at the end of the day we still tried our best.

RLIS: Now you had a 12-7 penalty count in your favour, usually with something like that the team can get a lot of momentum on the back of that but you didn’t really seem to be able to get that momentum where as Canada was able to get the momentum.

CR: Basically we didn’t commit ourselves from the penalties, basically we wanted to get the ball in one channel and shift it to the other side of the field, but we kept on running one up without the support and so we kept turning over the ball in the second tackle and the basic result of that is we kept loosing possession.

RLIS: Now you have a lot of the Hurricanes players in the team today, its probably the first real hit out since the whole Hurricanes initiative has come on board. How did you feel that they went?

CR: Basically I think the boys gelled with the entire team and the fitness was the problem. They had nothing left in the tank. Where the hurricanes players are concerned there are still have a couple of things to work on. We just have to come together as a group and we go into specialised training as of now.

RLIS: How have you found the organisation of the whole tournaments?

CR: Awesome, awesome! Kudos to the Canadian Rugby League, Corey Tukeli has done a lot for us and I want to say a thank you and looking forward to coming here again.


The Jamaican team during the national anthems.

Rugby League International Scores: I am here with Omar Jones and Sandino Hasting, two of the players that play for the Hurricanes and been playing for Jamaica. How did you find the game today?

Omar Jones: It was good, but fitness, fitness was an issue. We didn’t complete our sets and that killed us.

RLIS: Jamaica doesn’t have any more Internationals this year until the World Cup Qualifiers, how do you plan on working on those things until the qualifiers?

OJ: We go back to the drawing board. Our training, our work load, get fit and come back ready.

RLIS: Sandino, you scored a try, so how was it scoring the try today?

Sandino Hastings: Well it was great, I had help from my friend Omar Jones here, we knew how to get it done and it was a good run through.

RLIS: Now obviously you came up against a very strong and very physical Canadian team, what do you see yourself you need to work on to make that next step up?

SH: I just need to get back to the gym, try and get some gym work which I wasn’t able to get in. I want to do some personal training improve more the aspects where I am lacking.

RLIS: Well thanks guys, congratulations and commiserations.

OJ, SH: Thanks


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