Italia RFL Press Release – Gladiators, Rex and Jonah Lomu!

From Joel Morgan, IRFL media office

The experience and physicality of the Gladiators exceeds the Rex: 52-06

At the championship meeting on June 25 for Rex it ended with a large loss as the result due to the difference of physicality and experience of real technical value, but prior to that day a rival code superstar unexpectedly met with the Albinea Rex Rugby League!

The Gladiators have gone up from the capital to face the team of Reggio Emilia with their full strength. They managed to strike through some good gaps to secure the match points, administered safely to the end allowing one try for Emilia. The Rex for their part have been able to test their strengths and sharpen their knowledge of Rugby at 13 against one of the teams credited for the win.

The President of Albinea RL, Marco Parrello, was satisfied in any case “I praise all the efforts with my boys and (coach) Silao, to watch them play with such enthusiasm and eager to explore the code of 13 gives me tremendous satisfaction”. In addition to the performance on the field, Albinea Rugby League has enjoyed the media in recent weeks with the rest of the articles published onCarlino and on the site Not enough that the former All-Black Jonah Lomu, arguably the world’s most famous rugby player (in any code), he met with the players of the Rex during a long visit to his colleague Silao Laega (coach of Albinea Rex Rugby League), expressing his positive opinion on the adventure undertaken by Reggio Emilia (Rex Albinea XIII) and the enlargement of the frontiers of rugby, any code it is.

Also happy with the result was vice president of the Italia RFL and Gladiators Roma RL, David Massitti. He expressed satisfaction over the top of the table, even on the future vision of the movement to 13 Italian, talking about the future prospects for the championship: “This year, the Italian Cup after leading at the League fields with more than 180 kids, we tried to organize the championship in key national, zonal rounds without making any competitive matches for the structure of the final classification. For the future we aim to adjust much of the season and the introduction of new teams. Life with the Rugby 15 is guaranteed and I think the players and clubs will find very good physical continuity and new ideas that we will be proposing.”


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