The First r-Evolution League Match!

From Joel Morgan, IRLF

Magnifici Firenze win against a tough Spartans Catania: 24-04

At the university campus fields of CUS Catania, before an audience of about 100 people was held the first match of the Italia RFL Championship

Also this year the Catania franchise – the Spartans managed to bring together players who represent the entire rugby city. They in fact present athletes from San Gregorio, Amatori, Cus, Belpasso, Briganti, Misterbianco and Catania Rugby. The Magnifici, from their side, with a very tough training plan have even included among its ranks the coach/player Luigi Ferraro (was just coach in 2010) – an Italia A union representative.

In the first 15 minutes of the match the Catania team prevailed, with this year presenting rugby league with numerous young rookies! The spartans were very organized in defense leaving opponents little room and especially with very physical tackles, doubling the time almost always. The Florentine boys expected it and defended the first part of the match on their goal line.After the early burst of thehost,the Magnifici showed good reaction and for the entire first half, despite the advantage gained, the match was very balanced.

At the 16 minute the first try of the match cames with Neri Cecchi from Magnifici scoring and the 30 minute with Fabio Nannini. The first half shows the two teams faced with each other in a substantially balanced battle despite the trys scored by the players of Firenze. Almost at the end, the visitors last two points came from the foot of Magnifici’s Falleri, today in excellent shape, with a penalty. The first half ends at 12-00 for the guests.

In the interval the two teams tried to arrange more efficiently parts of their game when ready to return to the field. Having best arranged thier game, the Magnifici, managed to take advantage early toward the centre of the field in order to have both sides of attack available to advance towards for each try. Firenze managed to take the ball off while putting the Catanese defense in difficult positions. Man of the match was Fabio Nannini an unstoppable force of three tries, now in the position of winger. Nannini went beyond the line at the 47th minute, while player-coach Ferraro did the same on the 57th and 75th Nannini got his hattrick.

The end of the match saw a revamped game among the Spartans who fought with all their strength to score their first try of the season. Coming at the 78th minute, with the ball on the ground touched down by strong half Giulio Forte, a catanese jewel.

match photo

The end result was 24-4 for the Magnifici. The game was ended with a ‘group huddle’, withlarge compliments coming from Italian vice champions Magnifici Firenze through their coach/player Luigi Ferraro toward the young Catania team. Satisfied coach Massimo Nicotra together with Marco Suaria who has figured in his first game as a player said, “I’m very happy with my guys, today we played one of the most difficult matches and, despite the result, I’ve seen players really committed and successful”.

“In the interval we had spoken and looked to fixe two things, offensive then in the second half made ​​the difference. We intended to exploit the first two or three sets through trying to keep in the center of the field in order to have a two-pronged attack to exploit the ball off. The other, of course, to move the ball a bit more to measure the defense of Catania after the second play. This strategy, in addition to the game from the perfect foot of Falleri led us to score 3 more trya. I have to congratulate all the guys especially for the attitude to the clash that was proven for 80 minutes, and to never give up, obviously we can and should improve some aspects in both defense and offense, but that this spirit will be easy to work it.”


SPARTANS CATANIA: 01 Zappalà Danilo, 02 Cartarrasa Vincenzo, 03 Micale Giansalvo, 04 Leone Luca, 05 Grasso Giovanni, 06 Di Maura Emiliano, 07 Magrì Agatino, 08 Jagic Cristian, 09 Forte Giulio, 10 Suaria Marco, 11 Catania Salvo, 12 Frizzi Alessandro, 13 Dellaria Federico. A disposizione: 14 Rosolia Michele, 15 Mannarà Domenico, 16 Grimaldi Massimo, 17 Bonnici Attilio. Coach. Massimo Nicotra, Manager / Trainers Leone Francesco, Toro Nicola

MAGNIFICI FIRENZE: 15 Lunardi Alessandro, 12 Leoni Leonardo, 08 Moncada Giuseppe, 10 Demba Dian, 07 Matteini Marco, 10 Ippolito Alessandro, 01 Ferraro Luigi, 04 Falleri Niccolò, 09 Fortunati Rossi Leonardo, 11 Randelli Luca, 03 Pietrangeli David, 13 Nannini Fabio, 02 Cecchi Neri. A disposizione: 17 Merani Fernando, 14 Battaglia Francesco, 06 D’Aquila Concetto, 16 De Luca Leandro. Coach. Ferraro Luigi, Manager / Trainer, Matteini Alessandro

Points: f/h. 16′ tr Cecchi; 30′ tr Nannini cv Falleri; 40′ pt Falleri; s/h 47′ tr Nannini; 57′ tr Ferraro; 75′ tr Nannini; 78′ tr Forte

Referees: Tommaso Garuffi. Giudici di Linea: Re Federico, Frosini Giuseppe

Note: Spectators c.a 100, cloudy weather, f/h 00 – 12

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  1. Cheyne Maher says:

    Dan that is awesome news I just read about your partnership with hurricanes. Congratulations and good luck to all parties. I am just catching up on your blogs after being away in the cook islands which was awesome. I’m not sure if you have covered it already but I could provide you with a wrap from their grand finals and the game there in general if you like. They are doing an awesome job there and thanks to you I made a lot of mates there. I will send you an email this week if you like? Cheers Cheyne

    • druzik says:

      That would be fantastic, if you can write something up and email it to me with 2-3 photos then I will make sure to get it up.

      You wouldn’t have the results to all their regular round games I only have a few rounds worth.

      Glad I could help get you in touch.

  2. Cheyne Maher says:

    Sweet I was in the country when the grand finals were on. Got to watch the 13s but we had a flight to another island that afternoon so couldn’t watch their ‘prems’ which I was spewin to miss but we were there for our honeymoon and it would have cost a lot in lost accommodation etc to change flights. I kept a lot of the newspapers though so I will be able to put together something pretty decent I think. Unfortunately I wouldn’t have much on the regular rounds though. They are doing a great job with junior development and promotion of their clubs etc. I’ll send you something in next few days mate.

  3. porcorosso says:

    Thanks Dan, more info in the middle of the week!!!!
    Cheers PR

  4. porcorosso says:

    Yes Dan
    There will be complete reports but I had unfortunately some problems with web settings (and some delays due to normal life) there will be a general update bringing all the infos up… just wait a while.
    Cheers PR

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