Rugby League International Scores and Hurricanes Partnership

By Daniel Andruczyk

With the recent announcement from the Hurricanes Rugby league in Jamaica that they are setting up and academy and are looking for people and organisations to commit and help out the Academy, I am proud to announce that Rugby League International Scores will be coming on board as a bronze partner to the Hurricanes.

You can read the Hurricanes announcement here. Dane Campbell who set up and owns the Hurricanes commented on the partnership “It is wonderful to be able to welcome Daniel and Rugby League International Scores on board as an official partner to the Hurricanes Academy. I have known Daniel personally for a number of years and he a great ambassador for rugby league internationally and he truly believes in the Hurricanes concept and brand. Through this partnership, RLIS has assisted us in furthering our plans for the Hurricanes Academy for the 2011-12 program and I am confident in saying that through this investment it will enrich the lives of many young talented Jamaican rugby league players”.

Myself, as many know, I have been a strong advocate of the game internationally, not only in the way the players should be eligible for nations, the structure of the game but also one the development of the game. Dane’s innovative decision to create the Hurricanes was the type of innovative thinking and development I was looking at investing in.

Dane mentioned the idea for the first time in Jacksonville last year at the Atlantic Cup and we have been in touch since then discussing the best way for me to get involved. Things finally came together and when Dane asked if I would come on board officially I was happy and proud to do so.

Jamaica presents such a unique opportunity, Its a poor country where the dollar can go a long way in making a difference. Using Rugby League as a positive way to encourage students to play sport and go to school, while at the same time provide the means for them to achieve those goals. Its something that anyone can get involved in as well, there are basic partnerships where individuals can be part of helping the academy.

I hope that this will be the start of a long and fruitful partnership.

The hurricanes website is

Dane can be contacted on


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