RLIS TV – New York vs. Connecticut – AMNRL Round 1 Highlights

By Daniel Andruczyk

The second match played in the 2011 AMNRL opening round was between the New York Knights and Connecticut Wildcats. It seemed that New York were going to run out easy winners with a 16 point lead 8 minutes to go, but Connecticut found a way through the line and scored three converted try’s to win by two 42-40. So enjoy the highlights!

New York Knights vs. Connecticut Wildcats in Philadelphia


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5 Responses to “RLIS TV – New York vs. Connecticut – AMNRL Round 1 Highlights”

  1. Boubear says:

    Dru, has there been any talk of the 2 American comps comming back together? Whats the major issues keeping them apart at the momment and are both comps running smoothly?

    • druzik says:

      No there is no chance at the moment. So from what I have heard, there was some motions made after the Donnybrook Cup when Neil Wood was in town, but Niu basically went and bombed that fairly quickly.

      The main issues are that teams were promised sponsorship money and finances over the years and nothing was ever given or provided. The AMNRL seemed to be in stagnant, things were never gettinbg done, there was zero communication from David Niu when teams and players wanted info… actually I have experienced this myself, just no response from anyone in the AMNRL.

      A couple years ago, Star Group came on board, no one knew what their status is withing the AMNRL. Basically it is speculated that David is on their payrole and that how he makes money in the sport. Effectively last year Star Group started to take over everything, they wanted to take all the merchandising from teams, something they didn’t want as merchandise was the one main revenue stream they had, the experience they had in the past was that they would see $0. Looking at the AMNRL website, its easy to see that Star group dominates the running of the AMNRL, in the business dealings.

      The reasons for the break away were that teams wrote a letter to Niu asking for clarification of what was actually happening. When ther was no response from him after a couple weeks they decided to take matters into their own hands. Clubs were basically on their knees with the way things were and so they needed to help themselves to survive. Thus it was either fold up or form a new comp, they decided the latter as we all know.

      The ensuingcomments and tweets that came from the AMNRL we all know about as well. Now the running of the comps. First the USARL, they had a successful 9s tournaments with 12 teams playing, though two of them had players delayed and had to have some players lent to them. All the rounds have been completed and several of the teams have their matches streamed live every weekend and also post regular things on YouTube. The competition seems to be quite even, with the Slayers, New Haven, Axemen and Fight really fighting for the the top honours, there have been some real surprise results. I haven’t heard of any issues in the AMNRL, I have been inquiring and try to keep my ear to the ground, there was and issue with Boston getting to Jacksonville with a flight delay a few weeks ago but that seemed to get sorted smoothly. The Axemen have a 3 team second division comp going at the moment and the Rhode Island Rebellion also have some high school teams playing now.

      The AMNRL, though, I have been hearing lots of things. So I was at the opening round. The Vipers team basically didn’t turn up. Those loyal to Niu are saying that there is a “mole” in the AMNRL that called players and told them not to turn up, others in the AMNRL have said that is BS, basically the Vipers only exist on paper. the matches in the next few rounds the Aston team and Vipers struggled to get players on the field. To the point where some games were played as 11 a side and had to burrow players from other teams. Some of the Aston players, in the New York double header, had to back up for the two games and again players were burrowed to make up numbers from other teams. The other teams seem to be doing well, the Raiders and sharks have done lots of work to get to a point where they are viable again. The sharks have a new ground they play at as well which is a positive. The Wildcats and Knights are doing awesome, they have been able to make up for the 1st round cancellation of the Vipers. Having said that last weeks scheduled cancellation of the Wildcats v Knights game has ticked off to many people… it was one too many straws for even them. I am hearing that players withing these teams are now seriously reconsidering their positions within the AMNRL. This is also the case in some of the other teams. I also have heard some of the scores that the Bulls and Vipers have been involved in have been docked so as not to look as bad.

      There is also the whole Apple Pope situation as well… I wont get into that here… but that also ties in with a whole heap of other issues…

      But that is also from different sources and how much of that actually is true I don’t know… I only can say on the 1st round where I was, and that the teams were mighty annoyed about the Vipers situation, you could see that people were really annoyed about it. As for the Hawaiian comp, I have not heard a peep about that. I know that their first round was set back a week for some reason and that even in that first round only 1 match was completed and have not seen or heard any results since then, they should be up to round three there I believe.

      Look, in summary, I think all this is going to the death…. next year it will be one group standing. Who will it be I don’t know.

  2. boubear says:

    Thanks dru.

  3. ROBERT ALLEN says:

    I was a former RUGBY LEAGUE & TOUCH FOOTBALL official in CANBERRA. I’ve been through all these problems in the 1970’s & 80’s.
    The Main thing I wish to relate is most of the issues can be easily resolved, but the first step is forming a joint administrative body.
    No other solution is acceptable. International rugby league needs the USA as much as u need this joint body.
    I would like to offer my administrative experience to put ‘humpty’ back together again


    Robert G Allen
    mobile: 044 821 6599
    P O Box 3138 north nowra nsw 2541

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    We need people like you here in NZ Robert cas our game is in a real mess and the officials don’t know how to get out of it

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